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Youth to Business Forum is an event that takes place in multiple locations around the world; bringing top young leaders together with business leaders, thought leaders, and experts for a conversation around pressing global issues with the aim to generate new, but more importantly, actionable ideas that will impact the world and its future.

Top business and thought leaders from around the world are invited to share their knowledge with the delegates about the chosen forum theme. This section of the day is delivered through short and powerful talks and aims to inspire delegates and help to form their opinionsfor the rest of the day.

Our partner organisations engage with the young delegates to give new perspectives on issues relating to the forum theme through workshops, conversations and idea generation space. Youth and Business are able to interact, exchange opinions and understand what is being done in the world already to address the question of the day.

The youth delegates take their learnings and insights from the day into a space where they are able to develop their opinions, but also co-create ideas and solutions with their peers and experts in the room. The aim is to switch their ideas into actions that each stakeholder can take forward to contribute to the theme of the day.

The Forum generates the Youth to Business Output of ideas and actions which will be collected and circulated to our network of 100,000 young people, over 1,000,000 alumni and our partner groups.

Warsaw January 9th, 2014

Cracow April 15th, 2014

Poznan May 27th, 2014

Switch your ideas into actions! More and more students are realizing that they can't pass their degree in for a job upon graduation anymore. The old promise made by our education system was that if you worked really hard in school, you would be almost guaranteed a job as a reward for your efforts. Furthermore, corporations used to hire most of their interns into full-time positions. Both of these promises have been broken due to economic constraints and global competition. Employers expect students to have some professional experience, yet only half of them are bringing on new interns and few have hired them into full- time positions. The normal path to growing your career is non-existent. In today's world, you can't rely on anything or anyone to make you successful – you have to be accountable for your own career and create your own path. We believe that entrepreneurial skills are the key competencies to be more successful on the job market.

Agenda - Entrepreneurship as a key to success Poland Youth to Business Forum aims to tackle two very important questions: 1) What skills are crucial to be successful in professional life? 2) How can young people gain and develop those skills?

Discussion Panel: Work for somebody or for myself?

Keynote speeches form our guests The Youth Opinion on Entrepreneurship

January 9th 2014

Warsaw, Poland

Piotr Voelkel Radosław Tadajewski Tomasz Moroz Michał Pasterski Grzegorz Jajuga Robert Noworolski Patryk Nowicki

Maciej Kaczmarski Jan Szuba Sebastian Stasiuk Anna Fedorczuk Mariusz Wdowiak Jacek Frankowski Michał Lenkiewicz

Poland Youth to Business Forum. Entrepreneurship as a key to success.  

Warsaw 9th of January, 2014

Poland Youth to Business Forum. Entrepreneurship as a key to success.  

Warsaw 9th of January, 2014