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Surreal ci*es  

Karolina Giediminaite  

As part  of  a  move  to  promote  up  and  coming  young  photographers,  The  Tate   Modern  is  hos*ng  an  exhibi*on  *tled  construct  reali*es.  The  exhibi*on  is   open  to  photographer's  aged  between  16  and  21  who  have  a  passion  for  the   subject  and  are  open  to  both  tradi*onal  and  digital  techniques.  

Thomas Hawk   Thomas  Hawk  takes  photographs  of  a  wide  range  of  subjects;  his  more  intriguing  work  is  of  ci*es  in  an  everyday  view  and   environment  that  people  don’t  no*ce  changing  with  the  seasons  because  it’s  a  part  of  their  everyday  life.  Hawk  shoots  his   photographs  from  angles  that  are  interes*ng  and  give  the  landscape  a  unique  twist.  Hawks  photographs  are  something  that  can   be  seen  in  dreams  and  that  people  don’t  expect  to  see    in  real  life.  But  he  captures  the  hazy  dreamy  surrounding.  His  work   represents  the  same  aspects  and  emo*ons  as  Salvador  Dali’s  pain*ng  The  Persistence  of  Memory,    the  only  difference  between   Dali's  work  and  hawks  Hawk  is  that  they  used  difference  techniques  and  media  to  capture  that  is  surreal  and  dreamy  but  can  be  a   memory  from  a  dream.    The  way  that  the  photographs  have  been  taken  also  creates  a  futuris*c  look  and  atmosphere.    However   all  of  Hawk’s  work  had  an  interes*ng  and  surreal  twist.  Although  his  urban  photography  was  more  analyzed  in  depth  and  had  a   greater  scale  of  side  and  propor*on.       Hawks  urban  photography  Is  taken  mostly  at  night  to  capture  the  busy  city  such  as  New  York,  London,  Paris    life  and  to  show  that   the  city  never  sleeps,  that  there  is  always  something  happening  something  new  is  replacing  the  old.  The  city  is  constantly  evolving   to  meet  the  growing  need  for  technology.  Aerial  view  of  ci*es  reveal  to  the  viewer  how  the  city  life  can  change  the  atmosphere   comparing  to  country  side,  in  the  city  people  rarely  see  stars  and  this  is  because  of  how  light  big  ci*es  are.  This  highlights  the   issues  that  big  populated  ci*es  have  on  the  environment.  The  ci*es  atmosphere  is  a  lot  more  powerful  dynamic    there  is   con*nuous  change  and  it  con*nuously  evolves.     I  have  been  mostly  inspired  by  the  idea  of  how  Hawks  sends  a  message  out  to  the  viewers  by  simple  photographing  an  object  in   certain;  ways,  light  and  angle.  I  have  also  been  inspired  to  make  my  photographs  seem  futuris*c  and  also  how  he  captures  the   fast  past  of  city  and  people  in  it  without  taking  the  focus  off  the  beau*ful  surroundings.      

Title: Every  *me  I  close  my  eyes  its  like  a  dark  paradise  

Gerhard Richter  

Gerhard  Richter  over  paints  old  photographs  such  as  photographs  from  his  family  portrait  that  should  be  private  and  he  over   paints    them  with  a  thick  layer  of  paint  such  as  oil  or  acrylic  to  add  atmosphere  and  texture  but  to  also  hide  the  iden*ty  or  the  full   image.  He  leaves  just  enough  of  the  photograph  not  painted  for  the  viewers  to  be  able  to  see  what  the  picture  was  off.     However  the  Image  looks  like  its  been  taken  out  of  its  natural  environment  and  placed  in  this    very  abstract  and  surreal  landscape   with  the  blotches  of  paint  and  the  colours  of  it.  The  fragments  that  are  visible  of  the  image    are  placed  in  strategic  areas  so  that     the  person  looking  at  the  image  could  assemble  the  whole  image.    The  way  that  the  paint  is  spread  across  the  image  could   perhaps  associate  with  the  emo*ons  that  Richter  felt  while  he  was  there  .  The  marks  could  be  a  way  of  expressing  the  feelings   and  remembering  them,  adding  them  to  the  photograph  would  create  a  whole  picture  of  how  the  photographer  felt  during  that   day,  the  emo*ons  would  also  be  made  real  and  visible  to  others  to  explore  and  interpret  in  a  way  that  suits  them.     I  have  been  mostly  inspired  to  put  the  emo*ons  of  that  trip  or  event  that  the  photographs  have  been  taken  on  top  of  them  to   embed  them  with  the  visual  reference  and  record  them  for  everyone  to  see.  I  also  have  been  inspired  to  take  photographs  and   add  more  character  and  atmosphere  to  them  by  using  paint  and  colour  and  texture  of  the  paint.  

Title: Firenze   Date:2000   Materials:  oil  on    photograph    

Evalua*on my  first  idea  was  of  taking  pictures  of  a  well  known  area/  landscape  in  London  and  edi*ng  it  to  something  that   people  wouldn't’t  recognize  straight  away.  I  would  edit  them  by  changing  the  colours,  angles  and  perspec*ve.  This   would  create  a  surreal  landscape  that  could  represent  visions  of  what  landscape  could  look  in  the  near  future.  I   would  say  that  the  fog  and  the  mist  in  the  first  set  of  photographs  has  created  a  mysterious  look    and  gave  the   photos  an  out  of  this  world  feel  to  them.     I  also  overplayed  and  edited  different  parts  of  images  that  I  took  to  make  a  new  never  seen  landscape.  By  doing   this  I  created  new  and  exci*ng  landscapes.    Too  add  to  that    took  my  second  set  of  photographs  from  the  air  which   allowed  me  to  get  a  totally  different  angle  of  the  same  place  that  I  had  photographed  prior  that.  It  allowed  me  to   explore  the  city  in  a  different  way  and  also  to  photograph  it  from  an  interes*ng  angle.  I  have  also  photographed   movement  with  in  the  city  so  that  I  could  recreate  the  never  sleeping  and  always  developing  urban  areas.     I  think  that  I  have  created  the  feel  off  surreal  ci*es,  however  some  photographs  of  movement  haven't  come  out   the  way  I  wanted  them  too,  they  cam  out  blurry  and  some  were  out  of  focus.  I  think  next  *me  I  will  have  to  use    a   tripod  so  that  they  images  would  be  in  focus.  Also  some  images  have  been  under  exposed  or  over  exposed  this  is   due  to  me  using  a  shu[er  speed  that  I  didn’t  need  a  tripod  which  meant  that  they  exposure  in  some  images  was   bad.        

Timo  Stammberger   Stammberger  photographs  underground  landscapes  that  are  depict  and    abandoned.  He  photographs  subway  tunnels  of  ci*es   such  as  Berlin,  new  York,  Lisbon.  He  photographs  spaces  that  people  don’t  pay  a[en*on  too,  his  work  is  grey,  dark  and    bleak.   The  photographs  don’t  have  any  warmth  or  movement  not  like  the  ordinary  landscape  photographs.  Stammberger  photographs   are  cold  emo*onless  places  that  people  would  never  live  in.         However  he  might  also  be  trying  to  show  the  world  that  there  is  an  underground  city  that  is  connected  and  that  there  is  life  there   when  people  work  there  and  construct  the  tunnels.  This  could  be  a  surreal  take  on  an  underground  city  that  never  sees  the  light   or  feels  the  rain  .  Stammberger  could  also  be  highligh*ng  the  issue  that  people  are  cu\ng  down  trees  and  turning  rainforests  into   ci*es,  living  areas,  airports.  Deforesta*on  is  a  big  issue  because    the  pollu*ons  levels  are  rising    due  to  more  countries  are   developing  and  producing  more  waste.  Stammberger    shows  this  by  photography  grey  concrete  tunnels  that  no  nature  could  live   because  of  the  condi*ons  that  the  humans  have  created.     I  have  been  inspired  by  his  photography  project  ‘urban  ar*sts’  that  project  captures  street  ar*st  turning  dull  muted  colours  of   buildings  into  colourful  pieces  of  art  work.    I  want  to  create  a  surreal  city  that  is  colourful  and  beau*ful,  where  nothing  is  dull  and   everything  is  colourful.  I  will  try  to  achieve  this  by  using  graffi*  and  layering    it  to  my  idea  one.  

Project: underground  landscapes     Year:  2011    

Project: urban  ar*sts   Year:  2008  

Jimmay Bones     Jimmay  Bones  is  a  Los    Angeles  photograph  who  rather  than  capturing  an  images  because  of  the  subject  ma[er  he  photographs   the  atmosphere  and  moods,  and  then  Photoshop's  the  images  to  create  a  different  mood.    Bones    captures  the  claustrophobic   feeling  of  a  busy  city  life.    The    photograph  “eyes  of  the  city”  depict    how  the  Empire  state  building  connects    together    to  create  a   surreal  pillar  that  seems  like  it  is  holding  up  the  sky  with  another  city.     Some  of  Bones  photographs  have  been  inspired  by  the  photographer    Simon  Gardiner’s  photography,  this  ar*st  used  mirrors  to   create  beau*ful  reflected  image,  Gardiner’s  photos  reflect  the  busy  city  life  just  like  Bones  photographs  do.  

Photographer: Simon  Gardiner   Name:  vortograph     Year:  unknown   Loca*on:  Paris  

Photographer: Jimmay  Bones   Name:  eyes  of  the  city   Loca*on:  New  York    

Evalua*on     Ader  doing  the  first  set  of  photographs  I  have  developed  them  to  add  tones  and  layer  some  images  to  create  new  landscapes  that   refers  and  meets  the  brief  that  I  have  chosen.  I  think  that  my  first  set  of  photographs  have  work  well,  however  some  off  them   didn’t  come  out    too  a  high  standard  due  to  the  weather  and  the  *me  off  the  day.  Another  factor  to  some  of    the  images  being   not  to  a  high  quality.    Exploring  the  landscape  from  different  and  unique  angles    helped  me  create  the  surreal  fantasy  landscape   that  I  was  aiming  for.   For  my  idea  two  I  had  more  ideas  and  inspira*on  ader  developing  my  first  idea,  also  I  think  that  the  photographs  I  took  for  my   second  idea  are  more  unusual  and  work  with  the  first  idea  ,  because    the  city  has  graffi*  and  I  wanted  to  show  graffi*  and  street   art  in  a  posi*ve  way  rather  than  showing  it  in  a  way  that  everyone  sees  it  which  is  bad  and  illegal.    I  have  developed  my  second   idea  images  more  through  out  the  project,  I  have  explored  more  ar*st  and  linked  my  work  to  them  be[er  than  I  did  in  my  first   idea.     I  think  if  I  did  the  project  again  I  would  choose  a  be[er  *me  of  day  and  explore  more  loca*ons.  Also  experiment  with  a  wider   range  of  materials  and  media.  The  weather  that  I  did  the  photographs    wasn’t  ideal  over  all  I  think  that  the  photographs  have   been  a  success  and  that  they  meet  the  brief.  I  think  that  the  second  idea  was  stronger  than  the  first  idea  because  I  had  more   understanding  and  had  done  more  research  into  the  different  styles  of  surreal  ci*es  that  I  could  do.  I  also  think  that  using  paint  to   add  colour  to  the  images  worked  well  and  added  depth  and  atmosphere  to  it.  

sureal cities  

cities london

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