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Fashion brief     I  have  chosen  to  do  the  word  'hidden’    for  slave  magazine       Karolina  Giediminaite  

Slave magazine  is  a  new  interna<onal  online  photography,  art,  culture   and  fashion  magazine  that  stands  out  from  the  crowd;  every  issue  is   eclec<c,  authen<c  and  full  of  diversity.  Several  fashion  stories  are   presented  within  each  issue  of  the  magazine.  They  are  looking  for  a  fresh   new  fashion  story  to  run  in  the  next  issue.  The  editor  will  be  par<cularly   interested  in  the  overall  visual  quali<es  of  your  3  final  outcomes  as   submissions  for  publica<on  in  the  magazine.   I  have  chosen  to  do  the  word  'hidden’    

Bruno Dayan  

Bruno Dayan  took  the  ‘unknown’  photograph.  The  background  color  and   what  the  model  is  wearing  are  similar  colors,  which  mean  that  the   atmosphere  is  somber.  This  creates  a  calm  and  relaxed  feeling;  however   it  also  creates  a  sense  of  mystery,  the  photograph  contains  simple  and   muted  colors.  I  believe  that  the  photographer  and  the  model  don’t  have   a  personal  rela<onship.  As  the  model  is  not  looking  at  the  camera,  her   face  is  completely  hidden  and  not  visible.  The  photograph  captures  the   emo<onless,  dark,  cold,  depressed  feelings.  These  kind  of  photographs   fit  in  with  autumn  and  fashion,  it  combines  them  together  in  a  drama<c   and  powerful  way.       This  photograph  has  been  taken  in  a  very  easy  and  simple  was,  nothing   is  too  over  powering  and  everything  is  muted,  simple  and  calm.  The   subject  maNer  of  the  photograph  is  a  women  who  maybe  dead  or  is  just   lying  on  the  ground  is  surrounded  by  leaves.  Her  skin  looks  very  pale,   which  raises  ques<ons  such  as  why  is  she  there?  What  is  she  doing   there?  Is  she  s<ll  alive?    The  muted  colors  create  a  feeling  of  anonymity   of  the  model.  This  creates  a  cold  lifeless  feeling  when  looking  at  the   photograph.  This  photograph  has  been  staged  and  the  model  is  a   stranger  to  the  photographer.  However  the  photograph  could  be  staged   to  recreated  a  dream  or  vision  that  the  photographer  had.       What  I  specifically  like  about  Dayan’s  photographs  is  how  he  captures   the  dark,  sad  emo<ons.  I  explicitly  like  the  way  Dayan  has  captured  fog   that  was  liRing  due  to  the  <me  of  day  or  the  fast  change  of  weather.  The   white  loud  adds  to  the  overall  feeling  of  the  photograph  by  making  it   dreamy  soR  and  fantasy  like,  nothing  is  sharply  in  focus  which  make  is   like  a  very  soR  calm  fantasy.  The  posi<oning  of  the  white  cloud/fog   makes  me  ques<on  myself  whether  it  has  been  photo  shopped  there  or   was  it  there  in  the  scene  originally.    


What I  specifically  like  about  Dayan’s  photographs  is  how  he   captures  the  dark,  sad  emo<ons.  I  explicitly  like  the  way  Dayan  has   captured  fog  that  was  liRing  due  to  the  <me  of  day  or  the  fast   change  of  weather.  The  white  loud  adds  to  the  overall  feeling  of  the   photograph  by  making  it  dreamy  soR  and  fantasy  like,  nothing  is   sharply  in  focus  which  make  is  like  a  very  soR  calm  fantasy.  The   posi<oning  of  the  white  cloud/fog  makes  me  ques<on  myself   whether  it  has  been  photo  shopped  there  or  was  it  there  in  the   scene  originally.       I  like  the  way  that    this  photograph  shows  emo<ons  and  fashion   come  together,  the  simple  plain  dress    doesn’t  over  power  and  s<ll   keep  the  image  very  muted.  However    other  people  could  maybe   not  see  the  same  thing  that  I  see,  or  they  could  interpreted  in  a   different  way  which  means  that  the  meaning  of  the  photograph     would  be  totally  different  meaning    that  they  might  not  like  it.     Il  have  been  inspired  by  the  darkness  and  anonymity  by  making   colors  the  colors  of  my  images    muted  and  not  over  powering.  In  the   photograph    I  have    taken  I  will  try  to  use  similar  techniques  to  try   and  achieve  the  same  emo<onal  feeling  like  Dayan  has  achieved.      I  want  to  explore  the  sense  of  emo<on  and  ,darkness    but  also  a   sense  of  angelic  calm    innocent  beauty  .  I  want  to  make  the  sadness   in  the  photograph  look  heavenly  and  beau<ful  with  the  addi<onal  of   fashion  and  glamour.  I  would  like  to  explore  how  I  could  glam    up   emo<ons    and  .  I  want  to  create  a  response  from  the  viewers  that  is   strong  and  imagina<ve  .    

Marie Hochhaus  

Marie Hochhaus  does  her  photographs  outdoors  more  than  she  does  in  the  studio.   This  creates  a  natural  ligh<ng  and  a  colder  and  sadder  feel  to  them;  the  models  look   like  they  are  dead  in  the  photographs  that  are  taken  outside.  Some  of  the  photographs   look  like  they  are  from  a  childhood  memory  like  the  model  in  the  photograph  is   photographer  when  she  was  liNle.  This  could  suggest  that  she’s  recrea<ng  good  or  bad   childhood  memories.   In  most  of  Marie  Hochhaus  photographs  is  the  same  young  model  which  to  the  viewer   could  suggest  that  it  could  be  a  self-­‐image  and  how  she  sees  herself  when  she  was   younger.       Also  the  model  in  Hochhaus  photographs  doesn’t  smile  or  make  a  lot  of  eye  contact   with  the  photographer  this  suggests  that  they  don't  have  a  strong  rela<onship  or  it   could  also  suggest  that  the  photographer  is  trying  to  show  the  unsociable  atmosphere    

Ini<al photographs  

Edited photographs  

My original  inten<on  in  taking  this  par<cular    set    of  photographs  was    to  explore  the  theme   that  I  have  chosen  which  is  a  fashion  them.  I  have  chosen  to  explore  and  experiment  with  the   word  ‘hidden’.  I  have  looked  at  different  meanings  behind  the  word  and  what  could  it  imply  .   When  I  first  chose  the  brief  several  ideas  have  come  to  mind  such  as  just  hiding  one    or  several   parts  of  the  body.  However    I  have  chosen  to  do  a  photoshoot  with  hidden  meaning  to  them,  I   decided  to  do  this  because  I    want  the  viewers  to  all  have  their  own  way  of  interpre<ng  the   image.  I  didn't’t  want  to  make  it  obvious  what  was  hidden  or  covered  up  in  some  of  the  image.  I   also  like  the  idea  of  looking  into  the  darker  side  of  emo<ons  and  death.  I  have  also  explored   ethereal  the  child  believe  that  if  the  face  is  covered  they  can  not  be  seen.    This  is  explored  in  the   images  where  my  face  is  hidden.   My  first  set  of  photographs  was  taken  in  the  woodland  on  a  cloudy  rainy  day.  I  didn’t  use  a   tripod  to  stop  camera  shake  ,  however  as  it  was  a  very  dark  gloomy  day,  I  used  a  high  ISO   number  with  high  shuNer  speed  and  the  Aperture  and  to  be  changed  when  taking  each  image   due  to  the    not  even  amounts  of  light  being  in  every  sec<on  of  the  woodland.  Overall  I  am   pleased  with  the  focus  of  most  of  my  images    some  of  them  could  have  been  more  in  focus.  But   what  I  think  is  that  the  photographs  that  are  not  in  focus  add  to  the    feeling  off  anonymity.  I  am   also  pleased  with  the  weather  and  the  atmosphere  that  I  was  able  to  capture  in  the  images.   Second  set  of  photographs  that  I  took  were  taken  in  a  graveyard,  this  is  where  I    have  gone  in   depth  into  the  emo<onal  dark  side.  Those  photographs  have  a  symbolism  of  a  graveyard  which   in  its  own  way    has  objects  hidden  like  bodies  underground.    This  in  it  self  creates  mystery  .  It   also  symbolizes  a  death  of  one  thing  and  a  new  start,  new  life  being  born.     For  my  3rd  and  final  set  of  photographs  I  took  them  n  the  black  studio,  this  allowed  me  to  have   control  of  the  ligh<ng  which  meant  that  I  could  take  photographs  that  where  very  well  lit  with  a   deep  shadow  .   I  don’t  like  the  way  that  some  of  the  woodland  photographs  have  turned  out  because  in  some   of  them  the  exposure  is  too  high  making  it  to  light  and  in  some  its  too  low  making  the   photograph  too  dark.  I  think  when  I  do  photographs  in  a  dark  area  next  <me  I  will  have  to  take   more  care  when  I  adjust  the  camera  seYngs.      

Lloyd K  Barnes    

The photograph  that  Lloyd  K  Barnes  has  taken  has  a  very  dreamy  surreal,  quality  whiles  capturing  a   sad  feeling.  The  model  has  a  vacant  stare  in  her  eyes  which  has  a  hypno<c  effect  on  the  viewer.   There  might  be  a  false  rela<onship  with  the  photographer  because  the  model  is  looking  into  the   camera  but  the  stare  is  quite  cold  and  emo<onless  to  show  any  true  feeling  towards    Barnes.  The   make  up  on  the  model’s  face  has  hidden  all  real  emo<ons  and  the  intended  emo<on  was  drawn   on.  This  creates  a  frozen  effect  where  no  maNer  what  the  emo<on  stays  the  same,  the  flowers  in   the  photograph  reflect  on  the  elegant  beau<ful  side  of  life  where  as  the  face  is  very  sad  and   distorted.    Barnes  photographs  have  all  been  taken  in  a  photo  studio.  In  most  of  them  the  subject  maNer  is   been  skulls,  make  up  and  beauty  this  is  a  reference  to  the  day  of  the  dead.  The  colours  of  the   photograph  are  all  very  similar  and  the  background  is  muted.  This  photograph  isn’t  recreated  it’s   staged.  All  of  his  photographs  are  of  portraits.    The  photograph  could  suggest  how  life  and  death   come  together  and  how  it  becomes  a  part  of  everyone  whether  we  want  to  accept  it  or  not,  this  is   what  the  flowers  on  the  models  head  suggest.  They  are  all  different  colors  and  shapes  that  can   represent  all  living  things.   What  I  mostly  like  about  K  Barnes  photographs  is  the  colours  that  he  uses  to  capture  something   that  people  see  as  a  nega<ve;  upseYng  and  disturbing  thing  in  such  a  beau<ful  and  simple  way.   On  the  other  hand  the  photographs  could  also  represent  how  beauty  ages  and  how  people  are  s<ll   beau<ful  even  when  they  get  old.  It  represents  growing  old  gracefully.     I  have  been  inspired  by  Lloyd  K  Barnes  work  to  cover  the  face  in  not  material  but  in  paint  or   something  light,  so  that  the  facial  features  were  s<ll  visible.  This  would  bring  art  and  photography   together  into  an  interes<ng  and  unique  way  where  not  one  photograph  would  be  the  same.  When   I  take  my  photographs  I  am  hoping  to  be  able  to  capture  the  same  level  of  elegance  and  deep   emo<on  that  Lloyd    Barnes  has  achieved  in  his  photos.   I  am  planning  to  capture  the  delicate  beauty  that  can  be  shown  with  a  mask  on  the  models  face.  I   also  want  to  capture  the  cold  and  lifeless  feel  that  some  of  the  Barnes  photographs  have  

Miss Aniela  

Miss Aniela  creates  her  photographs  to  be  fantasy  like,  she  uses  very   natural  colours  such  as  gold,  silver  and  bronze.  To  some  viewers  this   work  might  be  disturbing  but  on  the  other  hand  to  other  viewers  this   work  would  represent  and  relate  to  the  experiences  that  they  have   had.     The  mist  effect  creates  a  sense  of  the  unknown.  It  also  creates   ques<ons    such  as  why  is  it  there?,  where  does  this  kind  of   photograph  belong?   The    red  background  of  the  photograph  creates  a  sense  of  danger   and  it  can  represent  blood  and  fear.  It  can  also  represent  passion   and  lust.  

Ini<al photographs  

Edited photographs  

My original  inten<on  of  taking  these  set  of  photographs  was  to  explore  different  ways   in  which  fashion,  memories  and  emo<ons  link  into  one  ;  represent  us  in  everyday  life.   I  have  looked  at  a  few  different  techniques  and  photographers  to  help  me  show    and   create  the  atmosphere  of  the  images  that  I  was  hoping  too  achieve.  For    my  first  set   of  images  I  think  that  I  as  successful  in  crea<ng  the  hidden  meaning.         In  my  second  photo-­‐shoot  I  have  decided  to  cover  the  face  to  represent  a  mask  that   some  people  put  on  them  to  hide  their  emo<ons.  A  mask  also  represents  a  hidden   iden<ty  .The  gliNer  on  the  face  represents  the  beauty  that  the  society  expects  to  see.   Over  the  past  few  years  more  and  more  young  people  are  commiYng  suicide   because  they  have  been  bullied  due  to  them  being  ‘too  preNy’  that’s  why  I  have   decided  to  have  the  gliNer  as  black  and  red  because  both  of  those  colours  associate   to  danger  and  death,  however  the  color  red  also  represents  passion  and  lust.   As  the  photographs  develop  I  decided  to  remove  some  of  the  mask  to  reveal  the   natural  skin,  this  represents  that  we  are  all  the  same  under  the  masks  that  we  put  on   and  that  beauty  isn’t  just  skin  deep.     I  think  that  my  first  idea  into  doing  fashion  with  a  hidden  meaning  concentrated  more   on  the  fashion  aspect  of  the  brief,  which  didn't  turn  out  as  well  as  I  wanted.  Some  of   the  photographs  I  took  were  too  blurry  or  out  of  focus  or  dark  ,  this  mean  I  had  to  go   out  again  and  take  another  set  of  photographs.  On  the  other  hand  I  would  say  that   the  photographs  for  my  second  idea  have  been  more  successful  because  they   represent  more  of  what  I  wanted  to  show  to  the  viewers.  However  the  black  photo   studio  was  not  the  ideal  loca<on.  I  was  planning  on  taking  my  images  in  the  white   studio  so  that  they  images  would  be  properly  exposed.  But  I  also  wanted  to  create   drama<c  shadows  which  I  wouldn't’t  have  been  able  to  achieve  to  the  level  that  I  did   in  the  black  studio  if  I  took  the  photographs  in  the  white  studio  like  I  have  planned.       Overall  I  am  happy  with  the  outcome  of  my  photographs,  I  think  that  they  have   represented  my  ideas  well.  I  have  also  achieved  what  I  wanted  with  the  emo<onal   and  memory  side.  Even  though  some  of  them  photographs  were  not  up  to  high   standards  I  went  out  and  took  more  photographs  in  the  desired  <me  of  the  day  to   achieve  maximum  atmosphere  in  the  image.  I  also  think  for  my  second  idea  I  have   become  more  confident  and  had  a  beNer  understanding  of  what  I  was  doing  meaning   that  those  photographs  are  stronger  than  for  my  first  idea.  

Slave magazine hidden  

my first coursework project

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