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Certification Test Results Application Details Name: Notepad +

Application Test Details Capabilities Tested: Networking

Version: 1.0 Company Name: stiopa90

Language(s): Polish

Windows Phone OS Version: 7.1 Test ID: 136455

Result: Failed Failure Summary: 4.6

Submission Received: 11/16/2011

Exception(s) Applied: None

Testing Completed: 11/19/2011

Action: Please address the comprehensive list of failures below, review the Windows Phone Application Certification requirements ( and resubmit your updated application for certification testing. For further assistance, please submit a support ticket using the Support e-Form in the App Hub Dashboard ( Windows Phones Tested: HTC Surround / T8788, Samsung Focus / SGH-I917

Technical 4.6 Application Screenshots 4.6 Requirements

Expected Result

For each application, you must provide at least

Test Process Required:

one or up to a maximum of eight screenshots.

1. Locate the application screenshot files.

Users see these screenshots in the details page of

2. Verify that each screenshot shows a direct

the catalog before they make a purchase.

capture of the phone screen or emulator when the application was running.

Screenshots must only contain application

3. Verify that each screenshot does not contain

graphics, and must not include any emulator

emulator chrome.

chrome. You may not graphically enhance your

4. Verify that each screenshot is not

screenshots, except for the addition of informative


overlays designated and pre-approved by

5. Verify that each screenshot is 480 x 800 pixels,

Microsoft. For more information about these

and is a non-transparent PNG file.

overlays, see this blog post.

Š 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved

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Caution: Do not use transparent PNG image files for application screenshots. For more information, see How to: Create Screenshots for Windows Phone Marketplace. The Details page screenshot must be a 480 x 800-pixel PNG file.

Comments: The screenshots submitted with the application submission package include the emulator chrome. Screenshots

Result: Fail

must be direct capture of the application without showing emulator chrome.

Š 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved

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