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Law and State January 1, 2012

Volume 1, Issue 1

Release of prisoners will assist Armenia to go forward: OSCE chairman-in-office

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repeated. The reforms should consider the opinion of all the political groups and the society. The release of the remaining prisoners will further push Armenia forward‟ said the chairman-in-office of the OSCE.

„The right to hold rallies and the right of free expression are essential for the development of any state. I support the efforts of the Armenian government to make legislative reforms' said Audronius Azubalis, head of the OSCE, at today‟s joint press conference with Armenian Foreign Minister. „The law on rallies as well as the law on radio and television should be amended. And to ensure stability and democratization in society it's important to make sure that the events of March 1, 2008 aren't

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Levon Zurabyan: the current situation is unprecedented

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portant the tension is at a level Armenia has never seen before‟, said the Coordinator of the Armenian National Congress Levon Zurabyan on a press conference held today.

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„The current situation is unprecedented and what‟s more im-

Zurabyan also stressed the importance of revolutions, which now spread in the whole world.

„In the light of these events the international community starts to realize that murder-autocrats, who use force against their own nation, have no place in the modern world. The most vivid examples are the developments in Libya. At last the international community adequately responses to the use of force.

Born to crawl cannot fly

1963-1967, then in 1976 he graduated from the Frunze Military Academy, and in 1988, General Staff Military Academy of the USSR Armed Forces. In the USSR Armed Forces he occupied several positions, including the Head of Intelligence of the 7th Division, as well as several lecturer positions at the Department of Intelligence of the USSR Armed Forces General Staff Military Academy. There are no former spies, or the real motives for coming to Armenia

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It is known that as a result of the agreement reached between the presidents of Armenia and Russia, dozens of high officials having served in the USSR Armed Forces came to Armenia, among which was Colonel Mikhail Harutyunyan. But M. Harutyunyan, raised in an Azerbaijani environment, an Armenian military, whose ultimate goal was to climb the ladder and to take place in Moscow, presumably would not voluntarily give up the prospect of his further insured professional progress in Russian Armed Forces. The fact that he had, and still has strong support not only in Armenia, appeared during his service and the further progress. In 1992-1994 M. Harutyunyan has occupied various positions in the system of RA Armed Forces. After S. Sargsyan had become Defense Minister, he was appointed First Deputy of Defense Minister, Chief of General Staff of RA Armed Forces. continues to the disclosure of the main players of the slaughter of March 1 in the center of Yerevan. On January 28, we presented the former Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanian, today´s turn is to the former Defense Minister Mikhail

Harutyunyan. First, let's start with Mikhail Harutyunyan´s biography: he was born in 1946, February 10, in Sagiyan village (Azerbaijan SSR), Shemakh region. He studied at the higher military command College, in

Just like the “hero” of our previous series, Vardan Oskanian, Mikhail Harutyunyan was one of the reliable figures in the government of Robert Kocharyan after the 1999 coup. After October 27, 1999, Kocharyan's number one problem was to reshuffle and to make new appointments in the Armed Forces for his “army team” formation: first, with no participation of Defense Minister, some of the soldiers received General titles, later, they were appointed to various positions in the Armed Forces. In 2000, some appointments for Defense Deputy Ministers were made, again without agreeing the issue with the Minister (Manvel Grigorian, Gagik Melkonyan, Yuri Khachaturov, Arthur Aghabekyan, Michael Grigorian). Then, in violation of the Constitution and bypassing the government, in 2000, May 2, Defense Minis ter Vagha rsha k Harutyunyan was fired, and on the same day Mikhail Harutyunyan, first deputy of Defense Minister, Chief of Staff of the RA Armed Forces incorporated the office, to temporarily fulfill the duties of Defense Minister. Later on, in 2000, Prime Minister Aram Zaven Sargsyan was replaced by Andranik Margaryan, who was appointed Prime Minister on May 12, 2000. The new government formed in May, 2000, appointed Serge Sargsyan Defense Minister, and as a result of this project Robert Kocharyan´s and Serge Sargsyan´s envisaged transformation of the Armed Forces took place: a “loyal”team was formed. Already in

2007 in S. Sargsyan´s government, M. Harutyunyan, having provided services to Robert Kocharyan and Serge Sargsyan, was assigned the post of RA Defense Minister, and Seyran Ohanyan became the Chief of General Staff of the RA Armed Forces. The Lier In 2008, the return of Armenia´s former president Levon TerPetrosyan to the policy woke great hope of the increasing public confidence to get rid of the regime in the upcoming presidential elections. The increasing public confidence for the first Armenia president, his increased rating in the pre-election period, as well as people´s will revealed by the votes, came to prove the failure of the government. And once again, the government faced the main issue, that is, to keep the regime at all costs. “The army is not involved in politics and performs its tasks and assignments”, that is what Mikhail Harutyunyan, the Defense Minister, said on February 23, 2008, four days after the presidential elections, who visited Victory Park on Red Army day. That day he globally analized political processes: “the Army does not suport Levon Ter-Petrosyan”, he said, adding that the authors of such statements may express their personal desire. The news is false, and all the deputies are busy with their official duties. “I call on everybody to refrain form such provocative -

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