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How to reduce belly fat Too much belly fat does not look good and is unhealthy. On that we all agree. Losing weight in your stomach is not easy. How do you lose in your belly, about different opinions. Find out what makes belly fat in your body and how the fat goes away at your stomach and stays away.

Body fat we need to live. You will not believe it, but a slender woman of medium height and volume is approximately 100,000 calories on her body. That's about 50 packs of butter! The human body has two types of fat: subcutaneous fat and skin fat and visceral fat or organ fat.

sebum Sebum is stored by the body under the skin of your thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. This is visible fat: the more you have of it, the fatter you are. Fat cells are piling up like in these places: we call that fat accumulation. About 80% of the total fat content of your body's skin oils. This grease unfortunately mixes with connective tissue, where relatively few arteries and veins running through it. Thus, there is not enough blood present to remove fat cells which are stacked. Therefore, thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen called favored residues from.

organ fat Organ fat has the function of pads: it protects your organs. Organ fat becomes a problem when there is too much of it. The fact produces hormones that affect your metabolism, plus inflammatory proteins. Too many organ fat indicates a higher risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Also, it would cause certain forms of cancer. In addition, the liver, which should ensure the digestion of fats, by working too much organ fat less. A negative spiral so.

Belly fat What does your belly size with this? Very simple: a belly is an indication that, apart from too much fat stored on the abdomen, also around the organs. The good news is that if your belly is smaller, also reduces the amount of organ fat. Losing weight in your belly is often the last Leucaspius delineatus what will disappear. But how do you get that?

Step 1: intensive exercise It is a myth that you have to burn belly fat, abdominal exercises to do. That strengthen your stomach you, making you look drier. Want mostly burn belly fat, you do not have to necessarily do abdominal exercises. What you should do? moving considerably. When strenuous exercise is the organ fat when first approached to provide energy. Consider, for example: cross Trainer Jogging or treadmill Jumping rope Cycling or spinning Rowing

And we're not talking about fifteen minutes. No: at least 30 minutes to an hour, you want wegkrijgen that stubborn belly. And no getrut: quite a sweat and make yourself not easy. Let your indeed not be fooled by magic slimming tablets: they do not exist! Losing weight without can only move when you starve yourself. And that we recommend to anyone.

Strength training has two important effects on your belly fat: 1. You grow more large muscles, which consume more calories at rest. You can therefore eat more calories without re-saving abdominal fat. 2. Due to specific abdominal exercises (crunches, knee raises, leg raises) are you more visible abdominal muscles, giving you a flatter tummy - and a six-pack in the long run - develops.

Step 2: Healthy Eating Whether we like it or not, our body composition is 80% determined by nutrition. Only 20% is determined by movement. Belly fat loss you will not only sports.

When does your body burn fat? If it gets too little energy. Especially a reduced intake of carbohydrates creates fat burning. Eat your smart that you choose complex carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds, seeds, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato and oatmeal. Simple carbohydrates, which once you've swallowed them travel to your stomach, let you stand. These include among others alcohol, soft drinks, biscuits, chips, cakes, white pasta and white rice.

Step 3: the right amount of sleep

Research has shown that people who sleep six to seven hours per night less organ fat build up than those less long or sleep longer. Especially sleep deprivation is a killer for your figure.

Step 4: Reduce Stress Stress creates elevated levels of the hormone cortisol in your blood. That stimulates the storage of organ fat, which in turn allows for more storage of belly fat. In addition, cortisol also increases your appetite, so you eat more. The best ways of de-stressing his outdoor sports, yoga and meditation.

Conclusion: you better be on time make sure your belly is tight and remains. Losing weight belly is not easy. And the more fat there is, the harder it is to get it away. And then takes a slim stomach blood, sweat and tears.

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