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How Biometric Visitor Management System Secures the Organization from Threats

Nowadays, majority of the organizations want to track down the entry of their visitors. And for this, it is necessary to equip the premise with an effective biometric security solution. One of the best security solutions that are ruling the world is called biometric face recognition. This system includes many other applications like access control system which enables to restrict the unauthorised persons in your company, time attendance system which allows tracking or recording the timings of individual employee, and visitor’s management system which monitor the large number of visitors visit to your premises. There are many applications based on biometric system but the one which actually solve all queries about the safety of premises is known as visitor management system.

Biometric visitor management system is based on no human touch technology which means that one does not need to touch the device during enrollment but the person has to stand in front of the device. It is fully electronic and automatic process which replaces the manual process data entry. It captures the image through in build camera when the person stand in front of device and stored electronically in the database of computer. When the person visit again, then he or she needs to stand in front of device so that it captures the image of and perform the matching process between the new facial pattern and the existing one. If it gets match then it will grant the permission to enter inside the premises. If it will not match, then the system restricts the person from entry. This manages the work of manual security guards and replaces the paper register system.

It consist many benefits and one of them is that it holds very low cost of installation. It is the fastest security system than any other systems. It eliminates the problem of buddy punching as it is very advanced method. By the invention of these systems everything has been changed to fully automatic system. It is one of the cost effective way to secure your building with low maintenance cost.

It has another great feature like you can set different priority level as per the visitors. You can set low priority to those visitors who are not expected in the premises due to some reason. If those visitors which are restricted to premises, then you can set high priority to them. When they revisit again, then this system will generate an alarm. Everyone in the premises will alert through the alarm sound and know about the unwanted happenings. Thus it will help you to enhance the security system at your firm.

ZIBO Ltd is an It & Security solutions provider with a proven expertise in designing and developing customized solutions that empower businesses with security and efficiency. For more information on biometrics face recognition or biometric visitor management system visit our website.

How biometric visitor management system secures the organization from threats  

Nowadays, majority of the organizations want to track down the entry of their visitors. And for this, it is necessary to equip the premise w...

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