4 – KaMOS® Kammprofil Gasket

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Certificate No: TAP0000161

This is to certify: That the Gaskets and Sealings with type designation(s) RIG (Reverse Integrity Gasket) Kamos@Kammprofil Gaskets of types:RU, RS, FU, FS Issued to

Karmsund Maritime Offshore Supply AS Kopervik, Norway

is found to comply with ASME B16.20-2017, Metallic Gaskets for Pipe Flanges ASME B16.5-2017, Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings: NPS 1/2 through NPS 24 Metric/Inch Standard

Application : See certificate

Temperature range: See Certificate Max. working press.: See Certificate Design: ASME B16.20, ASME B16.5 Sizes: 1 to 24 inch (DN25- DN600) Issued at Høvik on 2018-02-07 for DNV GL

This Certificate is valid until 2023-02-06.

Digitally Signed By: Marveng, Marianne Spæren

DNV GL local station: Haugesund

Location: DNV GL Høvik, Norway

Approval Engineer: Mehdi Rowshan

Marianne Spæren Marveng Head of Section

This Certificate is subject to terms and conditions overleaf. Any significant change in design or construction may render this Certificate invalid. The validity date relates to the Type Examination Certificate and not to the approval of equipment/systems installed. Form code: TE 211

Revision: 2016-12


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