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23/03/2014 23:56:00 March 21, 2014 Hello again, artists! Today in LTA our art-making material was a camera. In the beginning of this year, Molly taught us how to take pictures with disposable cameras that use film, but for this project we are using digital cameras. We learned that there are a lot of differences between digital and film cameras. For example, when you use a digital camera, you can see the picture right away, but when you use a film camera you have to wait for the film developed at a lab. Also, if you use a digital camera you can zoom in or zoom out, but with a disposable camera you move your body close or far away. We like both types of cameras since they are so different. Have you used cameras with Maider? At the beginning of class, Miss Molly showed us an artwork by Claes Oldenburg. It’s called “Dropped Cone” and it’s a sculpture of a giant, upside down ice cream cone on top of a building in Germany! We attached a photo so you can see how cool it is. Miss Molly explained that sometimes we see objects in expected places, but sometimes we see objects in unexpected places. To explore this idea, we went on a community walk with our objects and digital cameras. We experimented with arranging our sculptures in different ways in both expected and unexpected places. It was fun but it was also a little hard since we had to practice collaborating. Here are some pictures of Miss Molly teaching us how to use a digital camera and of our community walk. What types of things do you see on the ground in your community? Do you ever see objects in unexpected places? Write back soon!  Ms. Sachs’ class


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