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February 14th 2014 Hola amigos! We were very happy to get a letter and photographs from you! None of us know how to speak Basque—can you teach us some words? Also, can you tell us more about your project and show us some pictures of your artwork? What materials are you using? We are using many different materials for our project! After we made the skeletons for our objects, Ms. Molly showed us how to make the skin using paper mâché. Paper mâché is a French word that means, “chewed paper”, and we found out that it is very messy! Some of us liked getting paste all over our hands and aprons, but some of us thought it was really gross. Have you ever tried paper mâché? Do you wear red Guggenheim aprons when you make art, too? Today was our 100th day of school this year and we painted our sculptures with acrylic paint—a strong paint that professional artists use. Ms. Molly taught us how to mix different colors and it was kind of like magic! Here are photographs of us doing paper mâché and Ms. Molly teaching us the color wheel. We hope to hear from you soon! Ms. Sachs’ class—our names are Ayo, Jasmeily, Hafsa, Analisse, Daniella, Kianna, Liroye, Alexis, Linay, Denisse, Lisa, Christopher, Marlin, Richard, Anaya, Junior, Fariha, Ashely, Marlon, Bryanna, Stephanie, Alonso, Krisleida and Xiomara. PS – What are your names?

February 14th lta 3#  
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