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2014ko martxoak 20

¡Hola chicos y chicas! ¡Buenos días! We find very interesting what you are doing and of course collaborating is very important. It has been very difficult for us to agree on the choice of colors - feelings but once got, the sensation is great and very rewarding. We realized that if we work all together, the result is much better. Our rectangles are made of colored cardboard boxes and colored construction paper. We've spent four sessions but we haven’t finished the project yet. The idea came from Maider, who is our artist, and we had to decide what color we will use to express our feelings . Today we will show you another activity we did before starting with rectangles. It's an endless road. A continuous path. One of us walk through a red road, passing, and the walked road is moved and it is placed at the end. An endless road, created together, each of us is holding a card and when it has been used, it is placed at the end of the road. So, we walk around the courtyard space in a collaborative effort in which all together we find the best system, adapting to the rhythm of the person who is walking and depending on the qualities of the group. You can see that if we don´t cooperate... we can´t be creative! We send some pictures to you. ¡Hasta pronto!

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