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Homemade Moisturizer- An absolute Skin remedy Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products Dreaming for a healthy skin won’t work. There is no magical wand but certainly a flawless Homemade Moisturizer which can relieve you off all the skin ailments and make it soft in touch and supple in texture. Regular application of the moisturizer will keep the skin getting the energy it requires. This will make it glow that will gradually reflect in your personality. Unlike the regular chemical moisturizers, herbal ones have no side effects like skin patches, rashes, dryness or more.

Homemade Moisturizer A human body skin has sensitive texture which needs similar treatments. Mild chemicals too will react with skin pigments in some way. It is difficult to treat oily skin, no matter how many times you clean or wash the face; oils secreted from the body pores will dampen the facial complexion.  Natural Skin Care Products are suitable for all because no chemical component is used.  These rich, experienced, Ayurvedic preparations are time proven which are passed from

primitive generations.  It is a complete body moisturizing spray to beat the heat, wrinkles, blemishes, acne.  Removes dead skin and opens the skin pores to breathe properly  No need to have a separate toner, astringent, cleanser as this work wonders for your

skin.  The effects may be gradual but long lasting, not like average OTC moisturizing sprays.

Homemade Moisturizer is made from rich medicinal herbs which have deep impact not only on skin but entire human body. USP of this body spray is that it extracts the moisture form the air and creates balance between mind and body. Karmamist herbal body sprays are made for people on the go. It comes in easy to spray pumping bottle, which can fit into shirt pocket or a clutch. Don’t let your body suffer with an ordinary spray when Karmamist is here! For more details visit

Homemade moisturizer an absolute skin remedy  

Among many body sprays in market, Karmamist has a unique place for itself. This body moisturizing spray ability of treating dry and oily ski...