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The Cross & Flame

March 2011 digital edition

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church

The Cross & Flame

Fr a n k l i n G r o v e U n i t e d MethodistChurch

Celebrating the Lent Season March 2011

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church 223 W. Middle St. P.O. Box 348 Franklin Grove, IL 61 031 phone: 81 5-456-2456 www.

email: Sunday School 9:1 5 a.m. Church Service 1 0:1 5 a.m.

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church is Gathering Growing Going

If your heart is where ours is, come and join us! Please let us know your Bits of News and prayer requests so we can keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Chri s t i a ns know t h at we of t e n l i v e i n t h e widanger, lderness,andyet a plawece ofdi f i c ul t y andeven al s o bel i e ve t h at t h ere i s breadi n t h e wi l d erness. Duri n g t h e Lent e n season, as we remember t h e st o ry ofGod' s fofJesus aithfulness,Chriandespeci a l y t h e l i f e andt e achi n gs s t , we are gi v en st r engt h f o r l i f e s ' jwiourney, " b read"t o sust a i n us t h rought h e ldAsernessweandbeyond. j o urney t h roughLent , you are iwinvildterness edto expl o re deeper how Godi s usi n g our experi e nces t o t r ansf o rm oursel v es and those aroundus. â€

"Lent is an opportunity to reflect on ones own life and an opportunity to look ahead and decide where to go."

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Labyrinth This Lenten season our church will offer a labyrinth for the purposes of meditation. People have many purposes for walking labyrinths. They are for fun, meditation, spiritual insight, and relaxation. We will be using this tool for all of these purposes as we focus on the time of deepest sorrow and highest celebration of the church life, namely the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The labyrinth at church will be ready for use the Sunday after Ash Wednesday, which is March 13th . For more information please contact Amy Malm. †

Want to know more on the history, background and purposes of labyrinths? Join us on March 13th during Sunday School for a discussion time on our meditation tool for this Lenten season. Some guidance on how to use the labyrinth and meditation thoughts will be provided. †

Sunday Night Bible Study

You are invited to take part in a new small group this Lent. The group will meet on Sunday nights during Lent, starting March 13th . At 6 p.m. we will gather at the church to share a meal together. Following the meal we will break up into small groups to discuss Bread in the Wilderness: Spiritual Famine or Gospel Feast by Kenneth Carter, Jr. Each week there is a short reading (about 6 pages) to read before the group discussion. We will conclude at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Babysitting will be provided at the church during the study time. Please see Pastor Karl or Ann if you are interested in joining a group. †

Ash Wednesday Prayer Stations

You are invited to stop by the church on March 9th to spend time at the Ash Wednesday Prayer Stations. The church will be open (and heated! ) from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. and then again from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on this day. Please plan on stopping by the church to spend time experiencing prayer in new ways. The prayer stations will be spread throughout the sanctuary. You are welcome to go through the stations at your own pace and stay as long or short as you would like. God is calling all of us to be closer to him through our prayer life. Will you answer the call? † "Sometimes God has to put us flat on our back before we are looking up to him." Jack Graham Page 2 Issue 1

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Congratulations to...

Allan & Glenda Lackland of Franklin Grove are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter Glynis Lackland to Jason Dean son of Richard Dean and Sharon Reynolds. The ceremony was held in Polo, Il on January 1, 2011 at 5:00pm. Officiating the ceremony was Jennifer Simpson, friend of the bride. Glynis is employed at The Dixon Correctional Center as a RN. and Jason Is employed at Dixon Direct. The couple reside in Polo, Il. Glynis is the grand daughter of Naomi Lewallen of Ashton. †

Youth Group All middle school and high school youth are invited to join us for Sunday night youth group during Lent. We will meet from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the church starting March 13th. We will learn more about God and ourselves through creative activities, games, discussions and at least one Mystery Trip. Come prepared to have fun. Friends are always welcome. We will meet March 13th , March 20th , March 27th , April 3rd , April 10th and April 17th . Please see Ann Sokol or Susie Arnolts if you have questions. †

With Sincere Sympathy Our thoughts and prayers are with Diane Smith and her family on the loss of her father, Frank Smith. May she find comfort and peace knowing he is with our Savior. † ALL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE CROSS AND F LAME ARE DUE ON THE SECOND TO LAST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH (THOUGH PREFERABLY MUCH SOONER). Page 8 Issue 1

Moving up p to thhe nexxt leveel. I began running r thiss year. This is liteerally the first time in my life runnning withoout being toold to by a gym teacher or Naval N Officeer. It was oone of thosee impulsivee New Year’s Reso olutions thaat has no grounding g in n logic, butt here we arre in March h and the h habit has stuck around. I have eveen signed up p for the Chhicago Marrathon. I loove it. I gott up uickly. And I have stayyed there. 4 miles. Prretty impreessive, but a far to 4 milees pretty qu cry from 26.2. 2 I feel like l I could stay at 4 miles m for a loong time. Tallking to reaal runners, I have learn ned that thiis experiencce is every bbit a part oof running as blisters. There T is pro ogress, and then theree is a plateaau. The diffference between great runn ners and th he rest of uss, is that greeat runnerss push past the plateau while thee rest of us lingeer. In Paul’s P letterr to the Hebrews (12:1), we, as thee church, arre exhorted d to “throw off everythingg that hind ders and thee sin that so o easily enttangles, andd let us run with perseveran nce the racee marked out o for us.” It turns ouut, that fulfilling our caalling in Christ is not as eassy as saying a simple prayer and sitting s backk and waitinng for the m magic to happen. Rather, R it iss like a race to be won with perseeverance. O One of the ttruths abou ut racing, is that t it is wo on or lost before b it is begun. b Eithher the runnner’s mind and body aare prepared or not. So it is with th he practicin ng Christiann. Either ouur daily acttivities, our mental diet, and ourr spiritual exxercises aree making uss stronger, or we are ggetting weaaker. But there is no coastting. ning, the church’s greaatest dangerr is hitting a plateau aand getting And like runn ble. We become satisffied with where w we arre at and whhat we are doing, even n comfortab though we w are far cryy from bein ng “perfect as <our> FFather in heeaven is perrfect” (Matthhew 5:48) and th hings on eaarth are now where nearr “as it is in heaven” (M Matthew 6:10). And then w we wake up one o mornin ng and pincch our spirittual flab annd wonder ““how did th hat get theere?” Ou ur church has been an importantt part of thee communiity of Frankklin Grove ffor over a cen ntury. During these paast few years, we havee leaped out on faith aand have doone even more to help ch hange the lives of people who may have nevver even o the churcch before. But we can nnot coast oon that succcess. thought of Because the reality iss that plateeaus are reaally illusionss hiding a d slope. downward Instead, we neeed to dreaam together what th he next bold step that God is asking us u to do is. “Let us fix our eyes onn Jesus, thee author and perfecter of our faith…” (Heebrews 12:2) evven thoughh “no discippline wever, it prroduces seems pleeasant at the time, butt painful. Laater on, how a harvest of righteou usness and peace p for th hose who hhave been ttrained by iit. Thereforre, ble arms and weak kneees.” (Hebrewws 12:11-12) Leet’s be amazzing througgh strengthen your feeb Christ! May righ hteousness and peacee be yours aand ours,

Pas astor K Karll S Sokoll

Some e excerpts from the blo og of

ou ur missio onaries in i Tan nzania, Paul an nd

Sarah Zdroik Z More reflections an nd pictures ca an be found at franklin om

Nina afundisha a Th his week I was w able to o partiicipate in a health an nd first a aid semina ar where wom men from issolated villag ges came to learn inforrmation an nd techniqu ues that may help to t save live es in theirr villages. The T topics conssisted of: HIV/AIDs, infan nt care, infe ection prevention and d treatmen nt, onscious victims, unco fracttures & disllocations, and a more e. Thrrough this teaching t experience, and others, I am m ng it much more m difficu ult findin to tea ach here than in the US….tthere are so o many obsta acles to ove ercome! I’ll give g you ssome examp ples… Be ecause there e is a lack off hygie enic supplie es in the villag ges (like clea an bandage es, glove es, CPR massks, etc.) prote ection becomes a much h large er issue. We taught the e women to make e bandages out of cle ean sheets or o fabric and d to use b bags (if they y don’t have e glove es) as a barrrier to preve ent the trransfer of diseases. d Becau use CPR ma asks are non nexiste ent, perform ming CPR

becomes a very contro oversial issue, especially with tthe high rates of HIV V and TB in n the area. They also la ack other m medical equipmentt, such as sliings, splints and d stretchers,, so when I was teach hing about ffractures and disloca ations I had d to use local materrials. We ma ade splints out of palm bra anches, slings out of o kangas (tthe fabric women we ear as skirts)), and stretchers out o of long branches and flour sacks. You h have to get creative when you u don’t have endle ess medical supplies at your fing gertips, butt our “make-shiftt” supplies w worked fairly well! I experime ented on Paul to fin nd out which loca al materials w work best. Another problem is tthat few people, esp pecially wom men, especially from f the villages, are educated. Because e of this, it to ook a painfully lo ong time forr them to copy inform mation from m the blackboard d. I would h have to teach, the translator t ttranslate, write on th he board, th hen wait five minute es before co ontinuing. This was qu uite a differrent pace than in the e US universsity classroomss. Speaking of my translator, another pro oblem is that the Sw wahili langu uage lacks many medical words, simply because off the lack off medical treatment in the area.. So instead of saying s “spliint” or “sling” I wo ould have to o explain the concep pt of the con ntraption in creative ways so the ey would understand d.

ved for a All of this prov difficu ult teaching g experienc ce; howe ever the mo ost challenging obsta acle is the la ack of hospitals (and people’s intterest in going to the e hospital). In the state es “first aid” is just tthattemp porary treatm ment until e advanced ttreatment, by more more e advanced p personnel, can be giv ven. Here, tthat is not the case. A broken le eg or a disloccated shoullder is not worth hy of a hosp pital visit, excep pt in the mo ost extreme casess (maybe if tthe bone wa as protruding out o of the victim m’s nd he was losing lots of o leg an blood d). Because of this, settting bones and reduccing disloccations are often perfo ormed by th he unqualifie ed (if done at all). A Additionally, whatt is the point of doing CPR C when n, performed alone (with hout AED an nd/or follow wed up ho ospital care)), it rarely sa aves a persson’s life. A All I could do o was tteach the w women how to recog gnize seriou us injuries an nd do ba asic treatme ent, when to o cast (they make their own casts c in the e villages) a and the time es wherre they abso olutely mustt go to the e hospital.

I ha ad to convin nce them that for so ome injuriess- despite th he distan nce, the lack of money y, and tthe justifiab ble skepticism m in the h hospital systtem- taking the victim m to the docctor is their only cchance of survival. Altho ough I could dn’t provide e them m with closerr hospitals, bette er doctors, o or cheaper health care, I hope they learned informattion and techn niques that will help sa ave people’s lives. (back)… …

Other teaching g experience es are also proving g difficult, mostly because it is hard for me, ffrom a socie ety that has every ything, to re elate to peo ople from one that ha as next to nothiing. I am cu urrently teach hing an Eng glish class tw wo days a week. Wh hen trying to t come e up with id deas of topiccs, I thoug ght of doing a lesson on o “in th he house”, which w would includ de vocabula ary such as table e, chair, sink k, stove, refrig gerator and bed. It took k me a minute to realize r that altho ough I have all of these e thing gs in my hou use, many of o the sttudents do not. I reme embered the e time that Mama Biju came e over to tea ach me how to cook k beans, and d she d didn’t know w how to use e the sttove, or wh hen Alias, wantting turn offf the fan, need ded to ask Pa aul for help pand d decided it best b that I skipp ped that lessson.

Obviously, I am still le arning and my eye es are still b being opened to the differen nces between cu ultures. Alth hough I am teachin ng (ninafun disha), I am learning just at mu uch during these lessons a as the students arre.

In the e refugee ca amp with so ome schoo ol boys... the kids here alway ys want the eir pictures taken n.

Speaking to t a crowd of about 200 women [at a Con golese refugee camp called Nyarugusu u]. I was nerrvous at first, but th he women m made me feel right at a home.

The roads are difficu ult (above) and sometime es tricky to cross (be elow)…

My children’s ministry m lesssons are n no easier. I am a constanttly findin ng that thin ngs that Amerrican childre en can relatte to, Affrican children cannot.. Wantting to relatte my life to o theirss, I told one e group of kids, k “whe en I was little, I was afra aid of the e dark and before bed woulld ask my mom m to leave e on a night light and d the door open n.” I was in a village wh here most homes didn’t have fro ont doorss or differen nt rooms, le et alone e electricity.. Oops.

… and you nev ver know wh hen a car bre eakdown wiill lead d to an adv venture! (see e the website e for details)

This is what hap ppens if you stop o on the side of the road d in a villa age (below)). You get mobb bed by all th he mamas in n the viillage trying g to sell you u fruits and vegeta ables. Its wo orth it tho ough, you ca an get so much m for so o little!

Franklin-Center Community Church Council March 9 – St. Paul’s Lutheran Church ∞ The Feet of Christ March 16 – Lee Center UCC ∞ The Ears of Christ March 23 – 1st Presbyterian of FG ∞ The Mouth of Christ



March 30 – FG UMC ∞ The Hands of Christ

SUPPER at 6:00

April 6 – Catholics (at FG Brethren) ∞ The Eyes of Christ

WORSHIP at 7:00

April 13 – The FG Brethren Church ∞ The Heart of Christ

Franklin-Center Community Church Council March 9 – St. Paul’s Lutheran Church ∞ The Feet of Christ March 16 – Lee Center UCC ∞ The Ears of Christ March 23 – 1st Presbyterian of FG ∞ The Mouth of Christ



March 30 – FG UMC ∞ The Hands of Christ

SUPPER at 6:00

April 6 – Catholics (at FG Brethren) ∞ The Eyes of Christ

WORSHIP at 7:00

April 13 – The FG Brethren Church ∞ The Heart of Christ

Franklin Grove UMC Calendar Recurring Each Week: Sundays 9:00am Sunday School 10:15am Worship 11:30am Coffee Hour Mondays 5:30pm Piano Lessons 6:00pm Guitar Lessons Wednesdays 10:30am Meadows Bible Study

Monday, March 7 Dave Arnolt's Birthday Jerry Murphy's Birthday

Friday, March 18 Bailey Berogan's Birthday Jill Ruggerio's Birthday

Tuesday, March 8 Elizabeth Hoke's Birthday 5:30pm God and family

Saturday, March 19 12:00pm Roy Dickey Benefit at Lutheran Church

Wednesday, March 9 Ash Wednesday Justin Rueff's Birthday 5:00am Ash Wednesday Prayer Station 5:00pm Ash Wednesday Prayer Stations 7:00pm Ash Wednesday Service @ Lutheran Church

Sunday, March 20 5:00pm Youth Group 6:00pm Supper 6:30pm Bible Study

Thursday, March 10 Walk to Emmaus (Womens') Samantha Logan's Birthday Saturday, March 12 Emily Tilsy's Birthday Tuesday, March 1 5:30pm God and family Wednesday, March 2 Chad Kemp's Birthday Dennis Loescher's Birthday 3:00pm Craft Day @ the Library 6:00pm 1st Wednesday Worship Thursday, March 3 6:30pm Trustees Saturday, March 5 Bev Fick's Birthday 6:30pm Dinner Theater Sunday, March 6 Diane Cahill's Birthday 4:00pm Dinner theater

Sunday, March 13 SPRING AHEAD for DAYLIGHT SAVINGS 5:00pm Youth Group 6:00pm Supper 6:30pm Bible Study Monday, March 14 Don and Nola Colwell's Anniversary Tuesday, March 15 7:00am HUB CLUSTER Wednesday, March 16 6:00pm Community Worship at Lee Center Thursday, March 17 Saint Patrick's Day 7:00pm Church Council

Monday, March 21 5:30pm Piano 6:00pm Guitar Lessons Wednesday, March 23 6:00pm Community Worship at 1st Presbyterian Friday, March 25 Jenna Thompson's Birthday Saturday, March 26 Joe Malm's Birthday Julie Logan's Birthday Sunday, March 27 5:00pm Youth Group 6:00pm Supper 6:30pm Bible Study Monday, March 28 7:15pm Community Church Council Wednesday, March 30 Amanda Engelbart's Birthday Todd and Amy Hilliker's Anniversary 6:00pm Community Worship at FGUMC

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