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Recycle toner cartridges with Green Cat Co Ltd

Environmentally friendly toner from Kleen Strike

REEN CAT CO LTD, was established in 1991 as a specialist remanufacturer of laser printer cartridges. Since then our customer base has grown steadily and ranges from individual end users to NHS Trusts, universities and commercial organisations. The success we have achieved has been gained by working with our customers, listening to their requirements and delivering the quality products they need at competitive prices combined with a high level of service. From our earliest days we have been committed to maintaining and improving product quality and service standards, both our own and throughout the industry. To this end we were instrumental in establishing the industry trade association

LEEN STRIKE UK LTD, established in 1983, remanufactures high quality, best value, environmentally friendly toner cartridges that are legally placed on the market. We offer only quality assured toner cartridges, drum units and other printer consumables. ISO14001 and ISO9001 accredited, we indemnify all printers using our cartridges giving you total confidence that we offer the best in quality and reliability. We understand the importance of such key factors as quality, customer service, and cost effectiveness. We can contribute towards reducing your carbon footprint by one simple action – using our remanufactured toner cartridges. Purchasing a locally produced remanufactured toner cartridge rather than the imported original saves a minimum of 3kg of CO2 that equates to a savings of 60 per cent in greenhouse gas emissions. The primary manufacturing and carbon cost has been eliminated, as well as


UKCRA, the United Kingdom Cartridge Remanufacturers Association. This organisation has done much to rid the industry of the “cowboy element” and improve standards generally. Our company believes in reducing waste and improving our carbon footprint, so all our waste materials are collected by local authority approved waste management companies. The used cartridge collection scheme, which is part of our service, will enable you to improve your waste management. By allowing us to collect and remanufacture your used cartridges you are avoiding landfill and reducing your carbon footprint.

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reducing emissions by purchasing from a local manufacturer. Using best quality and best buy Kleen Strike branded cartridges is an effective way to reduce your expenditure with the added advantage of being the best environmental solution.

FOR MORE INFORMATION For further information on prices and services call 01706 658582 or e-mail us at Kleen Strike (UK) Ltd. Royle Works, Royle Road Rochdale, Greater Manchester OL11 3EH.

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