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Rosa Mar铆a Alfaro L贸pez


My biography My name is Rosa Maria Alfaro Lopez. I’m from El Salvador. I live in Ilopango with my parents. I have two brothers and a sister. I’m student at the technology university. My favorites hobbies are well; I love to listen to music. I like pets. I hate cats. I don’t like chocolate. I like to read Paulo Coelho’s book. I love to swim and I like to play volleyball twice a week and I like to learn a lot languages.


HOW OFTEN DO YOU EXERCISE?  Complete the chart. Use words from the box. (Some of the words can be both individual sports and exercise.) Aerobics Baseball Basketball Bicycling

Football Jogging Stretching Soccer

Swimming Tennis Volleyball Yoga

Team sports

Individual sports


Baseball Basketball Soccer Football volleyball

Stretching Jogging Yoga Swimming Tennis

Aerobics Jogging Swimming bicycling

 Arrange these words to make sentences or questions. 1. Go never I almost bicycling.  I almost never go bicycling.

2. Hardly they tennis play ever.  They hardly ever play tennis.

3. Go do often jogging how you?  How often do you go jogging?

4. Often mornings do on we yoga Sundays.  We often do yoga on Sundays morning.

5. Ever Charlie do does aerobics?  Does Charlie ever do aerobics?

6. Do on you what usually Saturdays do?  What do you usually do on Saturdays?

 Use these questions to complete the conversations. How often do you…? Do you ever…? What do you usually…? 1. A: Do you ever exercise?

B: Yes, I often exercise on weekends. 2. A: How often do you do exercise?

B: Well, I usually do karate on Saturdays and yoga on Sundays. 3. A: Do you go to the gym after work?

B: No, I never go to the gym after work. 4. A: How often do you do exercise?

B: I don’t exercise very often at all. 5. A: Do you ever play sports?

B: yes, I sometimes play sports on weekends-usually baseball. 6. A: How often do you play tennis?

B: I usually play tennis on my free time.

 Keeping fit?


Check how often you do each of the things in the chart. Every day

Do aerobics Play basketball Exercise Go jogging Do karate Play soccer Go swimming Do weight training

Once twice week

or sometimes a

Not very never often *

* * * * * * *

 B. write about yourself using the information in the chart I never do aerobics. I usually once a month play basketball. I never go jogging. I never do karate. I play soccer maybe once a month. I love to go swimming on weekends.

 Complete this conversation. Write the correct prepositions in the correct places. Susan: what time do you go jogging in the morning? Jerry: I always go jogging at 7:00. How about you? Susan: I usually go jogging in noon. I jog about for an hour. Jerry: and do you also play sports in your free time?

Susan: no, I usually go out with my classmates. What about you? Jerry: I go to the gym on Mondays and Wednesdays. And sometimes I go bicycling on weekends. Susan: wow! You really like to stay on shape.

 Complete the crossword puzzle. Across 4 Pierre never exercises. He’s a real couch potato. 6 How often do you do yoga? 7 I like to stay in house. I play sport every day. 8 Jeff does weight training every evening. He lifts weights of 40 kilos. 10 Diana goes jogging twice a week. She usually runs about three miles. Down 1 Andrew always watches TV in free time 2 Kate has a regular


3 I do aerobics at the gym three times a week. The teacher plays great music! 5 Paul is on the soccer team at his high school. 7 Marie never goes swimming when the water is cold. 9 Amy often goes bicycling on weekends. 2




e 4 5
















































n 10









 Fun activities A.

Read these ads. How can someone get more information about the programs in each ad?

Hiking club: see their online at Adult education program: pick up their brochure at any star supermarket or the public library Community center: Call them at 888-555-9916.


Where can you do these activities? Check the answer. Hiking club

Play indoor sports

Adult education Community center program *

Do outdoor activities Take evening classes Go dancing





Learn to cook


Meet new people

* *



 Choose the correct responses. 1. A: how often do you go swimming, Linda?

B: Once a week 2. A: how long do you spend in the pool?

B: about average. 3. A: and how well do you swim?

B: I’m not very well. 4. A: how good are you at other sports?

B: not very well, actually.

 Look at the answers. Write question using how. 1. A: how long do you spend exercising?

B: I don’t spend any time at all. In fact, I don’t exercise. 2. A: how often do you spend time for walk?

B: almost every day I really enjoy it. 3. A: How long do you spend doing jogging?

B: I spend about an hour jogging. 4. A: how well do you play soccer?

B: I’m pretty good at it. I’m on the school team. 5. A: how good are you playing basketball?

B: basketball? Pretty well, I guess. I like it a lot.

 Rewrite these sentences. Find another way to say each sentence using the words given. 1. I don’t watch TV very much.

I hardly ever watch TV. 2. Tom exercises twice a month.

Tom not very often exercises. 3. Philip tries to keep fit.

Philip stays on shape to keep fit. 4. Jill often exercises at the gym.

Jill works out at the gym. 5. I go jogging with my wife all the time.

I always go jogging with my wife. 6. How good are you at tennis?

How good are you playing tennis?

 What do you think about sports? Answer these questions. 1. Do you like to exercise for a long time o a short time?

I prefer exercises for a short time. 2. Do you prefer exercising in the morning or in the evening?

I prefer exercise in the morning. 3. Which do you like better walking or jogging?

I like better walking. 4. Do you like to watch sports or play sports?

I like the both. 5. Which do you like better team sports or individual sports?

I like better individual sports. 6. How good are you at the games like basketball or tennis?

Well, I love to play basketball so I think that I’m pretty well and about tennis I don’t know anything about it. 7. What sport or game don’t you like?

I don’t like karate.




We had a great time?  Past tense A.

Write the simple past of these regular verbs.

Cook Cooked

Love Loved

Visit Visited

Enjoy Enjoyed

study Studied

Wash Washed

Invite Invited


Watch Watched


 B. Write the simple form of these irregular past verbs. Buy


Sleep slept



Spent spend

Meet met







 C. Use two of the verbs above and write sentence about the past. I bought a green car last week. My mother went to the doctor yesterday.

 Use the cues to answer these questions. 1. Where did you go this weekend? I went to a party. 2. Who did you meet at the party? I met someone very interesting. 3. What time did you and Eva get home? We got hot a little after 1:00. 4. How did you and Bob like the art exhibition? We liked it a lot. 5. What did you buy? I bought some new leather boots.

6. Where did Jeff and Joyce spend their vacation? They spent their vacation in the country.

 What do you like to do alone? With other people? Complete the chart with activities from the box. Then add one more activity to each list.

Activities I like to do alone Cook dinner

Activities I like to do with other people Go shopping


Go to a sport event

Watch TV

Go to the movies

Do homework

Have a picnic

Take a vacation

Play video games

Read a book

Go out to dance


Complete the questions in this conversation. A: How did you spend your weekend? B: I spent the weekend with Joe and Kathy. A: What did you do the last Saturday?

B: well, on Saturday, we went shopping. A: what did you do on Saturday in the evening? B: no, nothing special. A: where did you go on Sunday? B: we went to the amusement park. A: how was your weekend? B: we had a great time. In fact, we stayed there all day. A: really and what time you get home? B: we got home very late, around midnight.

Answer these questions with negative statements. Then add positive statement using the information in the box. 1. A: We had a great time at Carrier’s party. Did you and Jane enjoy it?

B: no, we didn’t. We had a boring time. 2. A: I stayed at home from work all day yesterday. Did you take the day off,

too? B: no, I didn’t. I worked all day until six o’clock. 3. A: I worked all weekend on my research paper. Did you spend the

weekend at home, too? B: no, I didn’t. I went out with friends. 4. A: I studied all weekend. Did you and john have a lot of homework, too?

B: no, we didn’t. We finished our homework on Saturday. 5. Carl drove me to work yesterday morning. Did you drive to work?

B: no I didn’t. I took the bus.

6. A: Kathy went to the baseball game last night. Did you and Bob go to the

game? B: no, we didn’t. We watched it on TV.

 Read the postings. Who went to Bangkok for the first time?

 Who did these things on the trip? Check the answers. Willia m 1. Stayed for two days in Bangkok 2. Visited the floating market


4. Saw some historic cities

6. Loved the food the most 7. Enjoyed everything

* * * *

3. Bought fruit

5. Traveled on the river


* * *


 Complete this conversation with was, wasn’t, were or weren’t. a. How was your vacation in Peru, Julia? b. It was great. I really enjoyed it.

a. How long were you there? b. We were there for two weeks. a. Were you in Lima all the time? b. No we weren’t. We were in the mountains for a few days. a. And how was the weather? Was it good? b. No it wasn’t good at all! In fact, it was terrible. The city was very hot, and

the mountains were really cold!

 Choose the correct question to complete this conversation. a. How was your vacation in Africa? b. It was a great trip. I really enjoyed South Africa and Namibia. a. How long were you in South Africa?

b. For ten days. a. And how long were you in Namibia? b. I was in Namibia for about five days. a. Wow, that’s a long time! How was the weather? b. It was hot and sunny the whole time. a. And what was the best part? b. It was definitely the national parks and wildlife in Namibia. And we

saw some meerkats.

 Choose the correct words or phrases. 1. I’m sorry I was late. I had to do a phone call. 2. My friends and I really enjoyed your party. We all had a good time. 3. I stayed home last night and did the laundry. 4. We didn’t see very much in the mountains. The weather was pretty

cold. 5. I worked really hard in Switzerland last week. I was there on business.

 A. My kind of vacation 2 Go to the beach 6 Look at historical buildings 1 Go shopping 5 Visit museums 3 Spend time at home 4 Have good food

 B. Answer the question about your vacation. 1. How often do you go on vacation?

I go on vacation twice a year. 2. How long do you spend your vacation?

I spend my vacation maybe for a week at the beach or in the mountain. 3. Who do you usually go with?

I usually go with my best friends, boyfriend or my family. 4. Where do you usually go?

I usually go to the beach or a different place that I have never knew. 5. What do you usually do on vacation?

I usually stay at home or go out with my friends some places at night.

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