Galesburg Community Foundation Community Report- Spring 2017

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Community Report Spring 2017

Strengthening local philanthropy to support healthy communities.



GCF Community Report Spring 2017

LEADERSHIP Leadership is a critical component of healthy communities. Every day members of our communities shape where we live and work. If it weren’t for dedicated community members, we wouldn’t have nonprofit organizations that impact our everyday lives. Leaders make a difference right here at home, and in this issue of our Community Report we are pleased to feature several local leaders making a difference. We recently welcomed new board member Dr. John McClean and celebrated the contributions of board chairman Carl Nixon. We also extend our thanks to Joel Estes who served our board for many years and thoughtfully led our grant and scholarship committees. Finally, we also highlight new funds and share our most recent audited financials. Thank you for your commitment to our communities.

Mark Kleine Chairman

Joshua D. Gibb President & CEO

Thank you for your continued support and involvement. If you have questions or want to know more, contact us anytime at: 309.344.8898 or

OUR TEAM BOARD Mark Kleine Chairman Susan Twomey Secretary David Pearson Treasurer Harry Bulkeley Joyce Coffman Lance Humphreys

STAFF Dr. Subbia Jagannathan

Joshua D. Gibb President & CEO

Thomas Maloney

Jennifer V. Anderson Chief Financial Officer

Dr. John McClean Carl Nixon Carol Simpson

Karlie Elliott Bowman Director of Communications Bobbi Pio Development Associate

COMMUNITY TREASURES Tiffany Anderson Manager Judy Peterson Assistant Manager Dane Switzer Assistant Manager

Deborah Moreno Heart & Soul Coordinator Lori Schile Administrative Assistant

OUR MISSION The Galesburg Community Foundation develops and supports the efforts of local people and organizations to promote healthy communities.



 Promote local philanthropy  Support local nonprofits Connect donors with the causes   they care about

 Provide community leadership  Champion community development




Dr. John McClean

GCF is pleased to welcome Dr. John McClean to our board of directors. Dr. McClean is a recently retired oncology doctor of 34 years. He practiced in Galesburg, serving both OSF St. Mary Medical Center and Galesburg Cottage Hospital. Dr. McClean has been involved with GCF for many years as a contributor and a communicator, spreading the word about the Foundation’s good works in Knox and Warren Counties. In addition to serving GCF, Dr. McClean is involved with the American Red Cross, Prairieland Hospice, Knox County Medical Society, Illinois State Medical Society as a delegate, Fame Medical Missions to Africa, Trinity Lutheran Church Outreach and the Galesburg Mental Health Center Re-use Commission. As a board member Dr. McClean said he looks forward to “helping our social environment further improve and helping the community become more involved in its future. The Heart & Soul program is certainly a wonderful step in helping our communities build on their social fabric.” GCF is proud to have Dr. McClean join our team.



Carl Nixon For seven years Carl Nixon has provided unwavering leadership to our board of directors. He stepped down from his role as chairman in February, passing the position to Mark Kleine. We sat down with Carl, GCF’s longest serving chairman to date, and asked him to share his perspective on the past, present and future of our organization and the communities we serve. Carl will remain an active member of the GCF board and serve on our executive, grants and investment committees.


WHAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? “I don’t profess to take much credit for the successes that occurred during my tenure as Chairman. I am extremely fortunate to have served for 7 years. It’s the continued commitment of the board and staff at the foundation that has created the growth and successes that we have been blessed to share. Some of the most important accomplishments aren’t ones that the public has seen. Our transition to a new software program years ago allowed us to look forward to the future. Another internal accomplishment was creating an investment management platform that allows local managers to manage assets for the foundation. I am also very proud of our granting process. Our grants touch a lot of people – many more than most might assume. Additionally, I am very proud of what we accomplished with the Nonprofit Endowment Match Program. Immediately after announcing the program, we had to expand from 10 to 20 participating nonprofits. There was a lot of excitement about this program and I am so proud of the work accomplished by each of the participating organizations. Many of the nonprofits didn’t think they could make their match. But the organizations and their communities stepped up.”

FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, WHAT DO YOU WISH THEY KNEW? “I wish people totally understood all the opportunities for giving and how easy it is to give. First people need to identify what’s important to them. What do they want to give to? Then they need to determine if they want to give because of tax issues or charitable desire. I advise people to talk to their professional advisor to learn more about how to best accomplish their goals and the most advantageous way to work with GCF to accomplish those goals. People can certainly write a check, but they can also give real estate, including farm land, or they can give stock. It is very simple to connect and give to the causes you care about when you work with the Foundation. I also wish more people knew how broad based our granting program is and the number of people served by our grants. You never know who will be impacted by GCF.”

AS THE FOUNDATION CONTINUES TO GROW, WHAT DO YOU THINK THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR LOCAL PHILANTHROPY? “The future is positive. GCF is a positive influence in the growth of local philanthropy. Many nonprofits, because of our Certificate in Nonprofit Governance, are now more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. When our nonprofits are stronger, our communities are stronger. We are certainly seeing this firsthand.”



Lifelong Relationships Tom England is a lifelong Knoxville resident. He grew up there, finished high school, and after completing college and time in the Army, returned to his family’s business in Knoxville. He and his wife Lois raised their daughter in Knoxville. Today, as a member of the Knoxville Community Fund advisory committee, Tom is giving back in multiple ways to the community that helped raise him. Tom became involved with the Knoxville Community Fund after being asked by his long-time friend Lance Humphreys to serve on the fund’s advisory board. Tom didn’t have to think very hard before telling Lance yes. He absolutely wanted to be involved. The Knoxville Community Fund provides local resources for local solutions and flexible problem solving tools. No one can know what Knoxville’s most urgent needs will be twenty years from now, but the Community Fund allows the community to build the capacity to meet those future challenges. Tom and Lois contributed to the fund as founders and have encouraged others 8

to become founding donors too. Today, two years into the fund’s existence, their involvement with the fund is continually growing – just as the fund is growing. Tom and Lois made a substantial gift of shares of stock that will launch a second wave of fundraising for the Knoxville Community Fund. Additionally, Tom and Lois have ensured a future gift of resources will impact Knoxville – they named the Knoxville Community Fund in their wills. With this future gift listed in their wills they are now members of GCF’s Bickerdyke Society, which honors donors for establishing a planned gift. Tom said, “Knoxville has been good to me. Lois and I have had a good life here and have many good friends. Long after I’m gone, I want there to be a little piece of Tom England that stays here and is able to help others.” Tom feels so strongly about the impact of the Knoxville Community Fund that he is sharing the word with his friends. He said, “People are thinking about Knoxville and how they too can give. There are so many good causes to support here in our town. I know many feel just as I do; they are really glad we started this Community Fund.”




Charles Rogers is the kind of guy who doesn’t give up on a project. He’s in it for the long haul. For 40 years Charles, the Alexis Men’s Club, and members of the Alexis community have worked to grow and sustain the Steve McBride Scholarship, awarded annually to two graduates of United High School. Charles and members of the Alexis Men’s Club wanted to ensure the scholarship would remain in perpetuity and have opportunity for growth. After years of softball games and pork chop fundraisers, they knew it was time for a different approach. After hearing about the Galesburg Community Foundation from his cousin Donnelly Bohan, Charles decided it was time for a visit. Charles said, “I’m an old guy. I can’t do this forever. I knew we had to do something to make sure this scholarship will be here in 50 to 100 years. I spoke to my cousin Donnelly, who also has a fund at GCF. She recommended I visit and learn more.” Before deciding to move the scholarship and establishing it as a fund at GCF, Charles had many conversations with the Foundation’s President & CEO Joshua Gibb and Development Associate Bobbi Pio. Charles said, “The good folks at GCF really want to help us grow the fund and keep it going. They made the transition seamless and our committee is still involved with the process. For our committee, longevity and growth were key when ultimately deciding to move the money to GCF. When you’re looking to keep 40 years of community support going, it’s important to turn to people you can trust.”

HISTORY OF THE STEVE MCBRIDE SCHOLARSHIP Steve McBride was a member of the Alexis High School class of 1964. He was a good friend, athlete, leader, soldier, brother, and beloved son. He is remembered as a leader on the football field and a friend off the field. Steve was drafted into the Marines after high school and served in Vietnam. While there he suffered serious injuries and was restationed near the Great Lakes. Sadly, Steve was killed in an automobile accident near Galesburg in September of 1967 at the age of 22. The Steve McBride Scholarship was established in 1978 by Steve’s closest friends and members of the Alexis Men’s Club.


Heart & Soul Project MARCHES FORWARD

From May 2016 to February 2017, the Galesburg Heart & Soul project (also known as Galesburg on Track), gathered and coded 9,000 data points from community residents. On March 25, over 200 community members gathered at the Central Fire Station and crafted Heart & Soul value statements from the positive attributes residents identified from that data.

HERE ARE THE MAJOR VALUES RESIDENTS EXPRESSED ABOUT GALESBURG Pride in local HISTORY Ethnic and religious DIVERSITY Vibrant ARTS, THEATER, AND MUSIC scenes People COMING TOGETHER in times of need Charitable giving through VOLUNTEER AND PHILANTHROPIC organizations Affordable COST OF LIVING A welcoming ENTREPRENEURIAL CLIMATE A high quality of EDUCATION Proactive GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC SAFETY A well-maintained PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE Access to SOCIAL SERVICES Supportive FAITH COMMUNITIES The RAILROAD’S historic and continued presence in Galesburg HEALTHCARE choices The aesthetics of a WELL-MAINTAINED community The future of our YOUNG PEOPLE Calling Galesburg “HOME”


The value statements will be tested throughout the Galesburg community. Residents will confirm their agreement with the statements or offer suggestions to refine them. At the end of this confirmation process, the value statements will become guideposts for major decisionmakers such as the Galesburg Community Foundation, Galesburg City Council, CUSD #205, healthcare facilities, and public and social service organizations. Phase 3 of the Heart & Soul process will begin in earnest once the value statements are vetted and solidified. This third phase protects and enhances the Heart & Soul statements while also building toward a future plan. The end result of Phase 3 is a clear roadmap. Phase 4 then leads to the early implementation of the plan. Finally, by the end of December 2017, the Heart and Soul project will phase into a community stewardship period. The team will watch over the implementation of the plan indefinitely to ensure the process remains on track. Through this process we know that communities who speak, listen and engage together can create positive change. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the Heart & Soul process. To learn more about Heart & Soul and the upcoming steps contact Deb Moreno at or 309.344.8898.


Photos contributed by Tom Foley of Foley Photo Studio. 13


NEW FUNDS AT GCF We are pleased to announce the following new funds that are making a difference in our communities. Funds created at GCF allow donors, organizations and nonprofits to connect with the causes they care about the most. The following new funds were created within the last year and are already making an impact. Interested in learning more about creating a fund at GCF? Contact our office today to learn more. KNOX-GALESBURG SYMPHONY ENDOWMENT FUND • GREAT GALESBURG SHAKE FUND • KCCDD ENDOWMENT FUND • CENTRAL CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH - 60 PUBLIC SQUARE FUND • JAGANNATHAN CHARITABLE TRUST FUND • WALTER & ROSE SAMPSON FUND • WILLIAMSFIELD BARN-RAISING PARK PROJECT FUND • DANIEL D. FRYER GALESBURG COMMUNITY MUSIC FUND • STEVE MCBRIDE SCHOLARSHIP FUND • DONALD WHITE FUND • COLE STEELE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP


GCF by the numbers 2016 AUDITED FINANCIALS



Field of Interest


Allow your gift to address a specific area of interest. Identify a cause or special area of interest and award grants to nonprofit organizations making a difference

Donor Advised


Provide a simple, powerful and highly personal approach to giving. DAFs allow you and your family to remain actively involved in your charitable interests. Donors establishing these funds recommend the organization or cause they want to support.



A great way to support the nonprofit organizations you care about. Establishing a Designated Fund to support your favorite nonprofits is a gift that gives forever and provides support to ensure organizations can fulfill their mission.



Scholarships help today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders. Endowed scholarships are a great way to create a lasting gift in memory of a loved one or for organizations providing continuous student support.

Nonprofit Endowment Funds Nonprofits are critical to the success of our communities. Nonprofit Endowment Funds help ensure that our local nonprofits can forever fulfill their missions and their financials are strong for the long-term.
























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Strengthening local philanthropy to support healthy communities.