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With the long-lasting effect

Application recommendation:

To the skin gentle but effectively against skin bacteria. Vimere ® protects unlike conventional Deos on aluminum base. Vimere ® consists primarily of the bacterium rejecting zinc oxide, the skin care and protective Palmarosaöl, calendula, vitamin C and subtle fragrance to make lemon oil and lemon-grasoil.

At first do without your usual deodorant.

Vimere ® has four advantages: First plus: Through the sustainable ousting of odor-forming bacteria preserves skin‘s natural Vimere® Body freshness and gives security against odor problems about 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. days. So you must use Vimere ® only once a week! Please find your own application rhythm which can vary between 7 and 14 days. Second plus: Vimere ® is very kind to the skin and suitable even for many people suffering from an allergy. (People with an oversensitive skin can test Vimere ® first in the arm bend.) Third plus: Vimere ® helps even at a penetrating smell by foot sweat. Therefore Vimere® should be used by everybody who likes to wear gym shoes. Enthusiastic Vimere ® users are the pleasant evidence of the effectiveness.

Fourth plus: Vimere ® strengthens not only the resilience of the skin against bacteria, but also against fungi!

You apply Vimere® very thinly After the shower (at the best in the evening): • under the arms in the area of the shoulder hair • between the toes • below the feet • at a strong overweight also between the skin folds

Please do not rub in! If you have used usual deodorants or foot sprays for some time, please repeat the application on the second day. You clean and care for your body as usual. At this best with a /(pH) neutral washing emulsion or still better, with the akwa flannel mitt. Even if you swim, sauna or shower, the long-term effect of Vimere® is reliable. Vimere® has a pleasant smell itself. Who would not like to do without its usual perfume deodorant, however, experiences the unadulterated smell unfolding of its deodorant.

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Vimere Deo cream


Vimere® - the completely different deodorant cream Do you also know this? Every morning deodorant spray or deodorant scooter under the armpits. When summer temperatures or physical activity are also still needed repetitions during the day. Does this daily procedure not simply get too annoyingly? And again and again the unpleasant knowledge:

The deodorant has failed! Or: You do not stand conventional deodorants which are too sharp and aggressive on your skin. Or: You have a very sudorific profession or sports which overtaxes every normal deodorant. Sometimes do you not like your own smell any more? Or: Do you get in contact in your profession with many people and need an absolutely reliable deodorant?

All this must now no longer be a problem for you!

Important to know: Perspiration (sweat) is a natural and absolutely necessary reaction of the body and serves the regulation of water balance and body temperature. However not only heat, also stress and excitement can take man to „sweating“. Sweat is usually absolutely odourless. Harmless skin bacteria split components of the sweat. The product of decomposition (butyric acid) arising from it causes the repulsive and penetrating sweat smell on the skin and in the laundry. With Vimere® your skin pores are open, you have a natural perspiration. Vimere ® withdraws the basic living conditions from the smell forming skin bacteria lastingly and for the skin very gently.

Conventional deodorants on aluminium basis are often too sharp, too aggressive and can trigger skin allergies. They often harm the skin more than it uses; Your effect is only relatively short-term despite a „chemical mace“.

Never again sweat smell!

• effective against smell forming skin bacteria • with the 10 - 14 day long-lasting effect • sparing to the skin, kind to the skin and care effective • leaves the pores open • successful also against foot smell • does not irritate the skin Vimere® - the natural, gentle and prolonged solution.

Vimere - Never again sweat smell!  

• effective against smell forming skin bacteria • with the 10 - 14 day long-lasting effect • sparing to the skin, kind to the skin and c...

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