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Advantages of knick’n’clean®: • Fresh food lasts considerably longer in the refrigerator. • The refrigerator uses less energy as a tempe­ rature of 7 – 8º C is enough to keep food fresh, therefore the environmental pollution is redu­ced by about 10%. • Prevents bad smells in the refrigerator.

knick’n’clean® is the worldwide simplest and cleanest method for longer freshness of food in the refrigerator knick‘n‘clean® removes bacteria, moulds, spurs, viruses and mushrooms, provides a durable freshness in the refrigerator and a considerably longer shelf life of your food. Try it, it pays and you will save money from now on!

• Easy handling: Bend, put in – ready. • Safe disinfection in the whole refrigerator; up to 99,9% of the germs and bacteria are destroyed. • No use of open chemicals – childproof!!

Facts of

knick’n’clean®-Awards: 2007: Winner of the first german bio founder competition 2008: Winner of the Plus X Award in the category „innovation“ 2009: German Industry Award in the category „bio-technology“

• The active ingredient has been in use for over 50 years to disinfect drinking water. • It is a permitted preservative (E926) in food.


Keeps food fresh longer in the fridge!

• You save money with longer freshness of food.



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• Allowed in accordance with EG Guideline 98/8/ EG (Biocide-guideline): for foodand feeding stuff, private households and area of the public health service as well as other Biocide products.

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Danger area refrigerator Everyone who keeps his food in the refrigerator is not safe of bacteria. On the contrary: Most infections and food poisonings do not appear in restaurants but in the own household – particularly in the refrigerator! Pathogenic germs like Coli-bacteria or salmonellae normally can not be seen and therefore bad food is not recognized. Averagely about 11.4 million germs per square centimetre were found at different examinations in refrigerators. This is a 100.000 times germ load of a toilet!

How to use:


For the activation of bend the tube to break the glass inner tube which enables the fluids to mix and react with each other. The fluid takes on a yellowish colour and in appro. 60 minutes knick‘n‘clean® is operational. Hang or lay down the knick‘n‘clean® in the upper front area of the refrigerator.

knick’n’clean® maxi system: For catering trade and cooling rooms The latest development is the knick’n’clean® maxi system for cold storage areas and refrigerating cells from 5 m³ – the simplest solution for all areas in which it depends on absolute hygiene: Whether in food transportations, in storerooms or for the temporary preservation for trade.

After activation the disinfectant gradually diffuses through the outer special synthetic tube and thus controls the pathogens. knick‘n‘clean® loses his effect after a month.

Arrange yourself a suitable system! e.g. room size 15 m3 = 1 x maxi 10 + 1 x maxi 5 e.g. room size 30 m3 = 3 x maxi 10

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Refrigerator more worse than a toilet „Most pathogens in the household are in the refrigerator. As reported in the magazine „Vital“, scientists of the University of Arizona have discovered about 11.4 million germs per square centimetre on average in the refrigerator. On the kitchen floor it was 10.000 and on the toilet 100.“



Shmell cussion

Air ionization equipment

Silver coatings


Disinfection effect

Highest possible 99%


None, very poor

None, very poor

very poor

Side reactions

Only an active agent is released. No endangering potential

Only 1 active agent released. Interactions not examined yet!

Still not known. Interactions not examined yet!

Still not known. Interactions not examined yet!

Still not known. Interactions not examined yet!

Duration of disinfection process

Will be released over a period of 30 days

No process time

Only Air in the fridge ionizes

No process time

Only by spraying on

Taste and smell Impairment

The fridge and knick’n’clean® are odorously neutral

Odorous only covered by perfume

Odorous poorly neutralized

Odorous are not neutralized

Odorous are not neutralized

Microbiological effectiveness

Removes bacteria, moulds, spurs, viruses and mushrooms

Absolutely None

Removes poorly bacteria, moulds, spurs, viruses and mushrooms

Increase of bacteria can hardly be impeded

Increases hardly

Source: dpa (german press agency), July 2004

Hundred Percent Approved

Hundred Percent Ecological


„In the tested refrigerator using knick’n’clean® no salmonellae were found on the breeding ground after 2 to 3 examination days knick’n’clean®.“

knick’n’clean® can be disposed very simply in the domestic rubbish, only water and salt are left in the tube after the one-month of use, ecologically and environmentally friendly!

knick’n’clean® is also as a maxi system for the catering trade and industry available: From 5 m³ up to every size for cooling rooms, storerooms and more. Please ask us!

Food Institute of the University of Hannover

knick‘n‘clean ® - Keeps food fresh longerin the fridge!  

knick‘n‘clean ® removes bacteria, moulds, spurs, vi- ruses and mushrooms, provides a durable freshness in the refrigerator and a consi...

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