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Application: You spray BIO - Insektal® on areas e.g. in the cellar, flats. Water rooms on lamps, cracks, ant streets, frames, but also in the food industry (kitchen, store rooms etc.), since BIO - Insektal® is completely harmless .

BIO-Insektal natural protection against insects of every kind

Shake the bottle before use. Keeping away from children despite nontoxicity. Not intended for the consumption. Your advantages at a glance: - purely biological - without propellant - environmentally friendly - Long-term effect - against all creeping and flying insects - made of vegetable active agents

BIO - Insektal® is without propellant and is sprayed so that a film is made.

Do not wipe treated areas off!

Contribution to the active environmental protection: The sprayer is reusable since it can be refilled.

Material of the bottle: PE This information was presented to you through:

- applicable on all materials - hinterläßt keine Flecken - wasserlöslich - smell less © by eVisionTeam Ltd. - 483 Green Lanes - N13 4BS London / UK


Summertime - insect time

BIO - Insektal® is a ready-made spraying solution totally biodegradable and degradable.

You for certain also know this situation:

Effect note:

The sun shines, it is pleasantly warm and one looks forward to sitting on the terrace or the balcony a little.

BIO - Insektal® works on all insects as gnats, gnats,

Armed with cool drinks and a good book one would like to enjoy the summer at the fresh air.

moths, fleas, cockroaches, wood-louses, beetles, cork moths, lice, ants, mites, flies, gnats, silverfishes, spiders, wasps, fruit juice flies, horseflies, ticks etc

Unfortunately, the joy is often only of short duration, because all kinds of insects we begin to swarm around us. The insects are everywhere. Even our food does not escape. Gnats, gnats, moths, fleas, beetles, cork moths, lice, ants, mites, wasps, fruit juice flies and also ticks contest our day room and make life more difficult for us.

BIO - Insektal® is harmless to humans and animals (warm-blooded).

It is also ideal to use horses brakes and ticks. Smell sensitive animals do not feel any offensive smell!

BIO - Insektal® is a natural for warm-blooded nonWhat to do?

poisonous muck and contact preparation.

Unpacking the chemical mace?

BIO - Insektal® is odorless and without hydrocarbons such as DDT and LlNDAN or similar.

STOP!! Here comes naturally corrective:

Active ingredients are pyrethrins from the insect repellent herb of Dalmatian insect flower, Chrysanhemum cinerarifolium. This herb grows wild on the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic.

BIO - Insektal ®

Only the florets are used.

Therefore BIO - Insektal® is applicable also with dogs and cats as ideal protection from fleas, lice and ticks .

Package sizes: Sprayer: Refill:

500ml 1000ml

Natural protection against Insects  

You spray BIO - Insektal® on areas e.g. in the cellar, flats. Water rooms on lamps, cracks, ant streets, frames, but also in the food indust...

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