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K채rleksgatan - the Circus


Björn Tjernberg Born: 1981 in Nyköping. Resides: Stockholm Occupation: Skateboarder, skateboard teacher, mallrat Sponsors: Nike sb, In4mation clothing, Diamond hardware, ACE trucks, Kärleksgatan. Inspirations: friends, music, Stockholm, New York City, summer.

“You don't stop skating because you get old - you get old because you stop skating�

360 flip. Photo: Jaka Babnik

Noseblunt. Photo: Paradis-Peter

Ollie. Photo: Ryan Zimmerman

Alexander Somogyvari

Skateboarder & photographer.Skating out of Skรฅne, Sweden. Inspired by Jim Morrison, Arnold Newman, Gino, the Beat generation, cheap art, lomography & and all my boys and girls from Malmรถ to Cape Town. ooo

“I´m to young to be wise” Photo: Alexander Somogyvari

Frontside boardslide. Photo: Guthrie Fraser

Alexander Somogyvari

No comply pole jam. Photo: Guthrie Fraser

Martin Gustafsson Martin is our right hand, always helping ous out, whatever it is. Nice guy and old friend. Watch the guy skate aswell. He´s killin´ it!

Ollie.Photo:Ivan Bosson

Carl Nordstrรถm aka Affictionados

The man with many talents. Carl makes wonderful music (Affictionados), beautiful paintings and has been skating since way way back.

Henrik “Bönk” Lindén

Skateboarder & livsnjutare. Sponsored by Adidas (Denmark) & Kärleksgatan. From Hbg, Sweden, now living in Cph, Denmark. Inspired by good old saucy rock music, session with Saldert, the nature & all the great folks out there.

“Last night I made a thousand plans for myself and today I woke up and did exactly as always� . Photo: Alexander Somogyvari

Tobbe Holm

From the South of Stockholm. Living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Passioned by skateboard, football and BBQ. Inspired by Big city life & Gino Ianucci.

“De é ofarligt”

Wallride. Photo: André Thiago

Photo: Tobbe Holm

Henrik Saldert

Skateboarder, father. Sponsored by: Krew, Supra, Kärleksgatan, Ace trucks. Skating out of Gåsebäcken, Sweden. Greatest inspirations: friends, music, art, homeless people, “The Bönk & Stönk show”, my girlfriend and our twins.

Wallride. Photo: Johanna Ă…hfeldt

“Last night I made a thousand plans for myself and today I woke up and did ex”You

are only as fat as you feel”s


Paradis-Peter Paradis is the middle center in this circus. But also a skateboarder, artist and good friend. Passionated by skateboarding, culture and russian revolutionary art. Inspired by friends and family, passion and dedication, Vladimir Majakovskij, Bob Dylan, Joe Strummer and Panama Donne.

Thanks for looking at us. See you and vote Frilandia!

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Kärleksgatan Family book  

Kärleksgatan skateboards and organic clothing.

Kärleksgatan Family book  

Kärleksgatan skateboards and organic clothing.