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There are many types of internet business available on earth, as a new internet user, I have doing several small researches on this kind of online business. I just realized that many people have already been earning money from the internet since it was first introduced, about 15 years ago. Then, making money online is not a new secret as some people believe. The competition in internet business nowadays have become more difficult as there are many competition around in almost all niches and online business types. I just found another great way to earn extra income from the internet, after did several researches from many available opportunities on the internet. The fact is not to mention that it is impossible to earn money online from the internet nowadays, but it is only a matter of how you try to look for opportunities. Then, let's start with affiliate marketing as the online business concept as I thought this will still have an opportunity to explore more, as some internet experts say that becoming an affiliate marketer is still considered as the easiest way to make big money online. It has big opportunities since the world market is still big enough to grab them. Affiliate marketing is something that selling other people product online and trying to promote those products using some effective methods. There are plenty of ways to learn how to become an affiliate marketer from the basic that we can find easily on the internet. The best way to start this affiliate marketing business, someone has to begin from the basic step and get full awareness on how this business works. Somehow, it sounds very easy to sell someone product and earn money from its commissions, but it is hard to implement this into your real life. By getting sufficient basic knowledge of internet marketing techniques and trying to apply these steps into your real online business activities, I strongly believe some people will just be easily successful in their path. On the other side, we can develop our own products as well to promote and sell them online to your market. First, if we are not really sure of what affiliate marketing is, then let me briefly describe it in an easy way to understand. In affiliate marketing, we begin by signing up for an affiliate program that are available on the internet. After successfully signed in, you will start to promote someone else product and be given a link to promote. This is link is called as an affiliate link where you can put this link from certain products that you have decided to promote into your blogs or sites. After this simple step to begin, then you must think how to promote your product and try to get your market click your link and think to purchase it. If someone decides to purchase your product, then you will be earning an affiliate commissions, range from 30% up to 75% of the total cost of the product or service that you sell. Does it sound easy to you? Yes, it sounds easy. But, once you are in the affiliate marketing business you will find out some difficulties to attract your market buying your product. Strong foundation of basic affiliate and

internet marketing techniques is necessary in this case, as I have mentioned earlier, we need to learn how to grab our market within few steps. We need to learn from the expert and get some valuable advises that we can use to apply in our affiliate marketing. However, there are some fraud techniques and strategies exist on this affiliate marketing world, we must be aware of this, use a proper internet marketing technique and method in order to success in your affiliate marketing.

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