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EUROCELL: CONFIGURATOR We buuilt the first version of this back in 2009 / 10 using Flash. This version is an HTML 5 / CSS 3 version of a door configurator, allowing users to build a composite door, or view from a predefined gallery. The software comes in several versions - public web site use, internal use and field sales stand alone application. The front end is supported by a content management and estimating engine. web site:

HAUS OF LOVE Haus of Love is a specialisies development


in the


Every visual aspect and all of the customer


touch point marketing has been designed

UK made premium clothing - from

and developed in house at Stunn. The

denim, to shirting,

to streetwear to

brand is coming into its first season with

bespoke tailoring. Stunn are currently

high 6 figure orders and season 2 seven

developing the Love Denim brand both

figure projections.

in its positioning and creative. We have been actively involved in the product

Online work begins October 2012

design and manufacturing planning as

web site:

well as developing the brand tool kit, identity, taelnt sourcing, copy design and photography.

BIG LOTTERY - 4 FILMS This week we took delivery of a box of DVDs, marking the end of a project where we shot 4 promotional films for BIG LOTTERY FUND... The administrators of Lottery Funding for communities. The films documented the success of four very different projects and were constructed as “good news” pieces to support BIG’s promotional work and encourage more people to apply for funding and awards. All films were story boarded, filmed, editted and packaged here at Stunn and delivered via social channels and the hard copy you can see on the right. website:

ALLIANCE PLANNING - 10 YEARS IN BIRMINGHAM We’ve been working with Alliance as

preparing for tonight’s 10th anniversary

of a wider implementation we’ve been

aim is to resuce waste and cumbersome

a retained graphics and web agency

party. The image below is a photo of the

working on for the guts of this year. We’re




invite which features die cut inlays and

working on segmenting the marketing

customer focussed literature with none

office opened its doors in September

punched sleeves, printed on a 100%

and communications literature into the

of the business “fluff”.

2002. As I’m writing this Alliance are

recycled stock. This graphical style is part

sectors in which Alliance operate. The

web site:







21st Anniversary Vinyl design fitted in the stairway, front of house at Symphony Hall

TOWN HALL & SYMPHONY HALL We’re producing a lot of graphics and

The image to the right is an abstract from

advertisements for Birmingham’s Town

a roll out exhibition banner. We produce

Hall & Symphony Hall Venues. We were

these bi monthly, along with several

instructed as part of an agency review

others to support specific shows and

earlier in the year and have been working


on ad hoc and campaign pieces since May 2012.

Much of our work with TH&SH is based around classical and serious non classical

Most of our work is advertising and large

strands, encorporating jazz, roots, folk

format, with a few leaflets and booklets in

and world music. Recently we’ve also

the mix each month. The marketing team

been working on non genre specific

is made up of 6 key contact points and

graphics, promoting the venues and their

requires good project management and


fast turn arounds. web site: With much of our daily remit for other clients being digital, it’s rewarding to be firmly grasping our offline roots and connecting with real world product.


We’ve held the digital contract for Violia

information, stops, maps, timetables,

between operator and user. The app

Transdev PLC for a few years now. Recently

fares and provide walking directions

has been supported with both on and

web site:

we’ve been working on key route branding

and timings to your nearest stop. The

offline campaigns and makes use of free

and marketing. This app and a sister app

unibus application is also integrated with

on board wifi and QR codes to encourage

for the 36 key route show real time traffic

twitter to provide a social connection

uptake.hold own.

TAPESTRY: A TOURING EXHIBITION We were recently engaged to produce

and archive images from Birmingahm

a touring exhibition for BRAP. Formerly


the Birmingham Race Action Partnership,

experiences and sometimes struggles of

BRAP have since rebranded and now

our diverse community. The exhibition

work with all equalities strands. This

has begun its tour at Birmingham Central

exhibition was developed for educational

Library, where it can be viewed until mid

establishments and will tour throughout


the year. It brings together oral history

web site:





IT’S GOOD TO TALK... IT’S BETTER TO COMMUNICATE commissioning enquiries: stunn ltd. 1 the courtyard, gas street, birmingham, b1 2jt 0800 915 1090

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