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18th February 2013

Proposal – Soirée and SAC Fest Posters

The Council unanimously agreed and is proposing the hanging of previous Soiree and Sac Fest official posters in the VI Form corridors. Soirée and Sac Fest are undoubtedly the major events at College which bring students together. The unique atmosphere at both events marks part of our informal education; one pillar of our formation at SAC.

Currently, these posters are hanged at the side of the theatre; a place where they cannot be appreciated by the students. The VI Form corridors would be an ideal location providing the school with a familiar environment. Moreover, they will keep the students more united and patriotic.

Karl Attard President of Students’ Council

Seconded by:

Rachel Powell

Nick Debono

Kyle Sultana

SAC VI Form Students' Council Proposal  

Soirée and SAC Fest Official Posters

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