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Thank you for your interest in, an online boutique that specializes in products of comfort for pre- and postnatal women. I started my company after having a difficult, yet successful first pregnancy. I had a variety of issues ranging from gestational diabetes to sciatica and even spent time in the hospital for a few weeks on bed rest. The entire experience was extremely uncomfortable and overall miserable. I couldn’t sleep, I could barely walk and I was constantly worried about what my body was going to look like after I gave birth. All of this led me to do research about ways to enhance the pregnancy experience. I literally spent thousands of dollars on expert advice, products and services. One year later, when I was pregnant again, I had a seamless transition and was much happier. Moms, you no longer have to suffer. My boutique offers a wide range of items that will help you through this time. Many of our products are dual purpose and can be used after you deliver the baby as well. is always evolving. Our goal is to identify and present new and unique products to new and expectant moms. If you have any questions or were unable to find something, please let me know. I am constantly looking to improve. Please contact us at: 1.877.857.1806 or via email at:

Karla Trotman Owner


Diastasis Rehab™ I met Julie Tupler at a tradeshow in LA in 2008. She was selling her Diastasis Rehab™ products and videos, and asked me if I knew what a diastasis was. I had no idea. Julie explained how the abdominal muscles separate during birth in order to make room for the baby. Sometimes these muscles don’t go back to their original location, causing the organs and back to be supported only by a thin connective tissue. This causes a bulge in the midsection or what she terms as a “mummy tummy”. Her system is the only one based on a university study and is demanded all over the world. It is easily my best seller.

Belmama & Cherub You rarely hear about the pain associated with lactation. Simple tasks such as taking a shower can cause pain and stimulate milk production. The Shower Hug by Belmama & Cherub addresses these issues. The Shower Hug (1) can be worn in and out of the shower as a warm or cold compress, (2) can hold ice packs in place, (3) can provide abdominal support for the hips, or (4) can be worn to bed for leakage protection.

Noppies When I polled women about the number one basic pants that are “must-haves” for women, the brand Noppies came up several times. I later learned that Noppies is one of Europe’s most popular maternity brands because the pants are so stretchy and comfortable that they can be worn from month one through postpartum. is not known for selling clothing. However, I selected three different styles of Noppies pants to carry because good basic pants are hard to find when you are pregnant.

Gabrialla The weight of carrying a baby causes a lot of strain on one’s back. One item that can assist in weight distribution is a maternity support belt. I looked at several different brands, but was most impressed with Gabrialla. Their products are of a medical grade quality, and many items can be covered by insurance. We also carry Gabrialla’s postpartum products and maternity compression pantyhose, recognizing each woman’s unique maternity needs.

Boppy As a stomach sleeper, I had a tough time adjusting to sleeping on my side. I tried body pillows and multiple pillows, however nothing provided me with the comfort and support that I needed for a full night’s rest. Enter the pregnancy wedge. In the early stages of pregnancy I didn’t need much, just a little something to cushion my bump. The later stages caused me great discomfort and I upgraded to the body pillow which provided support under the belly and between my knees, relieving pressure on my hip joints. Whenever a pregnant women is lamenting about her inability to sleep, I always suggest my Boppy products.

Sophie Prone Pillow As I mentioned, I am a stomach sleeper. The inability to rest in a prone position really upset me. This is why I love The Sophie. While its not recommended that one sleep in a prone position, it is great for stretching out one’s back, and for a massage. If you ask any pregnant stomach sleeper, they will tell you that 15 minutes in that position means the world!

Earth Mama Angel Baby When I first started selling Earth Mama Angel Baby it was a small but well known brand. Now you can go into any store and see this product line. I selected it because I loved the organic and earthy feel of it. New and expectant moms are concerned with what they use on or take into their bodies. I wanted to offer products that were pure and safe. Earth Mama’s teas, creams and products are very homeopathic and fit into the mission of

La Leche League Can you think of a better company to sell bras than La Leche League? Their bras really address the needs of women. We carry two great basics for any new and expectant mom. The Wrap ‘N Snap has snaps along the base of the bra that allow one to change the sizes instantly as the rib cage expands throughout pregnancy. It also has nursing capabilities. The Sleep Bra is a comfortable pull-over style that allows mom to have overnight support.

Bashful Bump One of the things that bothered me most when I was pregnant was when I got to the point where my shirts no longer covered my underbelly. No matter how much tugging I did my shirts found themselves flapping beneath as opposed to covering my bump. Because I experienced it, I am extra-sensitive to other women experiencing it. Bashful Bump takes care of covering your complete belly because it’s a body suit. It can be worn as a top in and of itself or underneath another shirt.

C-Panty It is now common place for women to have c-sections. The bikini-line incision can be quite uncomfortable for women, which is why I think C-Panty is amazing. It addresses this discomfort by adding a silicon panel that allows the wound to stay moist while adding compression to the pooch.

Bamboobies Nursing pads can be a woman’s worst nightmare. They can bunch up and make it look as if you are stuffing your bra. Fortunately Bamboobies were invented. They are luxury quality nursing pads that differ from most on the market. Made from bamboo, organic cotton and hemp fabrics, they are four-times more absorbent than other disposable pads currently in the market. The heart-shape allows it to hug the contours of the breast, thus no bunching!

Squeem Only Giselle looks like a supermodel immediately after giving birth. Most members of the female population must utilize alternative solutions that give the illusion of a waist. So I looked to Brazil, birthplace of the beautiful people, for the latest in shapewear. Squeem products use high compression, perspiration and micromassage to help accelerate weight loss. Flexible boning keeps the garments from rolling up (or down) your body. Squeem allows you to instantly flatten your abdominals giving your body a contoured look.

Belli Formulated by a doctor, Belli was the first personal care product line that carried. Belli is the only company in the world to perform teratology screening of all ingredients to help guard against birth defects. Its higher safety standards make Belli the #1 recommended brand by OB/GYNs.

Elastin 3 from Robelyn Labs Often compared with StriVectin SD, Mederma, Palmers, Dermectin and Striadril, Elastin 3 was voted #1 Stretchmark Repair and Prevention Creme by

Mommy’s Bliss My eldest son had such bad gas that nothing seemed to work. I found out about an English remedy called “bliss water” and because my son was in so much pain, I was desperate to try anything. Low and behold, it worked. I have been a fan of Mommy’s Bliss ever sense. Though we do not carry products for babies, I had to include the Mommy’s Bliss line in our family of products.

Moody Mamas Many nursing covers look like giant sheets with big vibrant colers. I loved the Playful Mama Poncho from Moody Mamas because it looked nothing like a nursing cover, even though it is like something that I would throw on whether I was pregnant or not. A great lounging piece. Hopefully I will add more from this new company in the future.

Smart Choices Women Those first days home from the hospital can be tough, especially when you aren’t prepared with the same supplies that you were recovering with in the hospital. Smart Choices Women has a great line of disposable underwear, reusable ice packs and kits to help mom through those first few days of transition. I love that they thought about that particular period in a new mom’s life and met that need.

Sigvaris I wanted to find medical grade stockings and socks for women who were suffering from leg fatigue and wanted to combat varicose veins. My mission was to identify a brand that offered a variety of colors and styles, but did not look like grandma’s support hose. I found it with Sigvaris. High quality, medical grade compression hosiery that is fashion forward.

Hipslimmer Taking advantage of the body’s ability to soften tissues and joints, Hipslimmer applies pressure to the hips of the postpartum woman allowing her to fit back into her pre-pregnancy jeans. Women everywhere are discussing this product and singing it’s praises.

L‘oved Baby The 4-in-1 Shawl is the perfect marriage of fashion and function. It can be worn both during and after pregnancy. The Shawl also covers mom while she is nursing and can serve as a blanket for the baby. It can also be placed on top of a carrier or stroller to give baby some peace and quiet. Made from microfiber, it can be cleaned quickly. The shawl carrier bag even doubles as a mini diaper/wipe pouch.


KARLA TROTMAN Karla is a working mom of two young sons, Dylan, age 4, and Bryce, age 2. Unable to easily find products to meet her needs during her very difficult first pregnancy, Karla conducted extensive research on pre- and postnatal comfort. She then harnessed that research and utilized her professional logistics background to launch was born to offer specialized products – many of which are globally sourced – to meet the needs of an untapped market of pre- and post-natal women searching for comfort and support. Prior to launching, Karla served as a leader in distribution and supply chain logistics for premier consumer products organizations, IKEA and GAP, where she was responsible for managing and maintaining a steady flow of products – from point of origin to point of retail. Karla obtained a Bachelors of Science degree from one of the nation’s top Business Logistics programs, The Pennsylvania State University. Entrepreneurship is in Karla’s blood. Her grandmother owned and operated a successful restaurant for over 15 years, and her father has been in business for himself for over 25 years. A 2010 Startup Nation “Leading Moms in Business” winner, Karla is also a regular on Philadelphia-based television show, “Sandwich Moms”, which highlights area moms who ‘do it all.’ As an expert in pre- and postnatal comfort, Karla has been featured on: • NBC 10! Show: • Savvy Mami TV: • Mompreneur Exchange: • The CEO Mama:


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