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INITIAL Through researching and exploring the themes of feminity, beauty, and nature a specific aesthetic has been developed to form the basis of a brand identity. The brand would sit at middle market with a specific customer in mind. Focusing highly on layout and visual effect from sketchbooking, mood boards and finished pieces. This gives the opportunity to refine printed and digital work for portfolio. This may take the form of a trend booklet, printed promotion, design for web or print. This will also be used to design a small range of garments from. This would be creating simple but effective pieces which could be finished to a high standard for the target audience. INSPIRATION A constant source of inspiration comes from the aesthetic of many artist and designers. Sophia Coppola’s ‘Virgin Suicides’ is dreamlike and ethereal, illustrating the innate beauty of womanhood surrounding a tragic story line. Similarly Stephen Gill’s photography captures beauty hidden within mundane surroundings. The ‘Hackney Flowers’ work is of particular relevance to this project. Venetia Scott as a fashion photographer inspires the mood of fashion shoots for the brand, with a sense of familiarity. The concept behind Margret Howell advertising campaigns creating visual similarities between fashion and non-fashion objects is also a point of reference. This gives the fashion pieces context and an aura, which is another aim of the proposed brand.

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CONCEPT; FEMININE. WEARABLE. BEAUTY Creating a brand which embodies a feminine aesthetic Producing wearable pieces with intricate details and soft shapes inspired by beauty in nature Communicating with a customer considering each piece of promotion as a finished product OVERVEIW Through researching and exploring the theme of flowers a body of work was built up- using illustrative print as the basis for a collection. The outcomes of this project will act a starting point for the brand. The natural elements explored inspire both colour palette and silhouette. Using natural tones to create a delicate, feminine mood alongside relaxed shapes within garments. A workshop with Julian Roberts provided an insight into creating a complex draped effect with the subtraction cutting technique. The use of this alongside print, muted colour and soft shape will form the basis for the garment design for the brand. Inspired by Lookbooks, editorial shoots and Zines, the brand will then be presented through different mediums. Each designed piece will act as a product of its own communicating to the target audience but also acting as promotion for graduate fashion events. The design of these pieces will also be taking into consideration online presence and social media. PREVIOUS ELEMENTS projects to build upon/ consider 1. LV Head Scarf 2. Colour Ways 3. LV close-ups 4. Floral Applique Dress 5. Julian Roberts Inspired Shape 6. Hip Logo & Photography 7. Illustrated Textiles

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MARKET LEVEL The brand aims to sit between high street and designer; alongside the likes of Whistles, Reiss, YMC, And Other Stories, Maison Scotch, Anthropologie, and APC. The collection would be built as a brand engaging with social media and e-commerce to attract customers internationally to the online store. Ideally the brand would have a store in major cities then appear in popular local boutiques across smaller towns in the UK. The brand has potential to grow as a lifestyle brand meaning it could also work well as a concession in larger high market outlets such as Anthropologie, Liberties and Harvey Nichols. This would attract customers with the means to buy fashion alongside home and lifestyle products. For example if the concession sold in Harvey Nichols Leeds it would be on the third floor alongside Maison Scotch, Finders Keepers and A Question Of. A recent graduate

AUDIENCE AND PRICING Women aged 21 and upward with an interest in Fashion and Art. A woman with disposable income who likes clothes that can be worn again and again- a wardrobe made up of wearable favourites. Not overly trend driven but always well put together. This woman is quietly confident and proud of her femininity. She appreciates subtle detailing over daring pieces. Each woman wears the brand differently from the next. As an emerging brand the pricing would have to be competitive, aiming to be accessible to high street customers as a one-off purchase and also at the lowest end of the designer market. With similar pricing to its competitors starting at ÂŁ50 for basic pieces then up to ÂŁ300 for key pieces.



BRANDING Looking at competitors logo and brand ideas they often use a simple name and typeface as the logo. This means their brand is both inclusive and timeless. Also considering old style botany illustrations that often contain handwritten notes or old style typefaces. Use of Illustrations or Patterns within branding Garments wrapped/ packaged like flowers. Using translucent materials; sense of fragility Branded promotion such as Zine/ Lookbook/ printed promotion to follow with the same aesthetic; translating fabric choices into choice of stock, colour ways to be used throughout, shape and silhouette to influence layout. These would be provided to the various stockists as a way to create interest around the brand. They would also be available as online documents making them accessible worldwide.


Final Project Proposal  
Final Project Proposal