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The value of family is born and develops when each of its members assumes responsibility and joy the role that he has had to play in the family.

My mother. Her name is Erika Marixa Mendoza, is 36 years old. She youngish tube and love you get along, people think it's my sister for how we treat.

My father. His name is Henry Quinter’s Gerardo is 38 years old. He does not live with me because he lives in the U.S. but has always been aware of my, I love him as a father is unique.

My grandmother. Her name is Maria Elena Mendoza, my grandmother always been only me says I'm his favorite granddaughter and I love her.

My brother His name is Jimmy Edgardo Mendoza; he's my brother by my mother and is 9 years old was my first brother looks a lot like my grandfather.

My brother. His name is Lenny Ariel Quinter’s; he's my brother on the father and is 7 years old

My grandfather. His name is Jose Amadeo Alvarez's not my real grandfather that is not the father of my mother, but I love him as if he is because he has played the role of a great grandfather I love him.

My cousin His name is Gabriela Mendoza Medellin, is 19 years old, is like my sister have always been close friends from small to date now

my family  

karla quinteros

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