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•UNIT 3 How Much is it?

The meaning of Colors in The United States. Green: Jealous Yellow: Happy. Orange:Fun Red: Exciting Pink: Loving Purple: Mysterious Brown: Friendly Black: Sad Blue:Thuthful white: pure

-Excuse me. How much are those books? - which one? -the red ones. -oh, Those are 40 dollars -Wow! That’s expensive

Plural Nouns.





Words ending –ss, -sh,-ch,and -x



spelling • Cheap  Cheapear Nice  Nicer Pretty  Prettier

Big  Bigger

-Which Sweater do you Prefer? - I Prefer the Blue One. -Is Nicer than the Red one.

Comparing prices


Price in my country

Price in the U.S.

A cup of coffee

$ 1.00


A movie ticket



A video Game



Demostrative Adjetives • Green: Enviroment, Nature,Hope,Jealously. Blue:Sky,Sea,Sadness,Truthful. Black: Dark,Mistery,Evil,Sad white: purity, virginity,peace Orange: Healthy,Happiness. Red: Love,passion,blood,life pink:princesses,loving. Purple: Mysterious,Special,Grapes

•Unit 4 I Really like Hip-hop

Do You like Country music?

Yes, I do. I love it. No, I don’t. I don’t like it very much.

Do they like My Chemical Romance? Yes, they Do. they like them a lot.

• What’s your favorite kind of music? My favorite music is the Rock.

What’s your favorite song? My favorite song is summertime from MCR. Who’s your favorite singer? My favorite singer is Gerard Way.


A Horror film

A science fiction film

A comedy film

Romantic comedy

Crime thriller Documentary

-What do you think about Glee? -I’m not a real Fan of the Show. How About You? -I’m a Fan of the show.

Does he play the Guitar? Yes he Does. He plays very well

What does he play? He plays the Guitar.

Would you like to go to the concert? I’d like to, but I have to save money. Would you like to go out on Friday? Yes, I’d love to. Thanks.


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