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Quick Set Up for Neo2 Icons Associated with Neo2 Devices Neo Manager (must be installed first) Hardwire computer to do this the first time! Neo 2Know Toolbar -Simple Response utility Neo AccelTest- Robust Response program Neo Renaissance Wireless Server Utility (use to start receiver) 1. Plug in Neo Receiver...light should go green. 2. Open Renaissance Wireless Receiver Utility 3. Type 1234 as the Administrator PIN and click OK 4. Under Server Settings, name the reciever...recommend teacher name or classroom number as this is where stu dents will select to associate their quizzes 5. Under Receivers, type in the following address: 6. Ask student(s) to turn on Neo2 Device and press the Applets key, followed by selecting Accelerated Reader from the list using the down arrow and pressing Enter 7. Students will select the reciever desired followed by Enter 8. Students will log into Accelerated Reader and select the desired activity, followed by the quiz number. Reference: Neo2 Quick Guide Pages 19 - 23


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AR Neo2 Set Up  
AR Neo2 Set Up