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Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns


Going to for Plans and Intentions


Present Simple


Simple Past


Verb Tenses




Use many, much, a few and a little accordingly. Then replace many and much with a lot of.

1. Hurry! We don’t have _________ time. 2. There were _________ people at the conference last night, more than expected. 3. I don’t have _________ homework. I can play another game. 4. We’re lucky. Today there’s _________ traffic downtown. 5. I told you there were _________ windmills in

Countable / Uncountable / Collective

Holland. 6. Chinese factories have _________ robots; but _________ workers who don’t earn _________ money can make _________ cheap products.

A- Decide whether the following nouns are countable or uncountable.

C- Complete the sentences with the appropriate collective nouns. You have the first letter to help you.

1. equipment _____________

1. A class is a grouping of s...

2. money ________________

2. A team is a grouping of p...

3. note _________________

3. A flock is a grouping of s...

4. behavior ______________

4. A crowed is a grouping of p...

5. homework _____________

5. A fleet is a grouping of s...

6. job ___________________

6. A gang is a grouping of c...

7. sugar _________________

7. A pack is a grouping of w...

8. information ____________ 9. letter _________________ 10. sea __________________







1. Draw the lines from the picture to the adjectives:

independent confident lazy

generous shy clever

moody easy-going adventurous







2. Fill in the sentences with the correct adjective: 1) My best friend is really ______________. She often gives me presents for holidays. 2) Ginger is a very ____________ cat because he never wakes up before 9 am. 3) I enjoy going to the school library and looking for information about dinosaurs. I think I am ___________ . 4) I don’t usually start talking to new people first because I am ___________ . 5) Sometimes I feel good but sometimes I feel sad. My parents say that I am _____________. 6) My younger brother never lets me help him; he wants to be an ________________ person. 7) I don’t think for long when my friends invite me out at the weekend; I think I am ___________________ . 8) Jessica doesn’t feel ok when she gives presentations in the meetings. She is a bit _____________ . 9) I usually study a lot before tests, and my friends call me ___________________. 10) Ferdinand Magellan was an _______________ explorer because he made a first voyage round the world. 2

C- Fill in the blanks with possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives. 1. Shirley and _____ brothers, Richard and John, are good students. 2. Mrs. Smith, how old is _____ daughter? _____ daughter is 12. 3. Martin and _____ sister are studying _____ lessons. 4. I‘ve got two sisters. _____ names are Cindy and Sue. 5. Ted and Phil, is Kelly _____ sister? Yes, Kelly is _____ sister. A. Complete with possessive

6. Robert and _____ brother Pete

adjectives (my, your, his, etc).

are here. 7. She hasn’t got a book. So this

1. I’m helping _____ friends.

book is not _____.

2. They’re writing _____addresses.

8. My friend Alice is very happy.

3. She’s washing _____hands.

Today is _____ birthday.

4. We’re studying _____ lessons.

9. We’ve got _____ books in the

5. He is doing _____ homework.

bag. have you got _____?

6. Are you washing _____ car?

10. They are doing _____ homework

7. My brother and I are tidying _____

and he is doing _____.


11. I have got a brother. John is _____ brother and I am _____

B. Complete with possessive


pronouns (mine, yours, etc.).

12. This is a wonderful doll. _____

1. Whose bag is this? It’s my sister’s bag.

eyes are big and blue.

It’s _____.

13. We are very late. _____ classes

2. Whose bikes are those? They’re the

begin at 8.30 a.m..

pupils’ bikes. They’re _____.

14. Haven’t you got a lot of Japanese

3. Philip has got a lot of books. They’re

friends? Write _____ names.


15. My school is modern. _____

4. Jane, is this money _____?

rooms are large and well

5. Frank and Rita, are these records


_____? Yes, they’re _____.

16. There are Mr and Mrs Moran and

6. Whose car is that? Is it _____? No, it’s

_____ children.

not _____; it’s my brother’s.


B- Correct the mistakes. a) They not going away on holiday. ________________________________ b) Do you going to the cinema tomorrow? ________________________________ c) I’m not go get married when I grow up. ________________________________ d) She going to buy a new pair of jeans. ________________________________

Plans and Intentions

C- Complete the sentences with going to. a) I ____________ (not/spend) the weekend

A- Complete the questions. Use going

sitting at home. I ____________ (visit) my


cousins who live on the coast.

a) What _______________ tonight?

b) Mom ____________ (not/ make) dinner

They are going to play cards at

tonight. We have to make it ourselves.

Tom’s house.

c) My sister ____________ (be) a dentist when

b) Where _______________ lunch

she grows up.


d) Ray ____________ (help) me with my

Me? At Burger King. c) When _______________ his

homework tomorrow.


e) We ____________(attend) a training course

He’s going to do it after dinner.

next month.

d) _______________ TV this evening? f)

No, I’m not. I’m going to read my

surprise party for Sarah.

new book. e) What _______________ your

g) I ____________(apply) for a job in London

mother for her birthday? f)

I’m going to give her flowers.

My friends ____________(organise) a

when I finish school.


Present Simple – Find and Correct the Mistakes Look carefully at the sentences. Find and correct the mistakes in them. Example: My mother don’t work. The correct variant: My mother doesn’t work. 1. The Browns goes to the seaside every summer. ________________________________________________________________ 2. I doesn’t understand the word “peacock”. What do this word mean? ________________________________________________________________

3. British people drinks a lot of tea. ________________________________________________________________

4. To start the programme, first you clicks on the icon on the desktop. ________________________________________________________________

5. My train leave at 09.30, so I need to be at the station by 9. ________________________________________________________________

6. Does your grandparents arrives on Monday? ________________________________________________________________

7. What time do the film begins this evening? ________________________________________________________________ 8. Do it take you 10 minutes to get to the University? – Yes, you are right. ________________________________________________________________

9. We usually plays football but sometimes we plays volleyball or tennis. ________________________________________________________________

10. Water freeze at 0°C (32°F). ________________________________________________________________ 5

B- Change the sentences into the past. 1. It’s Friday afternoon. ____________________________ 2. Betty opens the door. ____________________________ 3. Tom comes in. ____________________________ 4. He has something for you. ____________________________ 5. There are lots of chocolates. ____________________________ 6. They eat and drink everything. ____________________________ 7. Everybody stops.

Simple Past

____________________________ 8. They sing, dance and play.

A- Complete the sentences with the


right form of the verbs in brackets.

9. They go home after the party.

Use the simple past.


1. I _______(go) to New York last

10. You don’t know him, do you?



2. I _______(catch) a flight from

11. He does extraordinary things.

Heathrow airport.


3. It _______(be) very good and very

12. Who helps in the kitchen?



4. I_______(leave) Heathrow at 10

13. I’m sure you don’t.

O’clock and _______(arrive) at


Kennedy airport at midnight.

14. There’s a picture on the wall.

5. I _______(not / have) dinner on the plane.

15. He doesn’t speak many languages.

6. I only _______(want) a few drinks. I _______(watch) a film, but I

____________________________ 16. They keep the equipment in the garage.

_______(not/like) it, so I


_______(read) a book.

17. She gets a little angry.

7. At Kennedy airport I _______(go)


through the Customs.

18. He only says important things.

8. I_______(be) tired, so I


_______(take) a taxi to my hotel

19. He gets up late.

and I _______(sleep) until the next day.



1. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. a) She _____________ (go) to the office every day. b) We _____________(go) to the cinema last night. c) He _____________(swim) three miles every day. d) I _____________ (know) the family for a very long time. e) Where _____________(you / go) on holiday last year? f) Are you hungry? _____________(I/make) some sandwiches for you. g) What a lovely day! The sun_____________ (shine) and the sky _____________ (be) blue. h) By the end of next year, they _____________ (finish) their homework on the new stadium. i) _____________ (you/meet) him last Sunday? j) If she comes , he _____________ (get) a surprise. k) Mr. Smith _____________ (sell) his house because it is very old. l) Let´s go! We _____________(be) here for more than half an hour. m) If you could help me, I _____________ (be) grateful. n) By the time he was twenty, he _____________(already/ buy) his own house. o) She is very tired because she _____________(not/ sleep) for two days… p) _____________ (you/let) me use your phone, please? q) The concert _____________(begin) any moment now. r) We arrived late so the bus _____________ (already/leave). s) Your letter came while I _____________ (have) lunch. t) She said that she _____________ (come)t o England the following week. u) If he doesn´t come, I _____________(never /speak) to him again. v) I _____________(not/ leave) the station until the train had gone. w) We _____________ (not/ live) in England for the last two years. x) I will never forget what you _____________(tell) me.

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