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my little friends. This time, I present an interview with a great personage: Chris Pohl who comes for the first time to the Mexico City with his project: Blutengel. Without more, left them with this brief interview which he granted us to La 5ta del Diablo and to Toxic Mind.

KARLA pect sit

G:-What do you ex-

from to

your next viMexico City?

CHRIS POHL: Well I really don´t

know cause I´ve never been there, but I hope the weather will be much much better than here in Germany and I hope the fans will like us even though they have never seen us. I am really excited!


G: Comes with Blutengel and Miss Construction, are there plans a visit to Mexico with Terminal Choice? CHRIS POHL: Not at the moment. We will see how it works with Blutengel. The biggest problem is the long flight that makes everything much expensive.


G: Since the ear-

ly 90's, in your music career, how has been the evolution of your audience about the projects that you created?


POHL: There are still "old fans" but also new fans. We made a big progress with the equipment and the technic so naturally we changed the style become more professional and so we got more fans. I think they like it. KARLA G: At the scene of Mexi-

co there are great projects that have participated important

festivals in Germany, have you considered one of them to work together on some production?


Not really but I am always open minded, so if someone asks me it´s possible that we do something together.


G: What is the pro-

cess that you pass to compose and create different atmospheres in your projects?

CHRIS POHL: It´s life! Life inspires

me to create different moods within the music. Mostly I write my songs when I am in a sad mood. Sadness is inspiration.


G: There are plans

with Out of Line to bring to Mexico Blutengel's /Terminal Choice´s discographies?

CHRIS POHL: Sorry, but there are

no plans to bring Blutengel's/ Terminal Choice´s discographies to Mexico. At the moment Out of Line stuff will distribute in some shops in Mexico.


G: And finally, something that you want to share with your mexican public? CHRIS POHL: Come and watch

Blutengel live! First time in Mexico! Let´s have some dark fun!

Chris Pohl Interview (2012)  

Blutengel:First time in Mexico City