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Delegate: Karla Espinosa Ruiz. Country: The Republic of Turkey. Comitee: Comitee of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Topic: Combating hate groups: systemized discrimination.

Good morning fellow delegates and honorable chair on behalf of the president of The Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the people of this nation the delegation of Turkey is pleased to participate in this committee of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. In order to discuss the important topic of Combating hate groups: systemized discrimination. The delegation of Turkey is very concerned about this issue due to the fact that more than 250,000 people die because of hate groups each year. This hate group has been organizing since 2015 to attack in Koobane to kill over 300 citizens. Media coverage of recent protests by Turkey's Kurds has highlighted the growing use of discriminatory language towards minorities, with some newspapers accusing some Kurds of treason. Lately Turkey has been facing toxic combination of political polarization, government instability, economic slowdown, and threats of violence. Not only syrian people have died but also turkish people. No december 10, Istambul was hit hard by a double suicide attack by this hate group. 44 people lost their lives. Many of them were police officers, others were just bystanders. This issue is important for the Republic of Turkey because Turkey and PKK are having an armed conflict. Kurds have been an essential part in the fight against ISIS. Turkey will continue to face criticism in their reaction until they are seen making more proactive foreign policy to combat terror. The Republic of Turkey will step up in this fight to protect the region. First they increased border security and ensure no foreign jihadists are slipping through the cracks. Second they have been arrested 21

terrorists. A commission set up to inform the public on the ongoing peace process between the government and the PKK told the country's prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, the government was using hate speech against the Kurds. Kurdish politicians have also criticized President Erdogan for likening the PKK to the jihadist group Islamic State. The turkish government spoke in a meeting in Istambul and talk about the next things: -The problem of ISIS requires comprehensive international response, rather than a security-oriented approach. Said the official. -Turkey is part of an international coalition and will not act unilaterally against ISIS in Syria, as long as there is not a direct threat to oye turkish border.-Kurds are not the only minority to have faced discriminatory language and other forms of persecution in the media. Jews, as well as Armenians and other Christian minorities, are under constant attack. The Republic of Turkey had support the resolution of the UNSC that is protect Kurds and targeted “Others” in Koobane and northern of Iraq from ISIS. In order to solve this issue, The Republic of Turkey propose the following solutions: ● States should take steps to build resilience to incitement to violence that could lead to atrocity crimes and prepare contingency plans for the prevention of incitement to such violence. ●

States should assess both the vulnerability and the resilience of different population groups vis-à-vis incitement to violence that could lead to atrocity crimes.

● Promoting a diversity of voices and conversations on the Internet, including through social media, is crucial to prevent incitement to violence that could lead to atrocities.

The delegation of Turkey would like to thank all delegates present, and looks forward to finding solutions to this issues.

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