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Delegation:​ Kingdom Of Sweden Committee: ​General Assembly (GA) Delegate: ​Karla Cristina Castillo Toriz Topic: ​Massive Refugee Migration to Europe

Good Morning Fellow delegates and honorable chair, in name of the Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, and the citizens of this nation, The Kingdom of Sweden in pleased and honored to be in this committee, General assembly to discuss the important topic of massive refugee migration to Europe. In Africa and middle east there is about 1bn people while in Europe there’s roughly about 500m people. Since the armed conflicts in middle east started there has been no other solution than to migrate to Europe. There are major forces that say that migration to Europe remains a vexed issue long after the armed conflict on Syria is over. Sweden has been one of the more open nations in accepting and taking immigrants into the country, giving them clothing, shelter, food and basic necessities. Even though it was sweden who offered shelter to refugees it has been a hard time as a political issue. Sweden’s main political parties barely know how to respond, there’s no backup plan. Swedes have seen their country as a humanitarian superpower that may avoid military conflict. The measurements Sweden and the UN have taken over the topic are to temporarily adapt legislation so more people seek asylum in other countries, have the number of policemen at the borderline doubled to only let in and register a certain amount of refugees per day. The UN proposed that european countries should join forces to open registration centers (specifically in Greece and Turkey), also to get European countries to have a common agreement about immigration and refugees. The delegation of Sweden proposes the following solutions : ● Get help or support from other countries to be able to give shelter to refugees ● Register each refugees that comes into the country ● Send help (economical, strategical, etc.) to other countries so they can receive refugees

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