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Future Leaders Development Programme

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Dates and Deadlines


The Deal




The Two-Year Programme


Your Support network


Your Development Road Map


Development Centre


Core Modules


Transforming our business to make our customers’ lives much easier begins with us as Future Leaders. As the world in which we work changes and the requirements of us as Future Leaders and our industry evolves, we need to take time to understand how our roles are changing and how we can further develop our own ability as leaders to become truly world-class. This tailored programme is designed to help you become the most successful leader you can be. Future Leaders inspire, are bold and collaborative, create change and build networks inside and outside the organisation. People want to be led by great leaders and become great leaders themselves. We believe the fundamental driver to transform Barclays is our leadership. jacqueline Biddle Head of Future Leaders Development Programme

Higher expectations In order to become the leader you and we want you to be, you’ll need to set your aims high. Together we’ll hone your skills, develop you professionally and personally, and bring out your strengths. It will see you achieve great things and set you on a path that will take you as far up our organisation as you can go. And it all begins here.



The Deal As part of our Future Leaders’ community, you’ll be one of the people committed to redefining the banking industry and making our customers’ lives easier. Here’s what we promise you, and what we need you to promise us.

Your commitment Reflect where can you develop your own leadership ability to contribute to our growth? Be present actively take part in modules and interventions Go beyond seek out development opportunities outside your day-to-day role Challenge not just yourself, but everyone else in the community to learn Share knowledge and expertise through blogs and forums


What I’m looking for from Future Leaders are people who are willing to learn, take responsibility and challenge the business. jeremy Takle Global Head of RBB Strategy, Business Performance and Analysis, Retail and Business Banking

Our commitment We’ll give you access to world-class content and expertise We’ll support you right throughout the leadership journey We’ll broaden your outlook through a wide programme of activities We’ll challenge you to be the best leader you can be We’ll stick to our promises as long as you stick to yours

The Two-Year Programme Being a Future Leader As Future Leaders, our aspiration is for you to be known as inspirational, highly collaborative and bold. You’ll achieve that by focusing on what we believe, how we think, what we know and how we drive change. As a whole, the Future Leaders Development Programme is designed to enable future leaders right across the world to deepen the capabilities needed to drive our strategy. High level two-year programme The programme begins with your induction and transition week. Beyond that, there will be initiatives common to each phase, such as ongoing support including buddy catch-ups. Similarly, you’ll enjoy career management, online global social networks and communities of interest, and our online resources. You’ll continue to develop your technical expertise in your own functional area, as well as having the opportunity to study for professional qualifications.


Rotational placements Much of your development will take place on-the-job, as you progress through a series of four six-month rotational placements that will be carefully selected to help you continuously build on your skills. The kind of roles people do on their placements vary hugely, depending on the programme stream and the individual’s development needs. However, there is one thing all placements have in common: they all involve you taking ownership of projects and working at a strategic level to drive business success. For example, you might be responsible for implementing the launch of a new product, for project managing the development of improved processes, or for driving through changes that impact on the structure of your function and on the business as a whole.

Outside the programme As well as being stretched and challenged through your rotational placements, you’ll also be expected to identify and take advantage of development opportunities outside your day-to-day role, and to take on responsibility, build up your experience and develop new skills. This wider programme of activities might include community work, contributions to our newsletter, and the chance to get directly involved in various steering committees and working groups. We also run a range of speaker series events, where you’ll be able to hear from senior leaders and put questions to them.

The Future Leaders I’ve had in my team have brought fresh energy, fresh enthusiasm, fresh perspectives and it’s been a pleasure to have them around. Soraiya Verjee Head of Marketing Strategy for UK Retail and Business Banking

The Two-Year Programme


Your Development Road Map Curiosity

Business scenario / Work-based application / Review



Module 2

3rd – 7th September 2012

Organisational Savvy

January – Year 1

April – Year 1

Emotional Intelligence



Module 1

1 What you believe 2 Creating value for Barclays 3 You grow, we grow 4 Become a force for good


On-the-job learning


Business scenario / Work-based application / Review

Module 6

Business Strategy

March – Year 2

Team transformational learning sets

Guest speakers

Module 5

High Performing Teams

Module 3

Transformational Change

t us


January – Year 2

Deep dive masterclass

– r1

a Ye

November – Year 1 Module 4

Successful Conversations



April – Year 2

Business scenario / Work-based application / Review

› em pt


Career Planning



Development Centre Online Self Assessment Feedback & Coaching

ar Ye 2


Professional qualification


Leadership skills & capability development



Your Development Road Map


I asked the Managing Director if I could get involved in a series of bond issuances. It meant raising funding for the bank for the coming year – about £6 billion worth. Matthew Clay 2011 Future Leader, Finance


Core Modules Module 1 Emotional Intelligence

Module 4 Successful Conversations

Designed to raise awareness of your own individual strengths and blind spots in leading yourself and others

Understand, develop and practise the skills and capabilities required to ensure successful conversations

Module 2 Organisational Savvy

Module 5 High Performing Teams

Learn how to navigate yourself through the organisational matrix, understand your stakeholders and leverage your networks

Identify the different stages in team development and how you can provide opportunities for others to develop their potential

Module 3 Transformational Change

Module 6 Business Strategy

Gain insight into how individuals and teams work through rapid change and learn the situational leadership skills required to drive the change agenda

Understand the strategies behind high performing organisations and identify the contributing success factors


When you’ve joined a new team it’s always a big change – and with rotation programmes, where you see different areas, it’s important to be able to adapt to those changes. Kriti Sharma 2011 Future Leader, Technology – Product and Process Development

Core Modules


Dates and Deadlines Below, you’ll find an at-a-glance guide to some of the key events coming up over the next two years. Identification of third rotation (2012 intake)

Learning Curriculum Emotional Intelligence (2012 intake) Start second

Global Induction followed by Business unit/specific inductions (2012 intake)

rotations (2012 intake) Learning Curriculum Organisational Savvy (2012 intake) Showcase*

Identification of second rotation and mentors (2012 intake)

2012 sept


2013 n ov




Recruiting 2013 cohort Assessment centres, campus events, careers fairs, skills sessions ALL YEAR COMMUNICATIONS – Personal Learning Dashboard, Steering Committee, Breakfast Sessions, Newsletters ALL YEAR DEVELOPMENT – Training Modules, Speaker Sessions, Cross Programme Business Projects, Mentors, Citizenship Projects






j ul


Welcome day for full-time (2013 intake) Summer Programme starts (8 weeks, including induction)

Spring Programme Intake (4 days)

Start third rotations (2012 intake)

Town Hall** (2012 intake)

Learning Curriculum Transformational Change (2012 intake)

Development Centre (2012 intake)

Identification of fourth rotation (2012 intake)

Roll-off programme (2012 intake)

Start fourth rotation (2012 intake)

2014 SEPT


n OV










Key dates and activities for Future Leaders over the course of the programme Specifically for Line Managers to help identify rotations for Future Leaders Recruiting 2014 cohort Assessment centres, campus events, careers fairs, skills sessions Full-time Programme Intake (2013 intake – 4 x 6-month rotations) Full-time Programme induction

Highlighting when new Future Leaders and Interns join us; it’s good to know this because we often need Future Leaders and Line Managers to get involved in everything from Induction to Town Halls Our recruitment activity to help attract more Future Leaders and Interns. We hope that Future Leaders and Line Managers will get involved in a lot of this activity. *Showcase – at the end of the first year, all our Future Leaders

get together to share their highlights and demonstrate what they’ve achieved.

**Town Hall – a great opportunity to bring everyone back together as a cohort to reflect on their experiences over the first 3 months.

Dates and Deadlines


Rotations Your two-year development journey is specifically designed so that as you progress through your rotational placements, you accumulate the skills and experience you need to succeed in a permanent leadership role. In this sense, we like to think of the rotations as building blocks, with each one giving you the foundation you need to aim even higher in the next.

Placement 1

Placement 2

The focus is on helping you to become part of the business through global and specific induction events, an introduction to banking and the first technical and functional building blocks.

We offer various training on self-management, taking the lead and using EQ, as well as exposing you to new areas of the business, key stakeholders and our international operations.

Self-aware Self-belief Deliver through self


As you can see from the table below, we have mapped out the different areas of expertise that each of your rotations should enable you to focus on. Although it’s a highly structured development programme, we don’t dictate where your placements are. This will depend on your development needs, our business priorities

and of course your aspirations. In the first year, everything is focused on giving you the building blocks that are critical to your development. The second year is built around your longer term career plans, and what you need to continue your leadership journey over the coming years. All of this will be worked out with your Programme Manager, Line Managers and the FLDP Team.

Placement 3

Placement 4

Again your development is accelerated; this time by working on strategy, taking more accountability and managing stakeholders. We will push you further out of your comfort zone.

Towards the end of the programme, you are now responsible for leading others – as you take on ever-greater responsibility and prepare for the next stage of your career.

Leadership Belief in others Deliver through others



Mentor A Mentor is there to provide great (and impartial) advice on how to help you develop your career.

Line Manager Your primary support during your placements, able to use their experience and insight to help you get the best out of the experience.

Future Leader

FLDP Team Programme Managers work with you, Line Managers and the business to monitor your performance and help you succeed.

Buddy System A Buddy is there to help ease you into the business and be a personal sounding board on virtually anything.


Your Support Network You’ll receive structured, cohesive support at every level, with an assigned Mentor, an informal Buddy, and a Line Manager with a superb track record of maximising potential. All overseen by our Future Leaders Development Programme Team, whose core goal is simply to see you succeed.

I think the main thing that I’ve learned about leadership is that everyone can be a completely different type of person but still be an effective leader. Nick Fraine 2011 Future Leader, Retail and Business Banking Leadership

Your Support Network


Development Centre Towards the end of the programme, all our Future Leaders attend a Development Centre, which is designed to help you maximise your potential as you make the transition into a permanent role. The key aims of the Development Centre are to measure your progress, pinpoint your strengths and development areas, and support you in identifying suitable opportunities for your ongoing development journey.

Just the beginning The end of the FLDP may seem some way off, but everything over the next two years is focused on helping you continue your leadership development. As the programme nears its end, we’ll help make sure you find the right permanent role for you – providing feedback and coaching, career management workshops and training in interview techniques. Of course, it’s not just about that first role. The FLDP is focused on helping you to transform your leadership potential into a senior position within the business, reaching the very heights of Barclays over the next 10 to 15 years.


The FLDP is just the beginning of your leadership career with Barclays. Karen Oakley-Carpenter FLDP Attraction & Selection Manager

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