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Assignment folder for English 403

Fjรถlbrautarskรณli Suรฐurlands English 403 Spring semester 2014

Assignments from short stories and short films Bunny 1. What is the message in the story? - What goes around comes around, if he kills the fly he will die himself. 2. Write a short story or a poem about what happens in the story. - Oh that sound Oh so annoying I´m going to kill the sound I´m going to kill it´s maker I try to punch I try to stab Nothing happens Nothing changes Oh that sound Oh that light So pretty So bright Now there is no sound Now the fly must be dead Am I dead?

Culture 1. What does the title of the film refer to? - The obvious meaning is the name of the department that the man works for. But then it also can refer to the difference between generations, the different way of working, living and doing things, the difference between those two cultures of the generations. 2. What kind of character is Tim Stevens? What is his work ethic?

- He is ambitious and efficient, young and fast. His work ethics are fast, efficient and organized. 3. What kind of workplace is the Culture section? - Old fashioned, strict and impersonal. 4. Who is Faye Templesman and what is her part in the story? - She is Tim’s secretary. She is a mysterious, old lady that works like and old machine and only uses old-fashioned office equipment. 5. How do you interpret the plot? What is the meaning of it? - The difference between two generations. 6. In your opinion, what meaning does the word CHANGE have in the story? - The development that happens in both work habits, office equipment and attitude.

Please 1. Why is the film called "Please"? - Because he was always begging for help, saying please. He wants to go home. 2. What is the main conflict in the story? - He wanted to see and talk to his wife, and be reunited with her and their daughter. 3. Who is the main character? What is he like? What do you think of him? - His name is Peter Dunn. He has a beard and long dark hair, and a little creepy. I think he is a little paranoid and crazy, but maybe that’s understandable because he just wants his family back. 3. Did you like the film? Why?Why not? - Sure, because it was good and I was not expecting the girl to shoot his father but herself. However the quality was very bad. 4. Is there a moral to the story? What is it? What does the gun signify?

- Yes there is, it is that you should cherish what you have and you should not keep a gun in the car with your little daughter. It signifies the end of his pain, an easy escape from life.

My Name Is Lisa 1. Who is Lisa? What is she like? - She is the main character of the story, is 13 years old and the daughter of a mother with Alzheimer’s disease. She is dark haired, is nice and gets easily frustrated when her mother interrupts her reading blog. She also has freckles. 2. What is the main plot of the story? - The main plot is that she has a sick mother with a hard illness to deal with as a relative, especially at that age. Lisa is interested in books and takes care off her mother because she can’t do anything/much. 3. What is the message of the story? - It’s that you should love your family no matter what and not give up on them. An Alzheimer’s disease is a hard illness and no one should go through it alone, not even the relatives. 4. Did you like the film? Why? Why not? - Yes, because it was good. It shows that the daughter can take care of her mother like she did to her when she was a baby, and that is something that everybody should do for their parents.

Short story - alternative ending - chose either Please or My Name Is Lisa to work with. 1. Write an alternative ending for the film - and explain why you chose to end it differently. - After he gets shot he is rushed to the hospital and his daughter is at the waiting room with her mother while Peter is in surgery. After 4 hours of surgery, the doctor come and delivers the news. Her father lived.

Sauce for the Goose - story three Answer the following questions and put in your folder; 1. Why do you think the author chose this title for the story? Think of some other titles and decide if they are less, or more, appropriate than the original one. - I have no idea why he chose this title; it is unusual so maybe he chose it to make interest on the story and questions for the reader. “Nobody would know how it happened” or “no one knew who the killer was or whether this was just an accident.” I think these two of those makes more appropriate than the title himself. 2. There are various motives for murder in this story. Can you explain why Olivia arranged to kill Loren, why Stephen planned to kill Olivia, and why Olivia wanted to kill Stephen. - Olivia wanted to kill Loren to get rid of him so she could live happily with Stephen, but really she didn’t wont to kill him, it was just Stephen putting pressure on her. Olivia wanted to kill Stephen because she felt like he had been using here and thought he might kill her some day. 3. How and why did Stephen and Olivia die in the end? Did the ending surprise you? Did you find it shocking, or satisfying? - They died in a big deep freezer after they had both already planned to kill each other, where their bodies gave up because of the low temperature. It was obvious that Stephan would die but it was a bit surprising that Olivia would also die; I saw it coming be for it happened. No, it didn’t surprise me and I thought it was a bit satisfying because of what they did against Loren with good conscience. 4. Do you feel sympathy for anyone in the story? Explain why, or why not. - I feel sympathy for Loren because he knew nothing until in the end, he realized that Olivia was never going to kill here self, all that time she was trying to kill him. I feel no sympathy for Olivia and Stephen because of what they did against Loren and with no regrets.


1. Which do you think was more important for Owen, sole possession and management of the farm, or living with Rhiannon and being able to claim Margo as his own daughter? - I think it was living with Rhiannon and being able to claim Margo as his own daughter. Because he loved Rhiannon and he wanted her as his wife and daughter. He wanted to re-stock the farm on his own with his family that they were in his mind. 2. Why do you think Rhiannon chose to marry Huw rather than Owen? Describe both brothers from her point of view. What is your opinion of her own character? Is she partly to blame for the tragedy? why, or why not? - I think she married Huw because she thinks he has suffered enough, and didn’t need to know that she cheated on him with Owen when they’re marriage was falling apart. Because after the birth of Margo, Huw changed, he had begun to sing at his work and tenderness to the two of them so they became happy again in their marriage. She thinks they are identical. In my opinion she is a cold hearted person. Yes she is because if she hadn’t slept with Owen, who had loved her all his life and lost her to Huw before, then Owen would not have the urge to kill Huw. 3. Do you think that tragedy would have been prevented if Rhiannon and Margo had left Huw and moved in with Owen? What do you think Huw would have done, that 'upright Gofearing chapel man'? - That tragedy might have been prevented but we don’t know what Huw would have done. Maybe he would have committed suicide because he loves his “daughter” and wife. But I think Owen killed himself mainly because he thought he had killed Margo and Beth, the dog.

Report – From Ricochet

Breaking news! A local man, Owen Parry, was found dead in his riverside cottage. On Monday his elder brother Huw Parry was reportedly going to see him to talk about business for their farm on Sunday, the day the tragedy occurred. Huw Parry is in total chock after hearing about this tragedy. His wife, Rhiannon, knew Owen very well and couldn’t believe her ears. Huw, Rhiannon and their daughter are now grieving the loss of their family member in peace. Mrs. Price and Ma Hughes were the last two people to see Owen alive, and they were interviewed. Mrs. Price stated that they talked about the freezing weather but when the chatter ran out, she said that he called Ma Hughes. Ma Hughes states that they talked over tea about her arthritis but he had to leave for chapel. Police officers are saying that Owens death might have been a suicide, there are no traces of another person entering the cottage.

The importance of being Ernest Questions from the book Act 1 1. ´The old-fashioned respect for the young is fast dying out' (page 22) is the opposite of what we might expect to be said. What would we expect to be said? Find other examples in Act 1 where what is said is the opposite of what we might expect The young are starting to listen less to their parents in these cases, don’t follow old traditions. We expect Gwendolen to say to Jack: “ Mama never listens to me and doesn’t care about what I want.” On page 12 Algernon says to Lady Bracknell, “if one plays good music, people don’t listen, and if one plays bad music people don’t talk.” In our opinion it makes more sense if it would be like this: if one plays good music, people don’t talk, and if one plays bad music people don’t listen.

2. Re-read the scene where Jack is proposing to Gwendolen. What opinions do you form of the character? He is unromantic, he said:” I mean we must get married at once.” It was the first time that they talked about marriage. We think that he didn’t really care much about Gwendolen, it was just like if she was one of many girls he was hitting on. 3. Is Gwendolen afraid of her mother? why/why not? No she is not afraid because she is not afraid to tell her she has proposed to Jack and is not afraid to not sit with her. She has the courage to answer mother. She still knows that her mother got the power and is afraid that she doesn’t accept the fact that she is engaged to Jack. 4. What differences are between Jack and Algy? Jack wants to get married but Algy is not on the same side about marriage. Jack always thinks that Algy talks nonsense.

Act 2 1. In what way does your impression of Cecily change, or develop, through Act 2? Look at her conversations with Miss Prism, then with Algernon and lastly with Gwendolen. When she talks to Prism she was quite normal and lazy, didn’t want to study German. When Algernon was in the act she was crazy and creepy. She told him that they have gotten engaged and she had written letters to her from him, which actually was from her. And finally when she found out that Gwendolen was also engaged to Earnest she got jealous and became mad and rude to her. She didn’t listen to Gwendolen’s word for example when she wanted no sugar in her tea. 2. Is the relationship between Algernon and Jack different in this Act? Algernon and Jack were friends in the first act and liked each other, but in this act they disagreed and argued a lot. Jack didn’t like that Algernon just appeared and Jack wanted him to leave. On top of that, Jack did absolutely not want Algernon and Cecily together. 3. What will be the effect on the audience of seeing Jack enter dressed in mourning clothes? (page 31)

No one liked the clothes and said that he had a horrid clothes taste. Cecily: “Uncle Jack! Oh, I am pleased to see you back. But what horrid clothes you have got on! Do go and change them.

Act 3 1. What impression do you get of Miss Prism in Act 3? Take all the evidence into account - the temperance beverage, the three volume novel and so on Miss Prism is a good, reliable woman who teaches and takes care of a teenager, Cecily. She has been through enough on her life so she has some experience on life. She seems like a nice lady. 2. What reason do you think Jack might have for refusing to give permission for Cecily to marry Algernon other than the explanation he gives (page 60)? He knew his friend, Algernon, too well and knew that Algernon would not be a good husband to Cecily. Jack knew about Bunbury and didn’t want a husband for Cecily that wouldn’t lie to her. 3. What difficulty is still unresolved? - though no one seems to mind - at the end of the play? Algernon and Jack are brothers so Lady Bracknell is also Jack’s aunt. Consequently Jack and Gwendolen, who are engaged, are cousins. The love blinds them and they don’t seem to mind at all.

Reading log Act 1 Why does Algernon call Jack/Earnest a Bunburyist? Why is Jack named Jack in the city and Ernest in the country? What is going to happen next in the play? I hope and think that Gwendolen and Ernest will end up getting married no matter what her mother, Lady Bracknell has to say about it. Ernest will go the country and Gwendolen will write him a letter and later come to his house. Algy will probably meet Cecily and fall in love with her. Feelings about the characters:

I did not like Lady Bracknell at all. I think she is an old bitter woman who doesn´t think of anything but herself. She judges Ernest not only before she has really gotten to know him but also because he has lost both of his parents and was found in a handbag of the man who raised him up to be a nice man. She doesn´t want her daughter Gwendolen to marry Ernest because of his story even though she’s really in love with him. __________________________________________________________ First impressions: When I first started reading the play I found it hard to understand what was going on. But when I kept on reading and focusing on the text, I started realizing what was going on. I like the play because I think it´s important to read something that I’m not used to. I like Ernest most of all the characters in the book, his love for Gwendolen is so pure and simple. Gwendolen is also in love with Ernest but her mother, Lady Bracknell doesn´t like the idea of them two getting married because Ernest had lost both of his parents and was found in a hand-bag when he was a child.

Act 2 Quotes I liked and picked up from the act: •

The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means. (Miss Prism)

Oh, I don't think I would care to catch a sensible man. I shouldn't know what to talk to him about. (Cecily)

Bread and butter, please. Cake is rarely seen at the best houses nowadays. (Gwendolen)

I could deny it if I liked. I could deny anything if I liked. (Jack)

Feelings about characters: I thought it was really funny when Gwendolen and Cecily thought that they were both married to the same „Ernest“. Jack had lied that his name was Ernest in the city so Gwendolen thought that was his real name. Jack had also lied to Cecily that he had a naughty brother named Ernest who lived in the city and Algernon pretended to be him. They fought and were clearly very jealous and were fighting over which one of them would marry Mr. Ernest Worthing. In the end the misunderstanding is explained.

_________________________________________________________ What will happen next? I think that in act 3 Gwendolen and Cecily will forgive Jack and Algernon for lying to them even though they truly love the name Ernest. They will both get married and Gwendolens’ mother will approve the marriage of Jack and Gwendolen. Everyone will be really happy in the end.

Act 3 Quotes that I liked and picked up on the way: •

Oh! I killed Bunbury this afternoon. I mean poor Bunbury died this afternoon. (Algernon)

To speak frankly, I am not in favour of long engagements. They give people the opportunity of finding out each other’s character before marriage, which I think is never advisable. (Lady Bracknell)

Gwendolen, it is a terrible thing for a man to find out suddenly that all his life he has been speaking nothing but the truth. Can you forgive me? (Jack)

I've now realised for the first time in my life the vital Importance of Being Earnest. (Jack).

________________________________________________________________ Questions that popped in my head while reading act 3: •

Why did Algernon pretended to be Jack’s brother ?

Why was Algernon so obsessed with getting to know Cecily?

How come that Jack never found out who he really was?

Why did Jack refuse to give his consent to Cecily´s marriage to Algernon ?

Was it a coincident that Jack´s real name was Ernest after he pretended that was his name?


After reading the play… After I finished the play I decided to download the play also so I could understand it even better. I had often heard spoken of this play and was curious of how it would be like when I started reading. At first I did not understand it very well and I found it hard to make an opinion of how the characters were really like. But in the end I really liked the play and I thought it end very well. Jack finally got to know who he really was after not knowing all his life. Lady Bracknell also approved of Jack’s and Gwendolens’ true love.

Wordlist I had to send it as another file because it was to big.

A letter to the teacher a) What do you think you have learnt? b) Which assignments did you like doing and which not? Why? c) Reading material (short stories+Earnest) what did you think about it? - I think I have learnt a lot in this English 403 class, I have learnt a lot about schools in the States, which is really useful for me because I’m trying to go there on a scholarship and this has showed me how to look for what studies are toughed in each school. I have learned more about sports because I chose it as my subject. I enjoyed working on the webpage and the wordlist was also great. I liked the webpage assignment because it was an assignment where I had to look deeper in my subject and took an interview with a really experienced player. However it was a bit long, I would have liked it to be a little bit shorter. I read three interesting short stories and watched four more. It was amazing how the short films could really affect you while watching. For example where the mother had Alzheimer’s and the daughter took care of her. I did also read a play named The importance of being Ernest, it was fun but I found it a bit hard to understand at times. But the more I read the better I understood and in the end I found the play interesting.