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ant protein snacks on the go


1 INTRODUCTION about us our mission purpose biomimicry studies

5 LOGO DESIGN preliminary secondary final logo

9 BUSINESS SYSTEM letterhead envelope business card marketing

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ABOUT US Bachaco Bites is a food company making ant protein snacks for people on the go. Born out of Columbian tradition, leafcutter ants or bachaco have been a protein-rich snack for over 500 years. We proudly work with local South American farmers to bring out product to life. We sustainably source our ingredients and materials to create wholesome products.

OUR MISSION Our mission is to fuel people through our ant protein snacks. Bachaco Bites mixes traditional leafcutter ants with nutritious foods to create delicious fuel. Bachaco Bites encourages people to change the way they eat and think about insects. We believe in choices that positively effect the health of people and the environment.

OUR PURPOSE Bachaco Bites aims to bring traditional leafcutter ants to the American market as an alternative protein source. We want to increase the accessibility of insect protein in the market as a sustainable fuel. This process manual documents the development of Bachaco Bites.



OVERVIEW The geckos are types of lizards that can climb on almost any surface due to its unique foot structure. Geckos can scale both walls and ceilings without the help of surface tension. Geckos use special hairs on their feet to climb anywhere they want. PROPERTIES The foot of a gecko is able to adhere to any surface because the interactions between the gecko’s feet and the climbing surface are stronger than the simple area. The many microscopic hairs (or setae) increase the Van der Waals forces in between the feet and the surface. The hairs can get close to the contours in walls.


The setae are aligned parallel to each other at oblique angles. When the hairs contact another surface, the load is supported by laterally and vertically. The setae are flexible to allow for absorbing and redirecting energy. Additionally, the setae are self-cleaning. The gecko’s setae will remove any clogging dirt within taking a few steps. DESIGN APPLICATIONS Bandages inspired by gecko feet are made with a glue-coated polymer with hundreds of thousands of nanopillars. The bandages are a stitch-free way to seal wounds inside or

outside of the body. Other benefits of these bandages include their stretchiness, the ability to dissolve over time and the potential to incorporate some antibiotics. Tape is made of stiff fabrics that are woven into a synthetic tendon. An index card sized piece can hold 700 lbs on a smooth surface and can be easily removed without residue. Climbing shoes replicate the feet of a gecko through 24 silicon pads with microscopic wedges. They can help a human scale a wall. Sources




OVERVIEW The atta laevigata is one of the largest leaf cutter species. It is mainly found between Venezuela and Paraguay. The ants are also know as hormiga culona or big-butt queen ant. Leaf cutter ants make up one of the largest and most complex animal societies on Earth, next to humans. PROPERTIES The leaf cutter ant is known for harvesting leaves. When the ants prune leaves, they encourage new growth and enrich the surrounding soil in the surrounding environment. The leaves are processed and

then used as compost for a fungus that is used to feed the ant larvae. The ants work on cultivate the fungus through giving it new plant cuttings and keeping it free of mold and pests. The ants secrete a chemical that kills the “weeds� in the fungus and keeps the crop healthy. The ants have a symbiotic relationship with the fungus.

DESIGN APPLICATIONS Food is one way that these ants are used. The queen ants are eaten in South American countries. When they are harvested, the wings and legs are removed. The bodies are soaked in a salty water and the bodies are roasted. The ants are known for being low in fat and high in protein.

Leaf cutter ants also have a system for waste management. Older ants work in waste management so younger ants can work on growing the fungus. The older ants move discarded fungus to help in decomposition.

Suture for wounds is a way that ants can help humans heal naturally. In this process, the head of the ant is used as a clamp for the open wound. After the wound is healed, the ant head naturally falls off. Sources




SCREEN PRINTING As part of the biomimicry study of the leafcutter ant, we continued to develop the pattern through screen printing. The exploration studied the shapes of the leafcutter ant’s pinchers. The pattern plays with the relationship between the positive and negative space.




PRELIMINARY SKETCHES The name Bachaco Bites was chosen because of it’s Columbian roots. Bachaco is the common name for leafcutter ants in South America. While the product is for an American audience, the name Bachaco would be recognizable for South American audiences. Other names that were considered include Track Snacks and Attable. The first step in designing the logo was sketching. Quick ideation sketches explored different aspects leafcutter ants including antennae, body sections and pinchers.



bites bachaco

bites SECONDARY SKETCHES From the initial sketches, several digital versions were created to explore different identities. The logo explorations include type and icon studies. We wanted to communicate the organic nature of the brand while calling to the strength of the leafcutter ant.


bachaco bites

FINAL LOGO The final logo uses biomimicry on the wordmark to reference the iconic spikes found on the leafcutter ant. The ant icon replicates the shape of the leafcutter ant and emphasizes its distinct abdomen. The modified typeface calls to the company’s South American roots and the strength of leafcutter ants. It emphasizes the rough nature of the outdoors and the resilience required to survive. The bold type shows the boldness of the brand in its goal to change the status quo of protein snacks. The red and blue colors are inspired by striking Columbian flag.




The Bachaco Bites business system includes a letterhead, business card and #10 envelope. Any business materials sent out must use the guidelines listed in this book to maintain professionalism.


LETTER HEAD 8.5" x 11" document 2" x .75" wordmark logo .2" x .3" ant icon



4.128" x 9.5" #10 envelope 1.5" x .6" wordmark logo .7" x .3" ant icon


BUSINESS CARD 2" x 2" business card 1.5" x .5" wordmark logo



Bachaco Bites will use various methods for marketing, especially during the launch year. Each strategy is tailored specifically for each different media. Marketing will bring Bachaco Bites to a new audience.


We will be using semi-trucks as the primary transport for the products. The sides of the trucks will serve as advertising space.



Bus stop posters use a red for the background and white and navy blue for the text. Bachaco Bites are aimed at people on the go, so marketing works well in high traffic public spaces.



The advertising for the subway stop uses white for the background and red and white for the text. The subway is another high traffic area that is ideal for advertisement.




NEEDS On the go packaging is often wasteful and unnecessary. Single serving foods (like yogurt cups, coffee pods, straws, etc.) are often made with plastics or other materials that are difficult to recycle. These plastics pollute the oceans and sit in our landfills. While many restaurants use biodegradable containers for take-out, pre-packaged food continues to use wasteful materials. These single-use products are convenient but at the cost of the environment. PROJECT OBJECTIVE The packaging for Bachaco Bites aims to reduce waste in single serving packaging. This will be achieved through using compostable kraft paper and reducing excessive plastic use. The compact packaging is single-serve without being wasteful.

BACKGROUND Current state of the market Consumers want convenient snacks that keep them fueled in their busy lives. Many on the go products, such as single-serve coffee pods (K-Cups), cannot be recycled and add to daily waste. Additionally, these convenient products often use excessive packaging as they have to hold each single-serving portion. As more people look towards ways to make their lives more efficient, consumers want products that will be beneficial towards their health and the environment. The product 100% compostable and recyclable single-serve packaging. Our packaging can be torn apart for easy serving. How it is used The packaging can be taken on the go during activities like hiking, driving, pre- or post-workout, and during school or work. How the niche it will fill is filled today reusable single-serve coffee pods, biodegradable to-go containers, Karma Free’s biodegradable candy wrapper, metalized polypropylene (industry standard for recyclable chip bags)

PROJECT STRATEGY The product packaging is compostable and recyclable. The size of the packaging is small and portable so it is convenient for users to take on the go. The final size of the overall packaging will be approximately 4.5” x 4.5” x 1”. This packaging solves the problem of wasteful single-use products that use harmful plastics. This product also makes it easy for users to lead a healthy lifestyle. MESSAGE Bachaco Bites believes in products that fuel people and the environment. We make thoughtful choices in our products to enhance the world around us. Our commitment to the planet is seen throughout our products and packaging. We want to bring local Columbian traditions to a new audience. AUDIENCE Location North America Age 20s to 30s Gender Male and Female Income Upper middle class Jobs Start-up entrepreneurs, environmentalists, outdoors athletes Market Environmentally-friendly, efficient, athletic, health-conscious, adventurous, mindful, uses the word “hustle” unironically, prefers shopping at Whole Foods


SKETCHES For the form of the packaging, we explored many different iterations. Sketches on the right show many variations of possible packaging. The goal of the packing was to make the trail mix convenient for on the go people. Biomimicry from the pincher of the leafcutter ant and the form of the leaf was considered throughout the process. The shape of the packaging used biomimicry from the shape of a leaf. The design of the packaging allows it to stand on a shelf while staying condensed.


PRELIMINARY MOCKUPS Through mockups, we explored different forms of the modular design. Using an abstracted leaf shape, the mockups connected in various ways. Though these mockups we were able to determine the ideal size and shape of the packaging. The shape of the packaging used an abstracted leaf shape to reference the leaves that the leafcutter ants use for their farming. The packaging would be able to disconnect through perforations in the paper. The perforations mimic the pincher of leafcutter ants.


ASSEMBLY The packaging uses recyclable kraft paper. The natural color of the kraft paper convey the wholesome elements in the trail mix. The final packaging can be printed on 11x17 paper. The template is two parts: the front and the back. The two sides attach to seal the trail mix in. The packaging is constructed using double-sided tape and then made modular using a perforating tool. The nutrition facts and ingredients are on the back. The bar code is also on the back for easy scanning during checkout. The small navy blue ants on the side indicate the location of the tear line. The different flavors are indicated using corresponding colors.





TASTY TRADITION Born out of Columbian tradition, leafcutter ants or bachaco have been a protein-rich snack for over 500 years. The ants are delicately hand processed with care. SUSTAINABLE NUTRITION Our leafcutter ants are proudly sourced by local farmers from sustainable wild stocks. We believe supporting the environment in our products and packaging.





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6 servings per container Serving size 1 bag (4.5g)

130 12% 13% 0%

Sodium 20mg Total Carbohydrate 4g Dietary Fiber 1g Protein 9g

1% 1% 4%





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Distributed by Bachaco Bites Company 123 Bachaco St., San Francisco, CA 94102




*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.





Ingredients: Queen Leafcutter Ants (Bachaco), Pumpkin Seeds, Corn, Chili, Salt

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Vitamin D 0mg 0% • Calcium 0mg 0% Iron 0.3mg 2% • Potassium 0mg 0%



Total Fat 9g Saturated Fat 5.5g Cholesterol 0mg


% Daily Value*

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Amount Per Serving


NET WT 0.8 OZ (23g)

ant protein snac k




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Nutrition Facts


WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS Bachaco Bites mixes leafcutter ants with nutritious foods to create delicious fuel. We only use organic, natural products to create the best snacks.

9 123.456.7890 | |


FINAL The final packaging can be folded to be condensed. It can also be torn apart to create individual servings. Elements of the logo and brand are included on every serving to enhance brand associate with the product. On the shelf, the packaging can be easily lined up with the other flavors. When the first serving is lifted, users can read more about the product and its history. People can read more about the nutritional and sustainable value of ant protein. The phonetic spelling of the word bachaco is included on the inside as it is not a common word in the United States.





INTRODUCTION Bachaco Bites aims to bring traditional leafcutter ants as an alternative protein source for upper middle class Americans. We want to increase the accessibility of insect protein in the market as a sustainable fuel. Our triangular packaging is compostable and compact to ensure portability. PROBLEM STATEMENT We believe in making sustainable insect protein accessible for people on the go. Bachaco Bites encourages people to change the way they eat and think about insects. We believe in choices that positively effect the health of people and the environment. OBJECTIVES In our first year, Bachaco Bites aims to bring this product to the American market though specialty food retailers in California like Whole Foods and Nugget Markets. In the second year, Bachaco Bites will expand to have our products on a national scale. The third year of production will introduce new flavors. Market performance will be evaluated each year in order to update flavor lines according to customer preference.

METHODOLOGY Year One Bachaco Bites will be distributed to specialty food retailers like Whole Foods and Nugget in California. During the first year, Bachaco Bites will start selling in northern California in the beginning of the year and eventually sell in southern California as well. Bachaco Bites will partner with grocers to promote products through coupons and deals. The marketing will focus on promotion through social media and other graphics. Year Two Bachaco Bites will be distributed to on a national scale through stores like Safeway and Target. The marketing team will focus on nationwide identity though public transport ads, billboards, and more.

EVALUATION Bachaco Bites will hold weekly team meetings to ensure the objectives are being met. Teams will meet to discuss goal progress and plan future steps. PROJECT SUMMARY Bachaco Bites believes in products that fuel people and the environment. We make thoughful choices in our products to enhance the world around us. We want to bring local Columbian traditions to a new audience.

Year Three Bachaco Bites will begin introducing new flavors. Though testing and analysis, the most popular flavors will be determined. Market performance will be evaluated to update flavor lines according to customer preference.


123 Bachaco St. San Francisco, CA 94102 123.456.7890


Karissa Tom DES 116 Spring Quarter 2018

Bachaco Bites Process Book  

DES 116

Bachaco Bites Process Book  

DES 116