INK ASIA HK 2016: 'Illustriou Ink'

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15th 18Th DEC

墨形﹒英華 Illustrious Ink 彭捷策展 Curated by Peng Jie 錢忠平 | 朱雅梅 | 王伊楚 | 李繼開 | 羊芳濤 Qian Zhong Ping | Zhu Ya Mei | Wang Yi Chu Li Ji Kai | Yang Fang Tao 水墨藝博 2016 香港會議展覽中心, 展覽廳 3G, 展位D12 INK ASIA 2016 Booth D12, Hall 3G, HKCEC

Illustrious Ink Peng Jie

Karin Weber Gallery and curator Peng Jie present an exquisitely curated exhibition, Illustrious Ink, for Ink Asia 2016. The exhibition showcases fine ink works by five Mainland Chinese artists: Qian Zhong Ping, Zhu Ya Mei, Wang Yi Chu, Li Ji Kai and Yang Fang Tao. The featured artists’ styles are distinctive yet subtly interconnected. The female artists Zhu Ya Mei and Wang Yi Chu both come from families with a strong artistic tradition. Zhu’s landscape transcends the mundane with its calmness and naturalness. Wang sees in her dots and lines rhythms that are connected to demarcate an innovative space. Transformed and perfected among the depicted landscapes, both artists reenact their distinctive realms. Qian Zhong Ping’s ink and colour works deserve deliberation. The everyday use of colours and distinctly simplistic composition of figures highlight a sense of internal tension. The works are consummated with humour, the robust figures are allegorical and imbued with the nuanced character of the literati. Li Ji Kai’s painting on fan are as untrammeled as Rabelais’ Gargantua and Pantagruel, the myriad figures indulge in rhapsodic delights. Strange are the figures and estranged are they from each other,


much like the lonesome stars that shine upon them in a cold wintry night. This crisp sense of chilling detachment resonatesd in Yang Fang Tao’s works, the maze-like paths under heaven freeze into a frame for the viewer to engage in a process of retrospection. Aptly named Illustrious Ink, the exhibitions brings together the illustrious realms of the artists’ mindscapes that are connected and constructed by ink.


墨形 - 英華 彭捷

香港凱倫偉伯畫廊,將於第二屆香港水墨藝博會上,誠意呈現由策 展人彭捷精心籌備的特別展覽項目“墨形-英華”,展出錢忠平、朱雅 梅、王伊楚、李繼開、羊芳濤五位國內藝術家的水墨佳作。 此次展覽藝術家組合,初看風格各異,細詳則體貌自辯。朱雅梅與 王伊楚兩位女藝術家都是家學秉承,少而彌厚。朱雅梅的山水畫, 境界卓然,靜趣拙致而脫塵出俗。王伊楚將律動的點線巧妙勾連墨 色疆域,蘊意新成。二位皆在家游山水的浸潤中漸修移情,各俱風 景。 錢忠平的彩墨作品耐嚼有味,民俗鋪陳用色與簡約考究的造型合 織,張力趣顯。其作情緒飽滿詼諧,人物豐腴善喻,探不盡渾身 妙處的士人風骨。而李繼開的扇面水墨,恣意洒脫如拉伯雷之巨人 傳,百態戲謔於大地狂歡,出格離奇而又孤獨似寒星。這種孤寂清 冽的氛圍,在羊芳濤的作品中隨影附形,天地穹廬觀照下的迷途路 徑,在靜止的定格中折返於凝視。 以“墨形-英華”概論此次展覽,墨形造化,均裁自胸中丘壑意境。五 位藝術家英華聯袂,正是凱倫偉伯畫廊於今次水墨藝博展會上不可 或缺的重要一格。



Qian zhong ping

Stare ink and colour on paper 50 x 34 cm 2015 顧盼 紙本設色 50 x 34 厘米 2015 6

Portrait ink and colour on paper 37 x 24 cm 2015 肖像 紙本設色 37 x 24 厘米 2015 7

Qian zhong ping

Portrait No.8 ink and colour on paper 37 x 20.5 cm 2015 肖像 8 紙本設色 37 x 20.5 厘米 2015 8

Dressing ink and colour on paper 74 x 35 cm 2015 更衣 紙本設色 74 x 35 厘米 2015 9

Qian zhong ping

Red Dress ink and colour on paper 143 x 25 cm 2016 紅裙 紙本重彩 143 x 25 厘米 2016 10

Rest ink and colour on paper 34.5 x 70 cm 2015 憩 紙本設色 34.5 x 70 厘米 2015 11


Journey In Mountain No. 1 ink on paper 143 x 24 cm 2016 山行一 紙本水墨 143 x 24 厘米 2016 12

Misty Mountain ink on paper 127 x 33 cm 2015 雲居山 紙本水墨 127 x 33 厘米 2015 13


Autumn Moon ink on paper 36 x 36 cm 2016 秋月 紙本水墨 36 x 36 厘米 2016 14

Ease No. 2 ink on paper 24 x 97 cm 2016 逸系列之二 紙本水墨 24 x 97 厘米 2016 15

wang Yi chu

Ground No. 1 ink and colour on paper 31.5 x 33 cm 2016 場之一 紙本設色 31.5 x 33 厘米 2016 16

Vast and Gloomy ink and colour on paper 34.9 x 34.5 cm 2016 溟 紙本設色 34.9 x 34.5 厘米 2016 17

wang Yi chu

White Tree ink and colour on paper 66.5 x 23 cm 2014 白樹 紙本設色 66.5 x 23 厘米 2014 18

Stars No. 5 ink and colour on paper 22 x 44.5 cm 2013 星辰之五 紙本設色 22 x 44.5 厘米 2013 19

li ji kai

People Under The Stars ink and colour on paper 23 x 60 cm 2016 寒星人羣 紙本設色 23 x 60 厘米 2016 20

yang fang tao

Landscape No.10 mixed media on paper 52 x 77 cm 2015 風景-編號10 綜合紙本 52 x 77 厘米 2015 21


Born in 1966, Zhejiang EDUCATION 1985 Graduated from the Middle School attached to China Academy of Art 1989 Graduated from the Printmaking Department of China Academy of Art 2000 Graduated with a Master’s Degree in the Art Department of Capital Normal University


Selected double solo Exhibitions

2016 ‘Jiangshan Meiren’ Qian Zhongping and Zhu Yamei’s Works Exhibition, Pinyi Art Museum, Beijing 2014 ‘Within/Outside Dust’ Qian Zhongping and Zhu Yamei’s Works Exhibition, Tree Gallery, Beijing ‘Where can the dust alight?’ Qian Zhongping and Zhu Yamei’s Works Exhibition, YX Art Space, Wuhan 2013 ‘Silence and Joy’ Qian Zhongping and Zhu Yamei’s Works Exhibition, Yangmotang Art Museum, Nanjing

Collections Pinyi Art Museum, Beijing Tianda Yunhua Art Museum, Beijing Yangmotang Art Museum, Nanjing Fine Arts Literature Centre, Wuhan YX Art Space, Wuhan Chu Tian Art Group Other art institutions and private collections


錢忠平 1966 年生於浙江 學歷 1985 畢業於中國美術學院附中 1989 畢業於中國美術學院版畫系 2000 於首都師範大學美術學院獲碩士學位


雙個展(摘錄) 2016 「江山、美人」錢忠平、朱雅梅作品展 ,北京品逸美術館 2014 「塵裏塵外」錢忠平、朱雅梅作品展,北京樹下畫廊 「何處惹塵埃」錢忠平、朱雅梅作品展,武漢壹席藝術空間 2013 「寂靜、歡喜」錢忠平、朱雅梅作品展,南京養墨堂美術館

收藏 北京品逸美術館 北京天大雲華美術館 南京養墨堂 武漢美術文獻藝術中心 武漢壹席藝術空間 楚天藝術集團 等藝術機構和個人收藏


Zhu ya mei

Born in 1969, Jiang Su EDUCATION 1989 Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Huaqiao University, majoring in Chinese Landscape Painting


Selected solo & double solo Exhibitions

2016 ‘Jiangshan Meiren’ Qian Zhongping and Zhu Yamei’s Works Exhibition, Pinyi Art Museum, Beijing 2015 ‘Travelling Gaze’ Zhu Yamei’s Artworks Exhibition, Huafu Art Space, Shanghai ‘Ink Relief’ Zhu Yamei’s Artworks Exhibition, The One Club, Wuhan 2014 ‘Within/Outside Dust’ Qian Zhongping and Zhu Yamei’s Works Exhibition, Tree Gallery, Beijing ‘Where can the dust alight?’ Qian Zhongping and Zhu Yamei’s Works Exhibition, YX Art Space, Wuhan 2013 Zhu Yamei and Xie Xiaohong Artworks Exhibition, Yiyuan Space, Wuhan Zhu Yamei’s Artworks Exhibition, Galerie 99, Aschaffenburg, Germany ‘Silence and Joy’ Qian Zhongping and Zhu Yamei’s Works Exhibition, Yangmotang Art Museum, Nanjing 2012 ‘Heart of Cloud and Water’ Zhu Yamei Solo Exhibition, Eye Level Art Gallery, Shanghai 2011 ‘Crystal Sound’ Zhu Yamei Exhibition, Shengdian Gallery, Beijing 27

selected group exhibitions

2016 ‘A World of Ink’ Chinese Art Annual Archive Exhibition, Landscape Art Museum, Beijing ‘Pure As Snow’ The 2nd Art Market Invitational Exhibition of National Female Painters, Art Market Museum, Beijing Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ink Character Paintings, Art Gallery of Li Keran Art Academy, Beijing ‘A New Start Point’ Sao Yi Sao Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shu Gutang Art Museum, Shenzhen ‘New Chinese Artists Series - Exhibition of Hubei’s Chinese Ink Painting’, The Art Gallery of China National Academy of Painting, Beijing ‘Sit Together’ Ink Invitational Exhibition on Image and Space, Jie Mo Art Museum, Nanjing ‘Mild Taste’ Invitational Exhibition of Ink Masters, Shenzhen ‘Into A State’ Ink Salon Exhibition, Art Museum of Hubei Institution of Fine Arts, Wuhan Chinese Contemporary Ink Art Almanac (2015-2016), Today Art Museum, Beijing ‘Enlightenment and Emptiness’ Cross-media Experimental Exhibition, Shanghai Dolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai ‘Dialogue’ Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of Married Couples, Art Market Museum, Beijing ‘New Power’ Sao Yi Sao Contemporary Art Exhibition, Xuanhe Art Museum, Nanjing ‘New Faces’ Sao Yi Sao Contemporary Art Exhibition, Wang Xiaohui Art Museum, Suzhou


2015 ‘Talented Women Artists From Liu Chen’ Chinese Contemporary Women Artists Exhibition, Liu Chen Art Museum, Nanjing ‘Go with the Flow’ Quartet Landscape Exhibition, Yuanyang Shanshui, Beijing ‘The Truth’ Academic Nomination Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Masters, Yourun Art Museum, Nanjing ‘Aurora Ink-Reconstructive Landscape’, Today Art Museum, Beijing ‘Four Buddhist Hymn’ Theme Creation Exhibition, Dayuan Art Museum, Nanjing ‘Spirit leads Vividness’ Contemporary Chinese Art Invitational Exhibition, Literary Temple, Quanzhou ‘On Literati and Humanistic Ink Paintings’ Wanchai Gallery, Hong Kong ‘Dian Jiang Chun’ Artistic Slow Life Thematic Exhibition, Guoyi Art Museum, Nanjing ‘Magnanimous’ Autumn Salon Exhibition, YX Art Space, Wuhan ‘Charm of Chinese Ink Painting’ Contemporary Thematic Exhibition, Times Art Museum, Beijing 2014 ‘View from the Humanities’ Ink Taste Magazine’s Seventh Anniversary Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting from 100 Artists, Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing ‘Painting of Chu Style’ Hubei Province China Painting Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing ‘From Nowhere’ Twelve Artists’ Zen Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Jao Tsung-i Art Museum, Dongguan ‘Chu Style and Han Rhythm’ Li Keran Masterpieces and Pengcheng School of Painting Exhibition, Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing ‘Polar Light Ink Ocean’ The Exhibition of Chinese Ink Painting and Artists to the Antarctic, Huafu Art Space, Shanghai 29


2013 ‘The Fourth Session of Contemporary Chinese Painting Academic Forum’, Taipei Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei ‘The Writing and Nature of Contemporary Ink Painting’, Tiantai Art Museum, Qingdao Ink Painting Invitational Exhibition in 2013, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing ‘The First Art Exhibition of Jiangsu Province Private Art Museum’, Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing ‘Ink Reproduction’ National Middle-aged and Young Artists Invitational Exhibition, Phoenix Art Museum, Nanjing ‘The First Exhibition of Li Keran Art Academy’, National Art Museum of China, Beijing ‘Male Roles, Female Roles, Painted Roles and Clowns’ China Opera Figure Painting Research Society’s Artists Annual Exhibition, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai ‘The Elegance of Chinese Opera’ The Third Masterpieces Exhibition of Chinese Opera, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai ‘The East ink’ Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting Artists Invitational Exhibition, Henan Contemporary Art Museum, Xuzhou Art Museum, Lanzhou City Art Museum, Guangdong Province Literary Federation Art Museum ‘Chu Style and Han Rhythm’ Li Keran Masterpieces and Pengcheng School of Painting Exhibition, Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing ‘Landscape on Paper’ Ink Paintings Exhibition, Beijing Art Fair, Beijing ‘Now and Here’ Zhu Yamei, Xilong Kaiyuan, Dan Xuan’s Artworks Exhibition, Yuanxiang Art Space, Beijing ‘The New Ink’ New Youth Art Exhibition, New ink Image Gallery, Beijing


2012 ‘Dazzled by Ink’ Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ink, China Millennium Monument of Contemporary Arts, Beijing ‘The Memory of Jiangnan’ Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Red Town, Shanghai ‘The Collective Channel’ Contrast Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary and Traditional Ink Painting, Beijing Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing ‘Grace of China Opera’ The Founding of China Opera Figure Painting Research Society Special Exhibition, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai ‘The First Festival of Hubei Fine Art Exhibition’, Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan ‘Ink Charm’ Contemporary Powerful Masters Nomination Exhibition, Hubei Culture Press City, Wuhan 2011 ‘Wuhan-Impression-Century Old House Art Exhibition’, Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan ‘Chenghuai Gathering: Dream in a Garden’, Chenghuai Art Museum, Nanjing ‘Chengdu Biennale: Clear Far Mountain and River Contemporary Art Exhibition’, Eastern Music Park, Chengdu The 90th Anniversary of the CPC Founding Art Exhibition in Hubei, Art Museum of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Wuhan



2008 Commemoration of 30 Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up: Wuhan Art and Calligraphy Exhibition, won Excellence Award, Wuhan 2004 The Tenth Hubei Art Exhibition, won the prize of Excellent Works, Wuhan Shanghai Spring Art Salon, won the Top Ten Young Artist Award, Shanghai 2003 Hubei province small size Chinese painting Exhibition, academic award, Wuhan


Chinese Painting Artworks of 23 Artists: Zhu Yamei China Painting Masters Series: Zhu Yamei Chinese Contemporary Artists Portfolios: Zhu Yamei China Arts Yearbook China Contemporary Artists Illustrated Handbook A Hundred Chinese Young Artists Biographies At the Turn of the Century Female Painting Trends Chinese Contemporary Painter Illustrated Handbook: The Landscape Volume Art Discourse



National Art Museum of China, Beijing Today Art Museum, Beijing Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai Phoenix Publishing & Media INC., Nanjing Hubei Museum of Art Wuhan Art Museum Yangmotang Art Museum, Nanjing Pinyi Art Museum, Beijing Changjiang Publishing & Media Co., Ltd, Hubei Fine Art Literature Art Center, Wuhan Eye Level Art, Shanghai Creation Gallery YX Art Space, Wuhan Huafu Art Space Taiwan Suiyuan Art Foundation Other art institutions and private collections


朱雅梅 1969 年生於江蘇徐州 學歷 1989 畢業於華僑大學藝術系中國畫山水專業


個展、雙個展(摘錄) 2016 「江山、美人」錢忠平、朱雅梅作品展 ,北京品逸美術館 2015 「遊觀」朱雅梅個展 ,上海華府藝術空間 「釋墨」朱雅梅水墨作品展,武漢壹空間 2014 「塵裏塵外」錢忠平、朱雅梅作品展,北京樹下畫廊 「何處惹塵埃」錢忠平、朱雅梅作品展,武漢壹席藝術空間 2013 「研手慧心」朱雅梅、謝曉紅作品展,武漢藝元空間 朱雅梅作品展,德國愛莎芬堡久久畫廊 「寂靜、歡喜」錢忠平、朱雅梅作品展,南京養墨堂美術館 2012 「雲水之心」朱雅梅作品展,上海視平線畫廊 2011 「清音.朱雅梅作品展」,北京聖典畫廊


群展(摘錄) 2016 「水墨國度」中國藝術年鑒文獻展,北京山水美術館 「素心若雪」藝術市場第二屆全國女畫家邀請展,北京藝術市場美 術館 「中國風骨當代寫意人物展」,北京李可染畫院美術館 「新起點」掃一掃當代藝術展,深圳述古堂美術館 「新中國美術家系列—湖北省國畫作品展」,北京國家畫院美術館 「對坐」圖像與空間水墨邀請展,南京芥墨藝術館 「素味」水墨名家邀請展,深圳羅湖美術館 「入境」水墨沙龍藝術展,武漢湖北美術學院美術館 中國當代水墨藝術年鑒(2015-2016),北京今日美術館 「悟.空」跨媒介實驗藝術展,上海多侖多現代美術館 「對白」當代名家書畫伉儷展,北京藝術市場美術館 「新力量」掃一掃當代藝術展,南京宣和美術館 「新生面」掃一掃當代藝術展,蘇州王小慧藝術館 2015 「花開六塵」中國當代女藝術家邀請展,南京六塵美術館 「乘物遊心」山水四人展 ,北京遠洋山水 「心印」中國當代名家學術提名展 ,南京有潤美術館 「極光墨海.重塑的風景」,北京今日美術館 「四句偈」主題創作邀請展 ,南京大緣藝術館 「氣韻生動」中國當代藝術邀請展,泉州文廟 「水墨繪畫的文人與人文之辯」,香港灣仔畫廊 「點絳唇」藝術慢生活主題邀請展,南京國藝美術館 「達觀」壹席藝術空間秋季沙龍展,武漢壹席藝術空間 「大美水墨」中國水墨國際話語權推廣項目.當代邀請作品展,北 京時代美術館 36

2014 「觀乎人文」《水墨味》雜誌七周年誌慶書畫百家邀請展,北京炎黃藝術館 「丹青楚韻」湖北省中國畫作品展,北京中國美術館 「無所從來」十二人素墨禪風書畫展,東莞饒宗頤美術館 「漢風墨韻」徐州美術的歷史暨彭城畫派作品展,上海美術館 「梅韻蘭芳」紀念梅蘭芳先生誕辰120周年扇面畫展暨2014中國戲曲人物畫 年展,上海朱屺瞻美術館 2014南京青奧會美術大展,南京國際博覽中心 「壹任自然」南京2014年山水畫年展,南京弘韻藝術空間 中國(臨沂)國際藝術大展,臨沂山東臨沂國際會展中心 「極光墨海」中國水墨藝術家暨作品赴南極展,上海華府藝術空間 2013 第四屆當代中國畫學術論壇,臺北國父紀念館 「當代水墨中的書寫性與自然性」,青島天泰美術館 2013水墨邀請展,北京宋莊美術館 「百卉含英」首屆江蘇省民營美術館匯展,南京江蘇省美術館 「水墨再現」全國中青年藝術家作品邀請展,南京鳳凰美術館 李可染畫院首屆畫展,北京中國美術館 「生旦凈醜」中國戲曲人物畫研究會畫師年展,上海朱屺瞻美術館 「粉墨風雅」第三屆中國戲曲名家名作展,上海朱屺瞻美術館 「東方墨」中國當代水墨藝術家邀請展,河南當代美術館、徐州藝術館、蘭 州市美術館、廣東省文聯藝術館 「楚風漢韻」李可染書畫精品展暨彭城畫派作品聯展,南京江蘇省美術館 「方寸丘壑」水墨展,北京藝術博覽會 「此時此地」朱雅梅、西龍開元、丹玄作品展,北京元象藝術空間 「新水墨」新青年藝術展,北京新水墨意象館


群展(摘錄) 2012 「墨眩」中國當代水墨邀請展,北京中華世紀壇當代藝術館 「憶江南」中國當代藝術展,上海紅坊藝術園 「集體通道」當代水墨與傳統水墨對照展,北京當代藝術展 「粉墨風雅」中國戲曲人物畫研究會成立特展,上海朱屺瞻美術館 第一屆湖北藝術節優秀美術作品展,武漢湖北省美術館 「水墨神韻」當代實力派名家提名展,武漢湖北省文化出版城 2011 武漢.印象.百年老房子美術作品展,武漢美術館 「澄懷雅集—遊園夢」,南京澄懷美術館 「2011成都雙年展」溪山清遠當代藝術展,成都東區音樂公園 湖北省建黨90周年美術作品展,湖北美術學院展覽館,武漢

獎項 2008 「紀念改革開放30周年」武漢美術書法作品展覽,獲優秀獎,武漢 2004 第十屆湖北省美術作品展,獲優秀作品獎,武漢 上海春季藝術沙龍,獲十佳青年藝術家獎,上海 2003 湖北省小幅中國畫作品展,獲學術獎,武漢


出版 《中國畫二十三家—朱雅梅》 《中國畫名家書系—朱雅梅》 《中國當代繪畫之家作品集—朱雅梅》 《中國藝術年鑒》 《中國當代美術家圖鑒》 《中國大陸中青代畫家百人傳》 《畫語者》等

收藏 北京中國美術館 北京今日美術館 上海劉海粟美術館 上海朱屺瞻美術館 南京鳳凰傳媒集團 湖北美術館 武漢美術館 南京養墨堂 品逸美術館 湖北長江出版傳媒集團 美術文獻藝術中心 上海視平線畫廊 可創畫廊 壹席藝術空間 華府藝術空間 臺灣隨緣藝術基金會 等藝術機構和個人收藏 39


Born in 1973, Shanghai EDUCATION 2008 Graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from East China Normal University


SELECTED solo Exhibitions

2014 ‘The Hometown’ Wang Yichu’s Paperwork Exhibition, Ramakers Gallery, The Hague, The Netherlands 2013 ‘Summer Solstice’ Wang Yichu’s Paperwork Exhibition, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai

SELECTED group Exhibitions

2016 ‘Appearance: Thirteen Cases of Shanghai Youth Ink’, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai Singapore Contemporary, Singapore ‘On the Sea’ 1970s Young Artists Invitational Exhibition, China Art Museum, Shanghai 2015 ‘Post Shanghai School’ 2015 Shanghai Contemporary Ink Artists Nomination Exhibition, Banbi Shanfang Gallery, Shanghai The 8th Shanghai Art Exhibition, China Art Museum, Shanghai ‘Catch it with Heart’ Walk into College 2015, National Young Teachers Chinese Painting, Shi Jiazhuang, Hebei ‘Charm of Chinese Ink Painting’ International Discourse on Chinese Ink Painting Promotion Project, Contemporary Invitational Exhibition, Times Art Museum, Beijing


selected group Exhibitions

2014 ‘Mojing’ Shanghai Chinese Art Academy Young Artists Invitation Salon, Shanghai Chinese Art Academy, Shanghai ‘Dream of A Century’ Centenary Chinese Classical Paintings Exhibition, China Art Museum, Shanghai ‘Purely Ink’ Young Ink Painter Invitational Exhibition, Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai ‘Sino-French Modern Painting Joint Exhibition’, Shanghai Chinese Art Academy, Shanghai 2013 ‘Rising Stars in Shanghai’ New Ink Paintings Invitational Exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shnaghai ‘Shanghai Art Exhibition’ Shen Roujian Art Foundation Award, China Art Museum, Shanghai ‘Rising Stars in Shanghai Art Season’ Young Ink painters Invitation Exhibition, Shanghai 2012 ‘Fine Arts’ Celebrating 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-Ukraine Exhibition of Shanghai-based Female Artists, Kiev, Ukraine 2011 Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Female Artists, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen ‘Youth Memories’ Shanghai Youth Art Award-winners Invitational Exhibition, Centre Culturel de Chine à Paris, Paris



Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai Deke Erh Art Center, Shanghai Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen Other art institutions and private collections


王伊楚 1973 年生於上海 學歷 2008 畢業於華東師範大學美術系獲碩士學位


個展(摘錄) 2014 「故園」王伊楚紙本作品展,荷蘭海牙Ramakers畫廊 2013 「夏至」王伊楚紙本作品展,上海朱屺瞻藝術館

群展(摘錄) 2016 「樣貌:上海青年水墨的十三個個案」,上海朱屺瞻藝術館 新加坡當代藝術展,新加坡 「海上」70青年藝術家作品邀請展,上海中華藝術宮 2015 「後海派.第一回」上海2015當代水墨藝術家提名展,上海半壁山 房畫廊 第八屆上海美術大展,上海中華藝術宮 「以心接物」走進學院2015.全國高校青年教師中國畫作品展,河 北石家莊 「大美水墨」中國水墨國際話語權推廣項目.當代邀請作品展,北 京時代美術館 2014 「墨境」上海中國畫院中青年藝術家沙龍邀請展,上海中國畫院 「世紀追夢」—百年中國時代圖典展,上海中華藝術宮 「純粹水墨」青年名家邀請展,上海徐匯藝術館 「中法現代繪畫作品聯展」,上海中國畫院 45

群展(摘錄) 2013 「海上星象」新水墨邀請展,上海展覽中心 「上海美術大展」沈柔堅藝術基金獎,上海中華藝術宮 「海上星象藝術季」青年水墨邀請展,上海 2012 「好藝術」慶祝中烏建交20周年上海女藝術家作品展,烏克蘭基輔 2011 「無限繁衍.視覺案」2011當代女藝術家邀請展,深圳關山月美術館 「青春留影」上海青年美術大展獲獎作者邀請展,巴黎中國文化中心


收藏 上海劉海粟美術館 上海爾冬強藝術中心 上海朱屺瞻藝術館 深圳關山月美術館 等藝術機構和個人收藏



Born in 1975 Chengdu, Sichuan EDUCATION 2004 Graduated with a Master’s Degree, majoring in Oil Painting, from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute


SELECTED solo Exhibitions

2016 ‘Landscape of World’, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing ‘Asleep Farmer and Wheat Field’, Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan 2015 ‘Museum of Innocence’, United Art Museum, Wuhan 2014 ‘Scavengers’, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing ‘Li Ji Kai’, Museum Jan van der Togt, Amsterdam, Holland 2013 ‘White Dew’, Amy Li Gallery, Beijing ‘Lake and Light on Lake’s Surface’, Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan 2012 ‘Boy - Doll - Fragment’, Today Art Museum, Beijing ‘Fragments of the Abyss’, Interalia Space, Seoul, Korea 2011 ‘State’ Implication of Li Ji Kai’s paintings, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, Shengyang 2010 ‘Reflection’, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam, Holland ‘Lantern’ Li Ji Kai Solo Exhibition, Fine Art Literature Art Center, Wuhan


group Exhibitions

2016 ‘Dialogue’ Art Exhibition, Je Fine Art Gallery, Shanghai Karlsruhe International Art Fair, Karlsruhe, Germany ‘Poetic Dwelling’, PIFO Gallery, Beijing ‘Contextual Transmission’, Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan 2015 ‘Post Tradition Origin’, UCCA Store, Beijing ‘Asia Scene’, Asia Scene Art Space, Beijing Karlsruhe International Art Fair, Karlsruhe, Germany Taipei Art Fair, Taipei Art Beijing, Beijing ‘Fat Choi’, Beijing Art021 Art Fair, Shanghai ‘Memories of the City - Wuhan’, Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan ‘Touching the Ground Zero’, Museum Villa Haiss, Germany



Red Mansion Foundation The Franks-Suss Collections, London Museum of Contemporary Arts, Singapore Long Museum, Shanghai China Minsheng Bank, Shanghai Today Art Museum, Beijing SZ Art Center, Beijing He-Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen RCM Art Museum, Nanjing Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing Qinghe Art Museum, Nanjing Center of Contemporary Art Shangdong Fine Art Literature Art Center, Wuhan Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan United Art Museum, Wuhan Other art institutions and private collections


李繼開 1975 年生於四川成都 學歷 2004 畢業於四川美術學院油畫系獲碩士學位


個展(摘錄) 2016 「人世的風景」,中國北京蜂巢當代藝術中心 「睡著的農夫與麥浪」,中國武漢湖北省美術館 2015 「純真博物館」,中國武漢合美術館 2014 「拾荒者」,中國北京艾米李畫廊 「李繼開」,荷蘭Jan van der Togt美術館 2013 「白露」,中國北京艾米李畫廊 「湖與湖面的光」,中國湖北武漢美術館 2012 「男孩.玩偶.碎片」,中國北京今日美術館 「Fragments of the Abyss」,韓國首爾Interalia空間 2011 「狀態」 李繼開繪畫的寓意,中國瀋陽魯迅美術學院美術館 2010 「Reflection」,荷蘭阿姆斯特丹Canvas International Art 「燈籠」李繼開個展,中國湖北武漢美術文獻藝術中心


群展 2016 「對話」藝術展,中國上海杜若雲章畫廊 德國卡爾斯魯厄國際藝術博覽會 「詩意地棲居」,中國北京偏鋒藝術空間 「文脈傳薪」,中國湖北武漢美術館 2015 「後傳統起源」,中國北京UCCA STORE 「亞洲現場」,中國北京亞洲現場空間 德國卡爾斯魯厄國際藝術博覽會 台北藝博會,台灣台北 藝術北京藝博會,北京 「Fat Choi」,北京 Art021藝博會,上海 「一座城市的記憶—武漢」,武漢美術館 「觸摸底層」,德國Villa Haiss美術館


收藏 英國紅樓基金會 英國倫敦Franks-Suss 新加坡MOCA 上海龍美術館 上海民生銀行 北京今日美術館 北京聖之藝術中心 深圳何香凝美術館 南京南視覺美術館 南京四方美術館 南京青和美術館 南京尚東藝術中心 武漢美術文獻藝術中心 武漢美術館 武漢湖北美術館 武漢合美術館


Yang Fang Tao

Born in 1985 Shantou, Guangdong EDUCATION 2008 Graduated with Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Printmaking, from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts


Selected Exhibitions

2016 ‘Triple Domes’, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong ‘Place Never Reached’ Exhibition by Fitlea Yang, Guangzhou, China 2015 ‘Micro-universe’ Group Exhibition, Guangzhou, China 2014 ‘Moy with you’ Exhibition of Illustration Works, Guangzhou, China 2012 ‘WE’ Exhibition of Cicinnus X Artits, Guangzhou, China 2011 ‘Do You Remember?’ Solo Exhibition of Illustration, Guangzhou, China 2010 ‘Get It Louder’, Beijing & Shanghai, China


羊芳濤 1985 年生於廣東汕頭 學歷 2008 畢業於廣州美術學院版畫系


展覽(摘錄) 2016 「三重穹」,香港凱倫偉伯畫廊 「未曾到達的地方」羊芳濤個人作品展,廣州 2015 「小宇宙」群展,廣州 2014 「Moy仔陪你」插畫展,杭州 2012 「WE」聯展,廣州 2011 「你還記得嗎?」個人插畫作品展,廣州 2010 「大聲展」,北京、上海


KARIN WEBER GALLERY Established in 1999 by German-born Karin Weber and now in its 17th year, Karin Weber Gallery is one of Hong Kong’s oldest contemporary art galleries. Situated on Aberdeen Street, in the heart of SoHo, the gallery presents a year-round program of curated exhibitions, talks, and collector events. Karin Weber Gallery has been named by BLOUIN ARTINFO as one of ‘500 Best Galleries Worldwide’ for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016. The gallery’s unique network of partners based in London, Mumbai and Berlin allows it to source emerging and established contemporary art from around the world. Karin Weber Gallery is equally passionate about presenting works by local artists. The gallery assists artists through exhibitions, art fairs, and residency programs throughout the world. Small in size, yet global in outlook, Karin Weber Gallery is one of Hong Kong’s truly international boutique galleries.

凱倫偉伯畫廊 凱倫偉伯畫廊在1999 年由德國的 Karin Weber 女士創立,今年踏入 第17年,是香港其中一間最具歷史的當代藝術畫廊。畫廊位於蘇豪區 鴨巴甸街,我們每年策劃不同的展覽、講座及活動給藏家參與。畫 廊很榮幸獲選為2015及2016連續兩年BLOUIN ARTINFO「全球500 最佳畫廊」。 我們的合夥人於倫敦、孟買和柏林有辦事處,使我們能夠幾乎遍布 世界各地為客戶提供服務並蒐尋新晉和有豐富經驗的藝術家。我們 熱愛把香港本地的藝術推介給全球的藏家。我們畫廊代表的藝術家 通過藝術博覽會,與其他畫廊的交流,還有駐留計畫發展自己的事 業。面積雖不大,但放眼全球,凱倫偉伯畫廊是香港真正國際化的 精品畫廊之一。


20 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong 香港中環鴨巴甸街20號地下 +852 2544 5004 Designed by Micky Law Publisher Karin Weber Gallery © 2016 Karin Weber Gallery All Rights Are Reserved