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Karin van der Molen

The beginning

Introduction This catalogue provides an impression of my environmental/site specific art work. Although I think that the images can speak for themselves, a short introduction of my artistic work and development in the past years may be helpful. I started as a painter, but in the last decade I have increasingly focused on environmental/ site-specific art, objects and installations. No matter in what discipline, there are several central themes, that keep on intriguing me. They provide a fuel for making series of sculptures, paintings and video. One important theme is the human relationship with nature. I come from the city and live in an urban, digital, global world. I have been searching for the link with nature since I became aware of the necessity. By using natural materials for my site-specific art work, I try to seduce myself and others to get closer to, or even ‘enter’ nature. The outcome is often a sculpture in which one can enter, either physically or mentally (such as Moonstruck, Kiev, 2012, where I suspended a large sphere of woven hay between the birches. It had an opening into which people could poke their head in, to be all alone in a world of grass). The use of natural materials in sculpture was a discovery for me. Working with the materials nature offered seemed to me to be the way to deepen my relationship with nature even further.

From 2005 on it has given a new direction to my art work and has led to my participation in many international exhibitions. The work also influenced my perception of nature and sparked new ideas and visions which in turn, prompted me to begin to integrate non-natural materials such as sellotape (for example the sellotape tree that grows out of a roofless church in Gimme Shelter, Environmental Art Fest Scotland). The (im-)possible relationship with nature is also present in something that concerns me since childhood: the hidden, and sometimes explicit, threat of violence, which could put an end to the world as we know it. The works I make pertaining to this theme can be read as references to global problems of humankind (for example Surprise, Sculpture by the Sea, Australia 2012), but at the same time they are linked to the micro-personal level. My interest in thematic work is reflected not only in my environmental/site specific art work, but also in the other fields of art that I practice (for example in Target, a series of paintings about flesh weapons, abstractions of violence with a human skin). If you are interested in a more extensive overview and/or for my work in other disciplines, please visit my website:

Dutch Paradise

Frozen flight

Les surprises maritimes

Side track

As it is in heaven

The world in a shell

Space Invaders


Tired environmental sculpture


Stop motion

The hamlet

The unbearable lightness of being The unbearable lightness of being



Gimme shelter

The Siebold Garden



Vlieg! Challenge



As a dewdrop

In disguise


a choice of exhibitions


Domaine du Rayol, France Museum Lolland-Falster, Denmark Forest Art Chengdu, China


Landgoed Keukenhof, Netherlands Sentier des Arts, France

2013 2012

Setouchi Triennale, Japan Environmental Art Fest Scotland In between, Gaasbeek, Belgium


Sculpture by the Sea, Denmark Couleurs d’automne, France


Geumgang Nat Art Biennale, Korea Landart Mongolia


Environmental Art Biennale, USA Museum of Marine Biology, Taiwan


KAIR, Japan Nieuw Verleden, The Netherlands


Guandu Park, Taiwan Aquamediale, Germany

Sculpture by the Sea, Australia Ostrale, Germany Kiev Sculpture Project, Ukraine

My first harness

Focus - site specific art  

Environmental art works by the Dutch artist Karin van der Molen

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