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Wave length

a nomadic art experience in Iran

Karin van der Molen

The Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP) in Iran took part from 3-19 December 2016. On invitation of Paradise Art Centre and YATOO a group of 25 international artists traveled from Qeshm island via Isfahan and Kashan to Tehran. The proposed general theme was Thirsty Land. In every place we visited, the artists were supposed to make a site-specific artwork. The variety in landscape, temperature and encounters was surprisingly big. Only our time was limited, sometimes no more than 1,5 hour to create something on the spot. Spontaneous action was required. It was a great way to meet an unknown country, great artists, new friends and a glimpse of another self. Wave Length is my personal account of this unique experience.

Zinat, our host in Salakh Salakh

Icon for our time

Picture: Eung-Woo Ri

What keeps me here Pictures: Kourosh Golnari and Majid Ziaee

My first anima, Qeshm roof

Picture: Atefeh Khas

My first anima

Picture: Atefeh Khas

Andy Goldsworthy was not here

Journey, Bandar Guran


Picture: Reyhaneh Zanganeh



Pictures: Sharhnaz Zarkesh

Chahe Kavir


Picture: Eung-Woo Ri

Growing wild

Picture: Eung-Woo Ri


My first scarf Zayanderood river

Picture: Reyhaneh Zanganeh

Standing on shadow Jarghouyie desert collaboration with Tara Goudarzi

Pictures: Sharhnaz Zarkesh

Gift collaboration with Tara Goudarzi

Picture: Sharhnaz Zarkesh

My first crown Isfahan salt mine

Salt of the earth

Pictures: Saulius Valius

Chain collaboration with Tara Goudarzi Picture: Ali Farafardeh

Leaning in tree collaboration with Tara Goudarzi

Picture: Ali Farafardeh



Picture: Sharhnaz Zarkesh

Resting on stone collaboration with Tara Goudarzi

Pictures: Ali Farafardeh

Picture: Ali Farafardeh

Water performance

GNAP participating artists: Ali Farahfardeh, Alpar Peter, Ahmad Nadalian, Atefeh Khas, Fereshte Alamshah, Fereshte Zamani, Hee-joon Kang, Karin van der Molen, Margrit Neuendorff and Olivier Huet, Mahdiyeh Dehghani, Majid Ziaee, Nooshin Naficy, Ri Eung Woo, Reyhaneh Zanganeh, Roger Rigorth, Saulius Valius, Sharhnaz Zarkesh, Tara Goudarzi, Farzaneh Najafi, Diana Radiviciute, Atefeh Arani, Laleh Ayati, Maryam Tavakoli, Mehdi Javaheri, Davood Jabari, Molood Esnaashari, Raheleh Talebi, Siavash Amiri Rad


Presentation of GNAP-Iran works in the Contemporary Art Museum of Tehran

Iran global nomadic art experience  

In december 2016 I traveled with 25 international artists for two weeks in Iran. On the road we made site specific art. Wave length is my pe...

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