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Relationship Driven Recruitment

Mobilize the superconnectors in your organisation Reach your employees and engage them as recruitment ambassadors Curate your talent network with powerful automation

Our Principles Networks: The most advanced coverage of employee referral forms through networks. Engagement: We're rethinking each dimension of candidate engagement. Data: We're optimizing organizational sourcing strategy through Recruitment Intelligence. Mulitplicity: We're building sourcing technology both inside & outside the enterprise core, through mobile.

Reach: Social capital drives the modern economy. Relationships create opportunities and ability drives career progression. We are entering an era where networks are transparent and connections are within reach. With a narrow frame of reference, understanding the real value of these relationships and the opportunities they hold is complex. In a period of increasing connectivity, we're building sourcing technology that facilitates further and deeper candidate reach than ever before.

Relevance: Big data for social is evolving and in no industry is this more valuable than talent acquisition. The breadth of knowledge we aggregate around connections allows accurate identification of where potential candidates lie on the passivity scale. Sourcing can be targeted with a rapidly expanding set of data points, forming a more detailed picture of applicant potential than ever before. Our mission is to map this data to drive accurate engagement with candidates that is relevant, timely and actionable.

Relationships: We believe that hiring is fundamentally broken and persisting diseconomies of the recruitment market should be challenged. Relationships must remain the foundation of this but should be grounded in trust and personal endorsement. The speed at which relationships are now formed is accelerating along with the pace of social capital exchange, presenting significant opportunity on hiring. Our mission is to effectively facilitate this exchange through the sourcing process, ensuring transparency and integrity are preserved.

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About RolePoint Recruitment teams around the world are using RolePoint's complete sourcing solution to save time and attract the highest quality talent. Our emphasis is on building sophisticated solutions that are a joy to use. Our aim is to enable a company to harness its social capital - bringing talent acquisition in line with today's social and hyper-connected world.


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Getting to know about recruitment software  
Getting to know about recruitment software  

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