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A Tale of Two Schools

A look into Sterling Academy The new charter school located on Sterling College campus 4

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From the Editor Tears streamed down my face as I pulled out of my driveway. Our three boys (ages 17, 15, 12) seemed quieter than I ever dreamed possible and were glued to the van windows watching a small gathering of friends wave good-bye. I prayed God would keep us safe as we drove from Gurnee, Illinois to Sterling, Kansas through the middle of the night. As busy streets, malls, coffee shops, honking cars, toll ways, and tall buildings were eventually replaced with horses, cows and fields stretching seemingly for miles on end, the lump in my throat felt even bigger. “What were we thinking?” repeated endlessly in my mind. Just last spring we appeared to be neatly settled into our comfort zone. My husband’s college basketball team finished the season strong and next year’s team promised to be even more successful. Our three sons were doing well in their respective schools, had made great friends, and were actively involved in church youth group. I had found my niche as a membership director in a north shore Chicago tennis and health club. Yet apparently God had very different plans for us. Dean accepted the position of men’s basketball coach at Sterling College. I could not help but wonder how we would adjust to such a seemingly different lifestyle. Sterling is a completely different world than the Chicagoland area we lived in for the last 5 years, but little did I realize what a wonderful change it would be. I grew up in a small city but this was definitely not the same. My journey to Kansas so far has been filled with many great surprises, and while there is no longer a Starbucks on every corner or an amusement park a couple miles down the road, there is something perhaps even more deep and powerful that seems to have won me over. What exactly is it about this small quintessential town that immediately captures your heart? Is it the friendly wave as you drive down Broadway, the grocers who carry out your bags to your car, the beautiful sunny fall days, or perhaps the genuine sense that the people of Sterling are truly glad you are here? While all of these things exist, it seems to be something else, some extraordinary ingredient thrown in the mix. Having lived here now for just a few months, I think I may have started to figure it out. Sterling College, located right in the center of town, is the heartbeat of Sterling, Kansas. The school literally brings the town to life. Whether it’s the fall musical, football games or the conversation at the local café, Sterling College pulsates through the town. In return, the community breathes life into the college. The whole town gathers at SC music, theatre, and athletic events. Families “adopt” students giving them a place to do laundry, have a home cooked meal, or simply to hang out. The sense of community stretches far beyond the campus and filters throughout the entire area surrounding this wonderful little town of Sterling, Kansas. Taking on the position of Director of Marketing has been a challenging and exciting ride for me thus far. Mostly, it is so fulfilling to be a part of a College that is committed to excellence, and is moving in that direction under leaders whose main focus is the changed lives of students. President Douglas continues to empower SC faculty and staff to make monumental change and yet he humbly realizes it is only with God’s help that such a task is possible. As it states in our theme verse this year, “Jesus said to them, ‘With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible’”(Matthew 19:26). God is definitely at work at Sterling College and I am so excited to be part of the SC community. I hope you catch the excitement as well as you read this issue of Sterling Magazine. The new charter school, record freshman class enrollment, new dorms, franchise teams, and a new golf team are all a part of the changes taking place here at Sterling College. While there may not be a Starbucks, Great America, or Gurnee Mills outlet mall down the road, I think I’ve found something even better: a small, Christ-centered college thinking really big. - Julie Jaderston 2 • Fall/Winter 2006

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Fall/Winter 2006

Erin Carlson, SC senior with students, Bryan Paulson & Katy-Lynn Cook. Erin is doing her student teaching at the new charter school located on the Sterling college campus. 4


Sterling College freshman : front row- left to right: Dustin Johnson, Jen Jones, Kim Kenton, Nathaniel Dory, back row-left to right: Mindy Sullivan, Kelly Valentine, Truyn Mosher, Alex Richter All part of the record-setting freshman class for the fall of 2006. 6

A Tale of Two Schools 4

Sterling Academy is up and running. What makes this unique location of an elementary school on a college campus so successful? Assistant Professor of Education Judith Best believes there are several reasons.

Record Breaking Enrollment

6 Sterling college tips the scale with this fall’s freshment enrollment. Vice President of Enrollment Services Dennis Dutton is thrilled to announce the largest incoming freshman class in Sterling College’s history. Increased scholarship monies as well as hard working faculty and staff deserve credit.

SC Tees it up

7 Sterling College had its first golf team back in the 60’s. Athletic Director Andy Lambert believes now is the time to bring golf back. New golf coach Sean Gillespie shares his vision for Sterling golf.

Sean Gillespie is named new golf coach for SC Golf to begin Fall 2007 7

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CMA Partnership; Students attend National Leadership Forum; Basketball player Mandrae Collins signs with the New York Nationals

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Sterling Magazine • 3

A Tale of Two Schools

By Julie Jaderston Photos by Julie Jaderston

African huts line the cafeteria wall of the new charter school located on the campus of Sterling College. The current theme “Africa” is incorporated into all aspects of the daily curriculum which will culminate with a celebration complete with African dress, food, and some newly learned African words. One of the strategies used by the young school is “thematic learning.” According to Assistant Professor of Education Judith Best, this is just one of the pieces of the puzzle that has led to “so much progress and so much learning.” Best seems to have found her second home at the new charter school, Sterling Academy. She would have it no other way. Sterling Academy may not be your typical classroom but the unique environment provides a wonderful venue for learning. “We are absolutely delighted with the atmosphere at Sterling Academy. Each day we see progress in learning with each student and greater ownership in the Learning Community within our walls. We are not isolated classrooms but interact with each other all day in many ways with the older students caring for each other and the younger ones as well,” said Best.

attributes part of this ownership due to the fact that each student helps in the day-to-day running of the school. “Our students take on the responsibility for not only their own learning but for the good of Sterling Academy and are developing leadership and ownership of many aspects of the educational process and the many tasks that need to be completed each day. I see such joy in the students as they go about singing songs, helping each other, playing learning games, and reading with their buddies.”

In its very first year of operation Sterling Academy boasts a diverse mix of 39 students. Students travel from Hutchinson, Little River, Lyons, and Sterling, blending a unique mix of home schooled, private and public schooled children. The variety of backgrounds these students came from added to the adjustment period in the beginning, but the students have done a phenomenal job of uniting together.

Sterling Academy students are currently learning about self-control as part of the unique and intentional character education featured as part of the curriculum. Character education is explored through literature as students are taught 15 core virtues throughout the year. These character qualities are discussed twice a week and reinforced throughout the school day. The 15 core virtues taught include: compassion, courage, diligence, forgiveness, generosity, gratitude, honesty, humility, loyalty, patience, perseverance, respect, responsibility, self-control, and service.

According to Best, the students have really helped create the atmosphere in the classroom. Best stated, “Sterling Academy students are already taking real ownership of their school.” She

Best sees the character education curriculum as an essential part of the student’s day, “The Core Virtues program sums it up best as our goal of aiming to ‘meet the needs of both the head and the

4 • Fall/Winter 2006

heart.’ In our society today, we have a quest for more and more knowledge and we sometimes forget how important it is to make our world a kinder and better place. We are trying to create that emphasis here at Sterling Academy that will continue the Sterling College motto to ‘Change the World’.” Best recalls that the idea of Sterling Academy first came about to enable Sterling College education students to have an on-campus place to teach their lessons to actual students, to have a place for work study and to observe model lessons being taught by master teachers. “Our academy is a-buzz with Sterling College education students doing practicums in music, physical education and art. We also have Americore students, work study students, and those who are observing or teaching lessons as part of professional college education classes,” said Best. Senior physical education major Kyle Mendenhall has found working at Sterling Academy to be both challenging and rewarding. He is in charge of the entire lesson plan writing and teaching of the PE classes at the school. The experience has stretched him and also opened his eyes to new possibilities. “Originally I thought I wanted to teach at the high school level but now I’m re-evaluating because working with the younger students is so much more rewarding than I expected. Recently, I ran into one of my student’s parents and they said I was their son’s hero. I have to admit that felt really good to hear,” said Mendenhall.

Sterling Academy student Phillip Latiolais works diligently at his desk.

Matalyn Stark writes down the lunch count. This is her current task at Sterling Academy.

Sterling College senior Erin Carlson has also had some great experiences doing her student teaching experience at Sterling Academy. “I have really enjoyed doing my student-teaching at the charter school. It has definitely been a challenge getting the whole thing off the ground and running, but what a great experience I’ve had. The teachers at the school are wonderful ladies to work with and learn from. Being on campus is nice, especially since I live in the same building as the charter school so I just walk out one door and in another. It’s also been nice to be able to stay involved on campus more than if I lived off-campus. I was an RA the last two years at Sterling, so it’s important to me to stay in touch with people and the campus community.” “I love the charter school because I can see so much good going on here. All of the kids have come there for different reasons and from different backgrounds, and it’s been such a good experience for all of us to become a learning community. The whole atmosphere of the school is energetic, positive, and welcoming. Kids are growing every day, given the opportunities to explore, work with manipulatives, interact with other students of all ages, and take on leadership roles and responsibilities,” said Carlson. Best attributes the success of Sterling Academy to a combination of reasons: “The integration of Sterling College education students, multi- age classrooms, visual/hands on strategies, and the use of thematic teaching all factor in together to accelerate learning and create more understanding in students.” She sees this as a win/win situation for both the Sterling Academy and Sterling College.

Sara Messick ‘06 is a paraeducator at Sterling Academy. She is assisting students Michael Plumb, left, and Steven Payton.

Sterling Magazine • 5

Feature Story

Record Enrollment

Freshman Sarah Karner comes from Gurnee, Illinois.

Just a few months into her first college experience, Sarah

Karner is glad she made the choice to attend Sterling College. Sarah attended a high school of nearly 4,000 students and was once convinced she wanted to attend a college in the big city, but none of the schools she visited seemed right until she visited Sterling College. Although Sterling was a far cry from an inner city school, she immediately fell in love with the personal attention and the genuine spiritual emphasis. “It was really easy to make friends and I love the way the community is involved with the school. I feel like I’m part of a family.” Sarah made her decision, and now is one of the record setting 205- member freshman class at Sterling this fall. It was a great day of celebration when Vice President for Enrollment Dennis Dutton announced a 45 percent increase in new student enrollment, making this the largest entering new student class in Sterling College’s 119 year history. This year’s freshman class of 205 students is an increase of over 50 students from previous years. Sixty new transfer students were also added to the college campus, bringing the official 20 day head count to a grand total of 607 students, the third largest total enrollment numbers in SC’s history. Sterling also drew more students from a variety of places this 6 • Fall/Winter 2006

Julie Jaderston

By Julie Jaderston

year. Though the number of new students from Kansas is higher than usual, 58 percent of the new student body came from out-of-state. Twenty-two states along with Germany and Korea are represented in the new student ranks. Both California and Florida have been added to Sterling’s usual top states of Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Males also outnumber females 59 to 41 percent, thanks in large part to the Warrior football team topping out at over 130 players. Dutton said the record new student enrollment is related to initiatives prompted by President Douglas. “First of all, faculty involvement in the recruiting process has never been greater,” he explained. “Faculty really took ownership in building their programs and kept in touch with most of our future students through email, phone calls and letters in addition to meeting with them when they visited campus.” One student who responded to such efforts was Clif Reichenborn, the valedictorian of his Goddard High School class last spring. He was impressed with the school’s effort. “The professors knew my name before I even got here.” Another reason given for the increased enrollment were additional scholarships funded by Dr. Douglas along with two of his former colleagues totaling over $250,000 to attract quality academic students like Reichenborn. These additional monies helped meet the financial need for numerous students. “Dennis Dutton and his staff deserve credit and approbation for bringing to our campus a wonderful group of students,” said President Bruce Douglas. “Our admissions team has the ability to communicate at every level and attract the young women and men who will excel in our Christ-centered environment.” Dutton believes this is only the beginning of record setting numbers at Sterling College. “Our goal for fall 2007 is similar to this year. With many new faculty and improved programs, the faculty will continue to take a significant role in beginning relationships with future Sterling students. We are expanding our territory with additional emphasis in California, the fourth largest represented state in the new student class this year. Also, with continued support of Dr. Douglas and his colleagues, Sterling will again have additional scholarship funds available to help make Sterling affordable.”

SC Tees it up! By Julie Jaderston

It only takes about two minutes talking with Sean Gillespie to realize he is a passionate, energetic person and once he sets his sights on something, it will get done and it will get done well. Having just spent the past two years in Turkey as a semiprofessional basketball coach, Sean is excited to return to the sport of golf and has high expectations for the new golf team at Sterling College. Recently, I had a chance to sit down with him and hear his vision for Sterling College golf.

Why bring men and women’s golf back to Sterling College? I am very excited about the golf program that we will be starting back up here at Sterling College in fall 2007. I believe that the time is right for this. With all the positive changes and new programs coming about here at Sterling, I believe that golf will enhance and help make Sterling athletics a wellrounded athletic program. There is a real sense of excitement and anticipation amongst not only the administration but the students as well. One of our long term goals for the program would be to have a driving range and practice facility on campus that would not only benefit the team but the student body as well.

What are your goals for SC golf? Our goals in a practical way are very simple. We want to be one of the best golf programs not only in the KCAC but nationally as well. There is no timetable for that. Right now we will begin to recruit the student/athlete that is not only looking to compete at the collegiate level in golf but is also

willing to be challenged in the classroom as well. My desire is that each young man and woman that comes to Sterling and competes in the golf program will not only leave here better students and better golfers, but that they will also have been challenged and grown in their walk with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Why would students want to play golf at SC? I believe that there are many reasons to come and play golf at Sterling College. First, our practice facilities will be unmatched. With access to golf courses like the new Nick Faldo Championship design Cottonwood Hills Golf Club and Prairie Dunes, which just hosted the 2006 Senior U.S. Open, our golfers will be daily challenged and exposed to a first-class golf experience. Secondly, having lived overseas for 2 years and having taken 8 other overseas trips, I am very passionate about taking our program overseas to host golf clinics, instruction and competition for the purpose of developing relationships with internationals for the purpose of sharing the truth of Christ. Finally, the town of Sterling is a great place to be. The college is supported in town and well respected. Everywhere you go, you meet and see people that are associated with the college. Now is the right time to be at Sterling. Coach Gillespie comes to Sterling with 17 years of golf experience. He has won 26 amateur events; consecutively attaining the Ultra Golf Tour Hogan Flight national championship in 2001/2002. Coach Gillespie has coached at all levels from with junior high beginners to professionals who are fine-tuning their game. He spent two years as Lyman High school’s golf coach and has been actively involve with SNAG golf (youth golf development program). Gillespie is also experienced in developing new programs. He has been instrumental in starting and developing 11 new high school athletic teams at Circle Christian School in Florida from 2000 – 2004. Athletic Director Andy Lambert sees great value in beginning a golf team at Sterling College. “I think golf will be a great addition to our over all athletic program and our school. Sean will be outstanding in his role as the head coach and I am excited to watch the program develop. I am also hoping coach Gillespie can help me lower my handicap significantly,” said Lambert.

Sterling Magazine • 7

Alumni Homecoming 2006 Mission: Possible Mission: An enjoyable homecoming Mission: ACCOMPLISHED It can easily be said that the central theme for homecoming this year was deemed accomplished. Alumni, current students and Sterling community members took part in a memorable Homecoming 2006 festivities. The annual Homecoming parade brought new surprises as Kilbourn Hall walked away victorius for the first time in many years. In addition to food items for sale and games for kids, the Homecoming Hangout also included a moonwalk, a dunk tunk fundraiser where you could sink various students, faculty and community members, and various arts and crafts. The annual Homecoming Musical Hello, Dolly! rounded out the Homecoming schedule and helped make the weekend a success. More photos are located on the web at

Mission: ImPossible Clockwise from top: Taryn Gillespie and Emma Lambert (daughter of head football coach, Andy Lambert) stIck to a velcro wall at the homecoming hangout. David Hindman ‘56 and Earl Estill ‘57 enjoying the homecoming hangout. Stunt motorcycle group “Repeat Offenders” put on stunt show. A Sterling College student at the pie-throwing booth. Student remains unidentifiable due to extreme “pie face”. Gene ‘51 and Ruth ‘50 Spear at the homecoming hangout with friends Carol ‘50 and Reed fs53 Hindman. Kilbourn Hall residents march down Broadway displaying their Homecoming “float”. Kilbourn Hall walked away with the trophy for first place in the competition. Photos by Julie Jaderston

8 • Fall/Winter 2006

Still Standing Mission: Firm ImPossible Clockwise from top: Hello Dolly performers: SC students Ellen Beard, Josh Mesker, Maeghan Bishop and Seth Prohaska learn to dance with Dolly Levi (Lauren Peck) directing. Lauren Peck and Terrance Volden dancing in the final scene where Horace Vandergelder (Volden) finally realizes he is in love with Dolly Levi (Peck). Betsy Lambert gives husband Andy Lambert a good - luck kiss before the Homecoming football game. The warriors defeat Ottawa Univestity 35-0! Micah Svaty (son of Seth ‘00 and Amy ‘02 Svaty. Homecoming Court (l-r) Michael Zier, Kim Conner, John VanHowe, Kim Conner, John Hackbarth, Julie Estes. Dr. Douglas joins in the fun at the Homecoming hangout. John VanHowe and Kim Conner are crowned Homecoming King and Queen. Photos by Julie Jaderston, Hello Dolly photos by Gordon Kling

Sterling Magazine • 9

Sterling Life

Sarah Karner

By Karin Lederle ‘08

“Home is where your stories begin.” Last semester on a brisk January day ground was broken for two new residence halls. This August, 102 upperclass students entered those newly built dorms as the first residents in the dorms known as X and Y. Still unofficially named, the two new dormitories have been deemed X and Y following human chromosome code - X as the female dorm and Y as the male dorm. Set up as suite styles, students are able to have more room and gain more independence. The new dorms came equipped with a plasma TV screen on each floor as well as plush lobby furniture. “I decided to live in the dorms because it was a chance for all my friends to live together again. Through the years, people have moved away and so it afforded a chance for all of us to live together one more time. The fact that it is mostly upperclassmen is definitely a plus!” senior Erin Conner said. As is often the story for new buildings, the College had some “bugs” to work out, and in this case literally. At the beginning of the semester sod around the new buildings had not been laid, so for a few weeks the dorms were visited by various insects. However, as soon as the new sod was planted, the bugs went away and proved to not hinder the reputation or grandeur of the dorms. “The new dorms are pretty rad, there is plenty of room for all my stuff and having my own bathroom is a plus too. It’s more like living in an apartment than in a college dorm,” junior Levi Cheyney said. “The only down side is that I do have to clean the bathroom.” While the new dorms help further independence for some, 10 • F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 0 6

Sarah Karner

Sarah Karner

Sarah Karner

New Dorms

others see it as a loss of community. “One thing I don’t like about the New Dorms is that each room is sort of self-sufficient, in that the residents can remain in their rooms more so than the other dorms,” said senior and Resident Assistant in the New Dorms Julie Estes. “Even amid the kinks- these dorms are a great addition to our campus as an alternative for community building,” Conner said. With the semester coming to an end the new dorms continue to be the highlight of the campus, and a place many students now call “home.” To see pictures of the new dorms during its various construction phases visit

After being invited by a student to come and spend the night Dr. Douglas, dressed in a bug costume and with pizzas in hand, enjoyed his first night in a Sterling College dorm.

Sterling Research Group (l-r) Back - Brett Fairchild, Benjamin Sparks; Front - Jessica Hounshell, J’aime Quick, Noah Breeden

Julie Jaderston

After 18 years of teaching Sterling College students, Dr. Craig Gannon retired from his position in the Language and Literature Department this spring.

By Alyssa Renfro ‘08

Julie Jaderston

Franchise Enticement

The A-Team (l-r) Back - Alisha Peters, Jordan Miller; Front -Christy Carter, Kelsey Williamson, Erin Conner


create a “living lab” experience for eal-world business experience meets the classroom business students, employment for the community and extra through a joint effort of the Sterling College business revenue for SC. and advancement departments to bring a franchise to Junior Noah Breeden, leader of the team called Sterling Sterling. Research Group, said, “The value of this type of program is The concept began as a result of Jack DeBoer’s franimmeasurable. Good business students realize that. It will chise challenge last year to the college. DeBoer, a successbenefit the students and make Sterling a place where we want ful entrepreneur, former Oscar Schmidt lecturer and 2005 to spend our money in the community.” Commencement speaker, said that he would provide funds to The teams have turned in their project proposals, and will SC for a franchise in order to encourage Sterling’s economic continue their research throughout the rest of the semester. development. However, the project has strict stipulations: it Junior Christy Carter, leader of the A-Team group, said they must be entirely researched, planned, presented, and run by did some preliminary research. “We students. surveyed community members and “This project is giving them something students at Homecoming, and will with real-life outcomes at stake. It’s a lot be sending out an online survey to of pressure,” said Assistant Professor of students this week,” she said. Business Kevin Hill. The possibilities are numerous for Hill will be handling the academic curwhich type of franchise the students riculum requirements for the endeavor, will choose, but the idea of a restauand Vice President for Institutional rant is one that is being most seriAdvancement Mark Sarver will supervise ously considered. Said Carter, “We’re the research aspects and act as liason with definitely thinking about fast food, but the donor. there are other possibilities as well.” Two teams of five students have be In order to truly know what the gun separate projects, and will continue to students and community want, Carter work on them in an Interterm class called hopes for a large response to the Project Feasibility Practicum. At the end surveys being sent out. “We already of Interterm, they will present their ideas have some good information from a to DeBoer in Wichita, who has the option Team leaders Noah Breeden and Christy Carter face-off marketing study done in Sterling, but to approve one franchise, both or neither. e-off we really want other people to respond, especially students.” According to Sarver, the end goals of the project are to

S t e r l i n g M a g a z i n e • 11

Sterling College AnnualReport Fiscal Year 2005/2006

What an exciting year at Sterling College!

We have been truly blessed with fabulous students, engaging faculty and a staff that goes above and beyond carrying out our mission. As an institution we wanted to produce a year end report more similar to an annual report found in the business world. As Dr. Douglas often points out, we are not a business that uses money as an input and money as a measurable output. Sterling College uses money as an input, but our output is measured by how well we produce students who are creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith. It is our intent to use this annual report to inform our constituents as to the inputs gathered, and the activities undertaken to produce the outputs. This report features snapshots from each of the areas within Sterling College describing the happenings of the past year in their departments and future initiatives to be undertaken. The second section of the report provides audited financial statements, showing a turnaround from years of losses including a $1.3 million shortfall just last year. The transformation is nothing less than miraculous. The third section of this report acknowledges and thanks our donors for their support during the year; a year that saw record giving from all constituents. We chose the theme “Buckle Up” for this year’s report based on a conversation I recently had with an alumnus. As I was telling him about all that was happening on campus and describing the vision and ideas for the future, he simply said, “You better buckle up, this is going to be quite a ride.” Dr. Douglas’ vision for the future of Sterling College will require speed, mobility and at times a few bumps. We ask that you will join us on this exciting adventure. So, “Buckle Up!” -Mark Sarver Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Progress = Change


By Bruce Douglas, PhD, President

cts 1:8 Jesus talked of being in the right position when He said, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you...” Such must be the case with Sterling College. For the past year we have been in combat on every front. There is no progress without change, and with significant change, our renaissance has been dramatic. Academic programs have been rejuvenated. Wonderful scholars in art, history, psychology, communications, literature, biology, music, mathematics and business (two new endowed chairs) have joined our faculty. The freshman class is the largest in the school’s history, and the student body stands at 559 (plus part-timers). Advancement has been enhanced, and gifts grew last year to $6.3 million, a record. Our budget is in surplus, after a $1.6 million deficit last year. People have said to me, “It’s good that you are running the college as a business.” That is not the case, though. First, most businesses are mediocre, and we are on our way to greatness. Also, business uses money as an input and output measurement. A college uses money only as an input: the output is evidence that you are delivering on your mission, and ours is 12 • F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 0 6

“Developing creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith.” Our financial statement tells an interesting story. Our current budget is in balance, but there is no extra money for extra items, with many demands to be met - for academics, technology, faculty, facilities, distance learning, student necessities, and external programs. The future is bright, yet the present is tentative. Much must be done to make this college the best of its kind in the nation. This is a time of dramatic change in higher education. Secretary of Education Spellings created a commission to propose a comprehensive national strategy for postsecondary education because of her concern that our system is falling behind other societies. The group determined that in spite of the increasing needs for higher education in our knowledge-driven society, preparation for, participation in and completion of advanced schooling is inadequate, particularly in low income and nontraditional cohorts. The major concerns, which the secretary is moving to address, are access, affordability, quality and accountability. There is no question what is at stake: academic

freedom for colleges and universities. Sterling will soon have a new strategic plan to address these concerns, among others. We will divide the environment (what we are paid for); mission (how the school makes a difference in our lives); and core competencies (leadership). There is much to do as we practice service learning: listening, doing for others and exchanging values. Among other things there must be a consiliation, which unites the natural sciences as we revitalize and extend our Christian commitment.

Positive Growth By Dennis Dutton Vice President for Enrollment

Sterling College has the largest number of new students in recorded history: about 265 – just over 200 freshmen and 65 transfers. Also for the first time we actually have more new students (58%) from out-of-state than in-state (42%). Just over 90% of the new students are residential and about 70% are male. A high 34% of the new students are minority. Baptist and NonDenominational leads the new student representation with Presbyterian (all types – PCUSA, RP, EPC, PCA) fourth. Total headcount is above 600 (including 47 Sterling High School students enrolled for dual-credit) for only the fourth time in SC history. SC Admissions continues on focusing on students who are interested in a Christ-centered environment where opportunities are abundant. Sterling has the strongest slate of coaches we’ve ever had, all of whom understand the focus on academics as well as faith in addition to being competitive in sports. In order to reach as many students as possible we are traveling to over 50 College Fairs and at least that many high schools this year. We are developing relationships with church youth groups and youth organizations as well. Being able to offer competitive scholarships to make Sterling as affordable as possible is a top concern.

Transition & Transformation By Frank Johnson Vice President for Academic Affairs

Two words best characterize activities in academic affairs over the past year: transition and transformation. There has been significant change in the composition of the faculty. Some have taken positions elsewhere, some retired, some reassigned or replaced given the various needs of the College. Thanks to the continued and ever-increasing generosity of our many friends, Sterling College is thriving. Thirteen new faculty will be in place beginning January 2007. We are preparing to post announcements for several additional positions as well which will begin in August 2007 (library, physics, language, among others as funding permits). I welcome your assistance in locating people who are passionate about Sterling College and its mission to fill these vital assignments. As is evident, this process of transition is anything but complete. While a bit overwhelming at times, this change is positive and is having a profound affect on the campus. The verse of the year could not be more apt: “with God all things are

possible” (Matthew 19:26). We simply could not do this on our own strength or power. God is at work at Sterling College. Transition which could have proved destabilizing has, instead, led to transformation. On every level there is a renewed sense of accountability and ownership concerning academics. Moreover, there is a clearer connection between academics and the total operation. Academics is clearly at the core, but is just one of many vital components of the holistic educational experience that characterizes Sterling College. We are working hard to reach out to those students who are struggling with their studies. There is palpable excitement about missions trips. I also will be leading a team to Ethiopia this summer, and student mission teams are gearing up for destinations such as: Brazil, Turkey, Belize, Kenya and Panama. Students are making the connection between head and heart. We are unashamedly committed to a Christ-centered education. God is blessing the College by bringing talented faculty (several of whom are joining us from state schools or universities) who are pouring their professional lives into the students who are increasingly choosing Sterling College over many other options. We have a rich and storied history, yet our best days are ahead. There are many exciting initiatives in development that will only further our momentum.

“Cooper at Dusk” Photo by Mike O’Connor

S t e r l i n g M a g a z i n e • 13

New Dorms/New Ministry By Mark Tremaine Vice President for Student Life The 2006-2007 academic year has begun with an amazing level of excitement in Student Life. 107 Sterling College students moved into two brand new residence halls that were just completed. The new halls provide students with spacious resident rooms with private baths, two large open lobbies, as well as cable television, internet service (wireless and Ethernet) and phones. The students truly seem to enjoy their new surroundings. This semester also kicked off a brand new program at Sterling College. The Prayer Leader program is utilizing nearly 60 students who are volunteering their time to pray for other students on their wings in the residence halls and to develop personal relationships with them. We are already hearing of the wonderful ways that God is blessing our campus through this ministry of prayer.

Distributive Learning ByTroy Peters Vice President of Distributive Learning

The distributed learning initiative involves two major activities at Sterling College: online learning, and professional and academic partnerships. This initiative was started to give our students different options for taking courses, to provide more academic majors, and to form academic partnerships for seamless transfer into Sterling College, as well as seamless transfer from Sterling College into graduate programs. Sterling’s online learning initiative, known as e.Sterling, is working with an online learning service provider to help insure the success of the program. By focusing on online degree completion programs, rather than full online degrees, we have narrowed our market to adult learners that are seeking to complete a degree already started, or adults wanting to change a career path. All programs offered online operate in 8 week sessions, 14 • F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 0 6

with six different start dates per academic year. Currently, we are working to have our religion and philosophy, Christian ministries, business administration, executive management, teacher education, and liberal studies programs online for start dates during the Spring 2007 semester. In addition to the online degree completion program, e.Sterling is developing certificate programs for professionals needing continuing education. Currently we are developing certificate programs in forensics, accounting and information technology auditing. Furthermore, we are working with school districts in the state of Kansas to provide online professional development programs for school teachers. Forming academic partnerships and articulation agreements with community colleges will serve as a catalyst for students to transfer into Sterling College. As of this writing, we are working closely with Barton County Community College, Cloud County Community College, Colby Community College, Hutchinson Community College, and Johnson County Community College. In addition to these Kansas community colleges, we have started initial talks with Macomb Community College in Michigan. Not only are academic partnerships valuable for transferring students into Sterling College, they also become a good segway for students seeking to further their degree. Forming partnerships and working closely with graduate schools helps our students be successful with the rigor of post baccalaureate work. Currently, Sterling College has a partnership with Walsh College in Troy, MI for several MBA programs, with plans to find graduate school partners for all of Sterling’s undergraduate programs.

Athletics on the Rise By Andy Lambert Athletic Director

We are very excited with our athletic programs for 2006/07. Our department has a record number of athletes this year ( over 300 ) and we are excited about

the competitive levels each team will achieve. We look to new leadership in men’s basketball and volleyball along with the anticipation of continued success with our women’s basketball. Baseball and softball will continue to build competitive programs. Soccer and football both have just finished their seasons with great success. I am very excited about the expansion of our track and cross country teams and am looking forward to adding golf in 2007 and tennis in 2008.

New Mission/Vision in Student Government

By Karin Lederle SGA President

This year is a time of transformation for Student Government. We have a highly motivated Executive Cabinet who want to see this year be successful and the best that Sterling has seen. The Bible states that without a vision, people perish, therefore SGA has developed a mission and vision statement for SGA. The new SGA mission statement is “To serve students and develop leaders.” We value leadership training and feel this is an area that can always be improved upon. In order to work towards this goal, we want to develop better leaders by providing various training opportunities for our students. Another new initiative is to encourage all of our student organizations to participate in at least one service project during the year. We do not want our students to step into the job market with a misunderstanding concerning leadership. Our desire is that Sterling College students be ahead of the game, not by just knowing the proper techniques it takes to be an effective leader, but even more importantly understanding servant leadership and practicing servant leadership. As SGA, we help communicate student ideas and concerns to the Administration and we also provide fun and enjoyable activities to make life at Sterling College a little more fun.

Sterling College Honor Roll of Donors Sterling College is truly grateful and humbled to receive financial support from over 3,000 donors last year. Without this help, Sterling would not be able to fulfill its mission to develop creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith. We recognize you here as a way to say “thank you very, very much” and to note your testimony of your commitment to the value of this most important

investment in tomorrow’s leaders. Supporting Partners recognized in this listing gave gifts from July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006. Every effort has been made to ensure that this listing is complete and accurate. If there is a discrepancy in the information, please call the Office of Institutional Advancement at 620-278-4219.

President’s Circle $10,000.00 +

Mr. Kent W. Peters Mrs. Margaret Riley Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Sibley Dr. & Mrs. Roger C. Trotter Mr. & Mrs. H. Richard Troy Ms. Mary H. Wilson

Rev. & Mrs. Charles M. Ayers Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Bender Dr. Russell D. Byall Mr. D. Scott Carter \\& Ms. Heather L. McCreery Miss Phyllis L. Crouse Miss Shirley F. Crouse Mr. & Mrs. L.D. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Jack P. DeBoer Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Douglas Mr. & Mrs. Carl Dudrey Mrs. Mildred C. Dunn Mrs. E. Rose Eatinger White Mr. Damian Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Gilmore Mr. & Mrs. Howard C. Hay Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Henkle Mr. & Mrs. Randall C. Henry Mrs. Thelma Hodges Mrs. Eva E. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Willi Maier Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. McCreery Mr. & Mrs. M.D. McVay Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Rogers

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Sale Dr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Simpson Mr. Clay Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Thompson Mr. Fred & Mrs. Harriett Van Bebber Dr. & Mrs. Michael E. Wiebe Mr. & Mrs. John S. Wilkey Mr. & Mrs. Gene H. Zaid-West

McCreery $5,000.00 + Dr. & Mrs. Colin Bailey Rev. & Mrs. William J. Best Dr. & Mrs. J. Robert Campbell Dr. & Mrs. Alan S. Cureton Mr. & Mrs. Harold DeWalt Mr. & Mrs. Ray E. Dillon, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Arnold Froese Mr. John J. Gault Mr. & Mrs. Gregory W. Genovese Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Larsen Dr. Thomas O. McKown Mr. & Mrs. K. T. O’Brien Dr. & Mrs. Daniel N. Pauls

Thompson $3,500.00 + Mr. & Mrs. L. Keith Adams Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Brownlee Mrs. Martha L. Doutt Mr. Alfred Frahm Mrs. Lucile G. Hamm Mr. & Mrs. Duane A. Johnson Duane Johnson Farm, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Royer Mr. & Mrs. Geral Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Max E. Stauffer Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Walcott Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Wyatt

Gleason $2,500.00 + Mr. Kirk A. Baruth

Ms. Marty J. Behrendt Rev. & Mrs. J. William Brewer Rev. & Mrs. Robert R. Cunningham Rev. John W. Irwin Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jespersen Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Kelsey Dr. C. Oliver Kenagy Mr. & Mrs. Sam W. Knecht, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Albert O. Learned Mr. Arlen Nuest Mrs. Vera Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Gene Renollet Mr. & Mrs. Lee Tank Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Thompson

Sterling $1,000.00 + Dr. & Mrs. Albert B. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Kurt A. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Curtis E. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bornhoeft Miss Barbara A. Borst Dr. & Mrs. Wayne Broky Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Brown H o n o r R o l l o f D o n o r s • 15

Honor Roll of Donors Ms. Vesta Brue Mr. Brumfield Judge & Mrs. Paul M. Buchanan Miss Frances N. Calderwood Mr. & Mrs. William J. Calderwood Rev. & Mrs. Charles J. Carson Mr. & Mrs. Dale Chadwick Mr. Anderson Chandler Dr. & Mrs. Jerome L. Chandler Mrs. Mildred Chisholm Col. & Mrs. Randolph Copeland Mrs. E. Marie Courtney Mr. Phil Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Cundith Mr. James S. Cunningham Mrs. Julia A. Dailey Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Davidson Mr. & Mrs. Lauren D. DeBuhr Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dillon Mrs. Glennys Doane Mrs. Evelyn Engelland Dr. & Mrs. H. Daniel Fahrenholtz Mr. Jonathon R. Federwisch Mr. & Mrs. Don Ferrari Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Foster Ms. Vicki L. Frahm Dr. & Mrs. Craig A. Gannon Mr. & Mrs. Urban Gathman Mr. & Mrs. Franklin H. Glynn Mr. & Mrs. John W. Grove Mr. Ronald R. Hamm Mrs. Carolyn J. Haney Dr. & Mrs. Robert Neil Hazlett Miss C. Emily Horton Rev. & Mrs. David P. Irwin Mr. & Mrs. William H. Irwin Mr. & Mrs. Fran Jabara Mr. Homer C. Jennings Rev. & Mrs. D. Gordon Jewett Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Kinney Mrs. Bernice I. Kirkton Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Kneidl, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Barry Korbelik Mr. & Mrs. Rob Krehbiel Mr. & Mrs. Andy Lambert Mr. & Mrs. Joe A. Lang Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Learned Mr. & Mrs. Henry Lederle Dr. Sara J. MacDonald Mrs. Clarice Mathews-Engstrom Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. McCreery Mr. Robert W. McCrory Miss Tamela D. McGlynn Miss Betty E. McGrew Rev. & Mrs. Robert E. Meanor Mr. & Mrs. Louis E. Means Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Meester Mr. Nation Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Terry K. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Daryl K. Nuss 16 • F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 0 6

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Oates Mr. & Mrs. William F. Oline Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Olsen Mr. Harold O. Patton Dr. & Mrs. Troy D. Peters Mr. Clarence W. Pollock Ms. Janet A. Postier Rev. & Mrs. Donald L. Ray Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Reed Mrs. Margaret A. Russell Rev. & Mrs. Richard R. Schechter Mrs. Mary Ellen Scott Mrs. Annetta Shepherd Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sievert Mrs. Jerry Simpson Mrs. Grace P. Sizoo Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Smith Rev. & Mrs. Parker E. Smith Dr. & Mrs. Ted C. Smythe Dr. & Mrs. Alfred L. Spotts Mr. & Mrs. Ritchey Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Andreas Stylianou Rev. & Mrs. Paul H. Sutton Mr. & Mrs. Jason D. Thayer Mr. & Mrs. Corbin Thomas Mrs. Melba L. Treaster Mrs. Phyllis Tucker Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Veitch Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Whitman Mr. Ray F. Williford Mr. Douglas D. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. John P. Wilson Mr. Parker Woolmington Mrs. Marjorie Zwart

Cooper $500.00 + Mrs. Beryle I. Adams Dr. & Mrs. Michael E. Agnew Mr. Wilbur J. Aikin Mrs. Joyce S. Baker Dr. Dorothy L. Behnke Mrs. Kathleen Black Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Boeken Mrs. Charlotte L. Brewer Dr. & Mrs. Ken Brown Dr. & Mrs. Roger K. Brown Mrs. Carol Gene Brownlee Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Brownlee Mr. Norman C. Buehler Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Calderwood Rev. & Mrs. Donald H. Calderwood Mrs. Margaret A. Calderwood Mrs. Darla D. Carson Mrs. Vicki Caywood Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Chambers Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cheyney Rev. & Mrs. Frank R. Churchill, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Clark Mr. Brian A. Coleman Mr. Malcolm L. Coomber Mr. Robin Cuany Miss Miriam Curts Rev. & Mrs. Albert M. Damon Mr. & Mrs. Christian D. Dashiell Miss Tricia L. Davidson Dr. Carolyn Dunham Mr. & Mrs. W. Bryan Edwards Mrs. Joleen Ewert Ms. Norma Jean Fair Mr. & Mrs. David A. Fath Miss Susan Folsom Mrs. Meg Fraiser Mr. Jeremy A. Frederick Mr. & Mrs. Dewayne V. Freshour Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Frisbee Mr. & Mrs. J. David Fullinwider Mr. & Mrs. Darrel L. Gee Miss Mary J. Gillis Mrs. Clara Jean Gleason Mrs. Mary Ruth Graham Miss Mary Beth Haan Mr. & Mrs. James C. Haggerty Rev. & Mrs. Gerald Hallberg Mrs. Janet Halloran Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Haspels Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Hemphill Mr. & Mrs. Ty A. Herrington Mr. & Mrs. William M. Herrington Dr. Vickie L. Hess Mrs. Lois E. Himes Mr. & Mrs. Kurt M. Hogan Mrs. Mary Kay Houghton Mrs. Shirley E. Ingerly Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy R. James Mrs. Marjorie A. Jarrett Mr. & Mrs. George P. Jenkins Mrs. Jean F. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Loren A. Jones Miss Kathleen Kane Rev. Alfred A. Kelsey Mr. Kenneth D. Killian Mrs. Jill T. Konkey Mr. Charles D. Koontz Mr. & Mrs. Keith Lauer Miss Jeanne A. Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Lengel Mr. & Mrs. Gene Lightner Mr. & Mrs. Edmund H. Lowry Mrs. Ella M. Mann Mr. & Mrs. Larry Martz Miss Aleta J. Matthews Ms. Sherry L. McCrory Mr. Greg J. McGlynn Mrs. Lila Mehl Mrs. Helen Jane Montgomery Mr. Daryl E. Murphy Mr. Meredith L. Myers and Ms. Eileen Matthews

Mr. Steven & The Rev Dr Lynne Myers Rev. & Mrs. Alfred H. Noakes, III Mrs. Claris M. Nystrom Mr. & Mrs. Boyd R. Orr Rev. & Mrs. Carl B. Orr Mrs. Pauline Owens Ms. Michelle Pitts Mr. Don Ray Mrs. Myrna J. Ray Mr. & Mrs. John R. Rimmer Dr. & Mrs. Richard Robl Mrs. Joyce M. Rocco Mr. & Mrs. Dean Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rominger Mrs. Cheryl L. Runyan Mr. & Mrs. Lee Sankey Dr. & Mrs. Mark Sarver Mr. & Mrs. Andrew B. Schechter Mrs. Olga E. Schechter Mr. & Mrs. David M. Shaw Mr. Admasu Shunkuri Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Sickles Rev. & Mrs. Richard C. Smith Dr. & Mrs. Dale N. Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sparks Mr. Andrew G. Spotts Ms. Sylvia G. Staley Mr. & Mrs. James A. Steinbacher Mr. & Mrs. Terence J. Swanson Mr. & Mrs. M. William Syrios Mrs. Laura Tai Mr. James S. Tedford Ms. Sandra L. TerMeer Mrs. Luella Thiesen Mr. & Mrs. John Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Brian S. Timken Mr. & Mrs. G. Kenneth Tippin Mr. & Mrs. James R. Turner Mr. & Mrs. Max Van Horn Mr. & Mrs. Glenn W. Weber Miss Gail J. Wenos Dr. Jack M. Westfall and Dr. Audrey Yee Mrs. Lois M. Worl

Warrior $250.00 + Mrs. Portia Allbert Mr. & Mrs. Donald Asher Mr. & Mrs. Keith Asmus Mr. & Mrs. Harold B. Axtell Ms. Beverly Banks Miss Mary B. Barr Mrs. Mary E. Bartlett Miss Bertha B. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Milo Bettis Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Billings Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Bingle, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. Blodgett Mr. & Mrs. Steve Boese Mr. & Mrs. Robert Booth Mr. Barry J. Bowers Mr. Robert Bradley Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Brewer Mr. D. L. Broadstreet Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Norman W. Brown Dr. Elliott B. Byall Miss Melissa S. Calderwood Mrs. Maxine Campbell Ms. Marlis L. Carson Dr. Frank H. Chesky Mr. & Mrs. F. Allen Clerihue Mrs. Mary Lou Comley Mr. & Mrs. David Conklin Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Coons Rev. & Mrs. Dean R. Copeland Miss Linda Criswell Mrs. Marion E. Cuddeback Mr. & Mrs. William W. Davies Dr. & Mrs. Walter W. Davis Mrs. Carolyn L. Detmer Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Dickson Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Dillard Dr. & Mrs. James E. Douglass Mrs. Beverly DuGay Dr. Maurice L. Duggins Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Dutton Mr. & Mrs. David S. Earle Mr. & Mrs. Gale H. Earle Mrs. Judy L. Ellsworth Mr. Terry L. Engelhardt Dr. Marianna Erickson Mr. & Mrs. Keith Fairchild Mr. Donald L. Farmer Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Feddern Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fellows Mrs. Mary M. Finney Rev. Edward C. Fish Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Forrest Mr. & Mrs. Cort A. Fraser Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Gant Mr. & Mrs. D. Michael Gordon Col. & Mrs. James Griffith Miss Jill J. Grove Miss Michelle Hall Mr. & Mrs. Douglas O. Haltom Mr. Rick Hann Mrs. Sandra L. Harwood Mrs. Edith Hayes Ms. Kati Helzer Mrs. Helen Henry Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Hicks Mr. David A. Hindman Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hoekstra Mr. & Mrs. William Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Lester C. Hoover Mrs. Vivian R. Hulsopple

Mrs. S. Lynne Huncovsky Mrs. Christine Huntsman Mrs. Ina Hurley Mr. & Mrs. Steven G. Huston Dr. & Mrs. James R. Irwin Mr. & Mrs. R. Dean Jarrett Mr. & Mrs. Deral J. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Ed Jones Mrs. Louise W. Judy Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Dee G. Kepley Mr. & Mrs. W. David Kilbourn Rev. & Mrs. Leonard O. Knox Ms. Eva I. Koontz Mr. & Mrs. Al Kruse Dr. Nancy L. Kupsinel Miss Carrie R. Lambing Mrs. Helen H. Larsen Mr. & Mrs. John Lavere Mr. & Mrs. Mark Layng Dr. & Mrs. Sang Ki Lee Mrs. Helen F. Leslie Mrs. Diana L. Liskey Rev. Richard A. Madsen Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Steven Marsh Ms. Margaret R. Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. McClure, IV Rev. & Mrs. C. William McConnelee Mr. Daryl F. McConnelee Ms. Heather E. McCormack Mr. Mark McCrory Dr. & Mrs. W. Joseph McFarland Ms. Jan McLees Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Means Mr. & Mrs. Jim Merrick Rev. & Mrs. John R. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Gary P. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Bill R. Moberly Mr. & Mrs. Jesse A. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Justin Morris Mr. & Mrs. Leo W. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Morrison Ms. Grace L. Nichol Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Nichol Mr. Richard F. Nichol Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Richard O’Hanlon Mr. & Mrs. Allan R. Orr Rev. & Mrs. F. Edward Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Peters Mrs. Charlotte A. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Peterson Mrs. Margaret E. Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Phelps Mr. & Mrs. Brett D. Phipps Mr. Ben Pierce Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Piland Mrs. W. Jean Pitzer Mrs. Mary M. Poole Mr. & Mrs. Brett Prochaska

Mrs. Donna Proffitt Mrs. Susan Proffitt Mrs. Bonnie E. Quick Mrs. Virginia A. Reed Mr. & Mrs. James C. Remsberg Mrs. Daisy E. Riedl Mr. Philmore Robertson, Jr. & Ms. Kathryn J. Caywood Rev. Stuart D. Robertson Dr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Rolfs Ms. Nadine A. Rome Mr. & Mrs. John V. Ryan Mrs. Donna J. Shiblom Mrs. Elizabeth A. Shipp Mrs. Lois M. Sieverling Mr. Robert D. Sjogren Mr. & Mrs. Lyle S. Smith Ms. Phyllis L. Spotts Rev. Chase H. Stafford Dr. & Mrs. M. Lee Steinmetz Mrs. Doris M. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. W. Gregory Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Stinson Mrs. Marcia E. Stone Mr. & Mrs. Gayl Stucky Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie L. Svaty Rev. & Mrs. Elwyn L. Tedford Miss M. Lynne Tedford Ms. Amy R. Thompson Dr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Thornton Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. Tice Mrs. Mary Ellen Tippin Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth T. Van Meter, Jr. Mrs. Sarah E. Van Roekel Miss Gretta Elizabeth VanDuker Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Varner Ms. Mary L. VerSteeg Rev. & Mrs. James E. Vincent Mr. & Mrs. Morgan L. Watts Mr. & Mrs. Ed R. Webb Miss LeAnn Weller Rep. & Mrs. Jack R. Wempe Mrs. Alice M. Whitmer Mrs. Ruth Wilcox Mr. & Mrs. Lewis “Gil” Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Windle Mr. & Mrs. Lee Woodford Mr. & Mrs. Scot W. Wrighton Mr. & Mrs. William M. Wyatt Mrs. Marjorie S. Yates Mr. William Zavesky, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Todd Zimmerman

Campus $100.00 + Dr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Adams

Mrs. Marci L. Adams Mr. & Mrs. James E. Akins, Jr. Mrs. Anna Mae Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Algeo Mrs. Mildred H. Allen Anderson Alignment Service, Inc. Mr. Brian Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Ian M. Anderson Mr. Keith J. Anderson Dr. Robert C. Andringa Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Ankerholz Mr. & Mrs. Kent Anthony Mrs. Corrine L. Arnold Miss Emilie J. Arnold Mr. Richard T. Ashley Mr. John L. Atkinson B & B Hydraulics, Inc. Mrs. Jean H. Bachman Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bacon Mr. & Mrs. Jack Baird Mr. & Mrs. William R. Ball Mr. Melvin L. Balogh Mr. & Mrs. James Banwart Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Baptista Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Barr Miss Kristina A. Barrow Mr. & Mrs. Denison S. Bassett Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Bay Mrs. Kay J. Beach Ms. Donna Beer Dr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Beiler Mr. & Mrs. J. Morris Bell Mrs. Nancy Bell Mr. & Mrs. Don Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Jeff L. Bennett Ms. Sheri Bennett Mrs. Barbara A. Benson The Honorable & Mrs. Robert G. Bethell Dr. & Mrs. Stanley L. Bettin Mr. & Mrs. David W. Bircher Mrs. Irene Bireline Rev. & Mrs. Glenn T. Black Mr. & Mrs. Dale K. Blackwood Mr. J. H. Blackwood Mrs. E. Ann Blose Mr. & Mrs. Richard Boese Mrs. Sarah Bonello Mr. Clell E. Bontrager Dr. & Mrs. Scott D. Booker Dr. & Mrs. Doc Bosch Mrs. Nancy L. Bowen Mrs. Kathleen Brashear Mr. & Mrs. N. A. Bretz Mrs. Janice A. Bretz-Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Brinser Dr. Reuben H. Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Brothers Mrs. Sharon S. Brower Mr. & Mrs. Andrew G. Brown H o n o r R o l l o f D o n o r s • 17

Honor Roll of Donors Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Brown Mrs. Christine L. Buchanan Mrs. Lou Ann Buckwalter Ms. Mary E. Burrichter Miss Beverly A. Bush Mrs. Letha A. Bush Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Calderwood Rev. & Mrs. Mark H. Caldwell Mr. & Mrs. Barry R. Campbell Dr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Cantrell Mr. & Mrs. Aaron L. Carmichael Mr. & Mrs. Roy L. Carson Miss Charity G. Carter Dr. & Mrs. David Castrodale Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Caywood Mr. & Mrs. John Caywood Mr. & Mrs. John Chadwell Dr. Bruce C. Champlin Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Chandley Rev. & Mrs. Cecil L Christian Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Christian Mrs. Dottie Chrouser Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Claassen Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Clifton Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Clifton Mr. & Mrs. Don Colberg Mrs. Sharon J. Cole Mrs. Paula S. Collie Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Clark J. Comley Mr. & Mrs. Eric A. Commer Mrs. Peg Condray Mrs. Dorothy Cooley Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Coombs Rev. Dr. E. Clark Copeland Mr. & Mrs. James C. Copley Mr. & Mrs. Leonard R. Coryea Mr. David Cree Mr. & Mrs. Randall M. Crouse Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Cundall Mr. & Mrs. Harry Cureton Mr. Luke Cureton Mr. & Mrs. E. David Curts Mr. & Mrs. William E. Cuthbertson Mrs. Dorothy I. Cutliff Mrs. Urve Daigle Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Dashiell Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Davidson Mrs. Cathy Davis Dr. & Mrs. D. Ralph Davis Mr. & Mrs. Tom R. DeSalme Miss Anna K. Detrich Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Dewey Ms. Jean A. Dickson Mrs. Elaine M. Dill Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Dill Mr. & Mrs. Brad Dillon Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Chester R. Dorsey Ms. Marva Lee L. Doud 18 • F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 0 6

Mr. William G. Dunn Mr. Gene Eatinger Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Edgar Mr. Stephen M. Ekerberg Mrs. Marjorie C. Elgin Mrs. Maria N. Engelbrecht Mr. & Mrs. John A. Engelland Mr. & Mrs. William Ernst Mr. & Mrs. Dale O. Evans Mrs. Helen C. Evans Dr. & Mrs. Randall K. Fahrenholtz Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Fairchild Rev. Roberta A. Fall Mrs. Juanita L. Farrer Mr. & Mrs. Jack G. Fast Mr. & Mrs. Randy Feather Mr. & Mrs. Michael Felder Mr. Keith B. Ferguson Dr. & Mrs. C. Lee Filker Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fisher Ms. Doris K. Ford Mrs. Naomi A. Ford Lt. Cmdr. & Mrs. D. Brian Foster Mr. & Mrs. David S. Foster Dr. L. Thane Frazier Mr. Mark W. Frazier Mr. & Mrs. Duane Frederick Mr. & Mrs. John D. Frederick Mr. & Mrs. Mac Frederick Dr. & Mrs. Warren S. Freeborn Mrs. Marilyn Freese Ms. Nicholee C. Froese Rev. & Mrs. Charles M. Fullinwider Dr. & Mrs. Courtney Furman Dr. Robin Gallaher Branch Mrs. Patricia J. Gammel Mr. James M. Gannon Mrs. Kathryn A. Gardner Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Neal Gasper Miss Dorinda Gates Ms. Christine K. Gathers Ms. Kathleen F. Gathers Mr. & Mrs. James E. Gift Rev. & Mrs. William A. Gildehaus Mrs. Lorina M. Gillen Dr. & Mrs. Milton D. Gilmore Mr. & Mrs. Scott Glasscock Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Gordon Mrs. Betty Graebner Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Gray Mrs. Diana L. Gregory Mr. & Mrs. William W. Griggs Mrs. Viola Groote Mr. & Mrs. Jerald Hadley Rev. C. Craig Hall Mrs. Pam Haltom Mr. & Mrs. Calvin E. Hammond Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Hanna

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Harmon Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Harrell Mr. Clarke Hunter Harris Rev. & Mrs. John L. Hart Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Hayden Mrs. Audrey F. Heasty Mr. Douglas Heck Mrs. Lois J. Hefley Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hendry Mr. Arthur F. Henry, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Justin B. Henry Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Hickman Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Hicks Mrs. Florence E. Hill Mr. & Mrs. S. Reed Hindman Mrs. Naomi Hinkle Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hodges Mr. & Mrs. Brad Holder Mrs. Marcella K. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. Hood Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Hookstra Mr. & Mrs. Randle K. Hope Mr. & Mrs. J. Eugene Horton Mr. & Mrs. Steve Hosman Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Huebert Mrs. Mary E. Hughes Dr. Rebecca F. Huselid Mrs. Doris A. Iraca Rev. & Mrs. J. Michael Irwin Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. John Mr. & Mrs. Edward N. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. James D. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Tollef Johnson Mrs. Norma Johnston Ms. Marjory E. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Shane Jones Mr. & Mrs. Wayne G. Joosse Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Bernard C. Juskiewicz Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Kaminski Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kammerzell Mrs. Bridget R. Kappelmann Mrs. Joyce E. Kaup Mrs. Ann J. Keeling Mrs. Vida M. Keller Mr. Donald R. Kelsey Ms. Janet Kenny-Smith Mrs. Mardelle Kenyon Mrs. Diana Kerle Mrs. Mary B. Keys Mr. Charles R. Kimble Major & Mrs. Charles D. Kirby Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Kish Dr. & Mrs. Henry M. Kissman Mrs. Lola V. Klepper Mrs. Dorothy I. Kleppinger Rev. Gordon S. Kling, Sr. Mr. Gordon S. Kling & Mrs. Diane DeFranco-Kling Ms. Merrillyn B. Kloefkorn

Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Krantz Mr. Elwin L. Kroeker Mrs. Elizabeth A. Kruse Mrs. Louise Kruse Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Kufahl Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Kvasnica Mr. & Mrs. Clayton M. Laird Mr. & Mrs. David W. Lane Mr. & Mrs. Scott L. Lang Ms. Katherine Langan Dr. W. C. Lanning Ms. Helen M. Larsen Rev. Jane A. Larsen-Wigger Mrs. Tracey A. Lassiter Mrs. Patricia M. Laudermilk Mrs. Alma Lauer Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Lebsack Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Ledesma Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Lemon Miss Jodi S. Lightner Miss Melanie Lightner Mr. & Mrs. Philip N. Little Mr. & Mrs. Phillip A. Little Mr. W. Merle Loewen Mr. & Mrs. Harvey A. Long Miss L. Eileen Loomis Ms. Gwen Lorenz Ms. Lila B. Lothson Mr. & Mrs. D. Scott MacLeod Dr. Keith W. Marlow Dr. & Mrs. Dean A. Marsh Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Justin L. Martin Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm J. Martin Mr. & Mrs. C. Stanley Maughlin Mrs. V. Christine Maxwell Mrs. Margaret L. Maxwell Mrs. Peggy J. McAdoo Mrs. Mildred M. McAllaster Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. McArthur Mr. Michael R. McCarty Mr. Roland C. McConnell Miss Patricia E. McCrary Mr. & Mrs. Harold K. McCreight Mr. & Mrs. John W. McCreight Mrs. Juanita McCreight Mrs. Mary Lou McCreight Mr. & Mrs. James R. McCrory Mrs. Joyce M. McDowell Dr. & Mrs. Albert Dean McElroy Mrs. Vivian D. McFadden Miss Carol S. McGurk Mrs. Mary E. McKinley Mr. Darryl W. McKinney Miss Susan F. McKinney Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. McMahan Mr. & Mrs. Dwight E. McMillen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald McReynolds Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. McWhirter Dr. & Mrs. J. Bruce Melton Mr. & Mrs. George Mendenhall

Major & Mrs. Dallas Merritt, III Rev. & Mrs. John W. Mikow Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Miller Mr. & Mrs. Jim Milleville Mr. & Mrs. Steve Millham Mr. & Mrs. Howard Miskimon Dr. & Mrs. John J. Mitchell Dr. Ruth Montgomery-Short Rev. & Mrs. David T. Moore Dr. Victoria M. Moots Mr. & Mrs. Lowell D. Morrill Mr. & Mrs. Ralph G. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Eldon T. Morti Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Mosher Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd R. Muilenburg Rev. & Mrs. William Mulford Mrs. Donna Munsey Mr. Melvin L. Muxlow Mr. Nathan W. Nance Mr. & Mrs. Gerald H. Nichol Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Nisly Rev. & Mrs. Denzel E. Nonhof Mr. & Mrs. Larry Nordstedt Mr. & Mrs. James A. Nystrom Mr. & Mrs. Loy Oldham Mr. & Mrs. Brad Olsen Mrs. Karen Olson Mr. Raymond Olson Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Osborn, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. James R. Ottem Miss Shannon J. Pahlow Ms. Gale L. Palmer Mr. Girma Paulos Mrs. Winifred M. Pearsall Mr. & Mrs. Harlan Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Duane I. Pickett Mr. & Mrs. John Pierce Miss Carla M. Pim Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Polgreen Miss Elizabeth J. Pollock Mr. & Mrs. James Poole Mrs. Marjorie A. Powers Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Prather Mr. David P. Ramer Dr. & Mrs. Delvin D. Randolph Mr. Jack Rathbun Mr. & Mrs. George L. Records Mrs. Estelle Reed Mr. & Mrs. R. Mark Reed Mr. & Mrs. Shawn R. Reed Ms. Carol J. Regehr Mr. Perry E. Reger Mr. Tony Renollet Mr. Gerald R. Richman Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Riedl Mr. & Mrs. Brennan T. Riffel Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ringwall Mrs. Grace Rishel Mrs. Gladys E. Ritterhouse Mr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Roberts

Ms. Josephine A. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Robson Mr. & Mrs. Terrence M. Robson Rev. & Mrs. Thomas E. Robson Miss Anna M. Roe Mr. & Mrs. Doug Rogers Mr. Edgar A. Rose Mrs. Lori C. Rosenhagen Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Rowland Mr. & Mrs. Todd Rowland Dr. Mary E. Ruthi Mrs. Alta Rutland Mrs. Sigrid E. Rynerson Dr. & Mrs. William J. Salyers, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Willard Sampson Mr. & Mrs. Harold Sandusky Mrs. Gladys Sargent Rev. & Mrs. Ethan D. Sayler Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Schechter Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Schenck Mrs. Lucille M. Scheufler Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schirer Mrs. Gwendolyn Schlender Mrs. Betty J. Schlosser Mr. & Mrs. Clark A. Schmidt Mr. Maurice Schmitt Mr. Newton C. Schoenly, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ken L. Schroeder Mrs. Margaret A. Schutte Mr. Allen K. Sebes Mr. & Mrs. Allan L. Seim Dr. & Mrs. William W. Seybert Mrs. Catherine A. Shanelec Mrs. Stacie J. Sherrick Mr. & Mrs. W. Duane Shiew Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Shriner Mr. & Mrs. Myrt Shuttleworth Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Siemens Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sigley, R.Ph. Mr. James B. Silman, III Mrs. Alletta H. Simon Mr. & Mrs. Jack Simpson Mrs. Shannon L. Slattery Mr. & Mrs. Alan Sleeper Mrs. Coral E. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Smith Dr. & Mrs. Lindall E. Smith Mrs. Margaret L. Smith Miss Natasha M. Smith Mrs. Phyllis A. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Larry B. Sneed Ms. Sarah J. Snyder Rev. & Mrs. John Timothy Soule Mr. & Mrs. Karl A. Southwick Mr. & Mrs. Charles Staab Mrs. Jan A. Stadalman Mr. & Mrs. James L. Stapleton Mr. & Mrs. Pat Staton Mrs. Katherine Stegman Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Steinbacher Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Steinike, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David Stenberg

Mr. Richard O. Stephens Mrs. Jeanne M. Steven Mrs. Amy M. Stevens Mr. & Mrs. Alan D. Stickel Dr. & Mrs. George W. Stickel Mrs. Rebekah J. Stivers Mrs. Lynn Strickler Ms. L. Elaine Stricklett Mrs. Carla J. Strobach Mr. & Mrs. James C. Stuart Mrs. Rhea C. Stuart Rep. Josh Svaty Mrs. Lisa M. Sylvester Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Taylor Dr. & Mrs. Peter W. Teague Rev. & Mrs. J. Mark Tedford Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Thiessen Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Thompson Mrs. Tracy L. Tibbetts Mr. & Mrs. Duane L. Tice Mr. & Mrs. Ron Tice Mr. & Mrs. Steve Timken Mr. & Mrs. Rick Tommer Mrs. Joel F. Trout Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Tuxhorn Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Valentine Rev. & Mrs. Malcolm S. Vandevort Mrs. June Vasey Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Verbarg Mr. & Mrs. Jesse J. Vincent Mrs. Carol H. Vineyard Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Vogan Dr. & Mrs. John E. Vogt Mr. & Mrs. LaVerne Waalkes Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Wade Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Wagler Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Wagner Mr. Robert C. Wallace Mr. Marvin H. Wambsganss Mrs. Katherine A. Webb Mr. Max Wells Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Wesner Mr. Cameron E. West Mrs. Marcia Wheatcroft Mr. & Mrs. Hal N. White Mrs. Thelma White Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Whitmer Mr. & Mrs. Walter Whitson Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wicklund Mr. Darwin Widmer Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne J. Wilson Rev. & Mrs. Wm. Sherman Wilson Miss Traci J. Wolfe Ms. Cynthia M. Woods Mr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Woodyard Mrs. Eleanor M. Work Mrs. Lois H. Wortman Mrs. Kathryn C. Wuthnow

Mr. Jeffrey A. Yerington Mr. & Mrs. Martin V. Ziegler Mrs. Mary Ann Zimmerman Mrs. Linda I. Zuidema

Memorials In memory of Blanche Bennett “S” Club Mr. & Mrs. Bradley E. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Curtis E. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Jeff L. Bennett Ms. Sheri Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Leon Burch Mr. Merlin Burch Mr. & Mrs. William J. Calderwood Dr. & Mrs. J. Robert Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Ernest K. Cicilioni Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Cullop Dr. & Mrs. Alan Davidson Mr. Galyn Devore Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Dierksen Mr. & Mrs. Richard Drake Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Duft Mr. & Mrs. Donald Dumler Mr. & Mrs. Stan Engelland Mr. & Mrs. Tom Engelland Mrs. Valerie Erickson Mrs. Alma Fair Mr. & Mrs. David Fankhauser Mr. & Mrs. Don E. Farney Mr. & Mrs. David A. Fath Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Foster Mr. & Mrs. Allen Garrett Mrs. Pauline Haney Mr. & Mrs. Roy Hendricks Mrs. Helen Henry Mr. & Mrs. Randall C. Henry Mrs. Sharon Hildreth Mr. & Mrs. Harry R. Horton Mr. & Mrs. Bud J. Kelley Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Kelso Mrs. Audie Kimball Mr. & Mrs. Sam W. Knecht, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie A. Kruse Mrs. Marilee Kruse Mr. Jeffrey L. Laudermilk Estate of W.A. “Mac” McFerrin Mrs. Janice R. Miller Mr. Max L. Moxley Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Parr Ms. Michelle Pitts Mrs. Susan Proffitt Mrs. Myrna J. Ray Mr. & Mrs. R. Maurice Reed Mrs. Virginia A. Reed Mr. Tony Renollet Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ringwall Mr. & Mrs. Dale D. Rose Mr. & Mrs. Robert Royer Mr. & Mrs. Dwight E. Sauer H o n o r R o l l o f D o n o r s • 19

Honor Roll of Donors Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schirer Mrs. Margie Schmidt Dr. & Mrs. Dale N. Snyder Dr. & Mrs. Alfred L. Spotts Mrs. Jan S. Thorne Mr. & Mrs. Franklyn Wedel Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. White Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Wiebe Mr. & Mrs. John S. Wilkey Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Wilson Mrs. Glenna M. Yoakum Mr. & Mrs. Dell Young In memory of Kathy Brashear Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Learned In honor of Rev. & Mrs. J. William Brewer Mrs. Charlotte L. Brewer Mr. Jamison Brewer In honor of Carol Gene Brownlee Mr. & Mrs. George P. Taylor In memory of Robert Calderwood Mrs. Margaret A. Calderwood In honor of Eloise Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Barry R. Campbell In honor of Mrs. Joyce Collins Mrs. Charlotte L. Brewer In memory of Carolyn Cuany Memorial Mrs. Charlotte L. Brewer In memory of Donna Cunningham Memorial Rev. & Mrs. Robert R. Cunningham In memory of Bettie O. Deemer Ms. Joan Angst Ms. Kaye Bache-Snyder Bartholomew & Wish Mr. Phillip Bartholomew Mr. & Mrs. Russell Bartholomew Mrs. Margaret E. Berhenke Mr. Robert Chatham Mr. Thomas Cree Mr. & Mrs. Harold Dalbom Mr. & Mrs. Earl D. Dean Ms. Sibyl A. Goerner Mrs. Laverne Kellison Mr. & Mrs. Jake Kerby Verdean LeRoy Mrs. Helen F. Leslie Mr. Dale Lumpkins Ms. Barbara B. Pollak 20 • F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 0 6

Ms. Doreen C. Powell Mr. Sidney Rusco Ms. Sarah J. Snyder Mr. Robert P. Thayer Ms. Diana M. Wagner Ms. Winona Webb In memory of Lois Dill Mr. & Mrs. L. Keith Adams In memory of Mr. J. Lamar Dunn Mrs. Mildred C. Dunn In memory of Clair Gleason Mr. & Mrs. John P. Wilson In memory of Raymond L. Gordon Mrs. Janet E. Athavichitchanyaraks Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Gordon Mr. & Mrs. John W. Grove Mrs. Lucile G. Hamm Mr. & Mrs. Philip V. Mathews Mrs. Elizabeth G. McLees Ms. Jan McLees Mrs. Mary L. Morris In memory of Donald L. Graebner Mrs. Betty Graebner In honor of Jim & Sally Haggerty Mr. & Mrs. Shane Jones In memory of Charles M. Hall Mr. & Mrs. George L. Records In memory of Opal O. Hall Mr. & Mrs. George L. Records In memory of Katheryne Hamilton Mrs. Kathleen Black Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Davidson Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Edgar Mr. & Mrs. Richard Evans, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Van Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Frank Triffet

In memory of Ollie G. Hill Dr. Bruce C. Champlin In memory of Mrs. Joan Horton Mrs. Mary H. Knecht In honor of Leila Jackson; Jane Gordon; Betty Schrammel Mrs. Betty J. Schlosser In memory of G. Loren Jones Mr. & Mrs. Loren A. Jones In memory of Alfred A. Kelsey Miss Frances N. Calderwood Mr. & Mrs. William J. Calderwood Mr. & Mrs. S. Reed Hindman Mr. Donald R. Kelsey Mr. & Mrs. Harold K. McCreight Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McFadden Mrs. Helen M. Quarnstrom Mr. & Mrs. Joe Victor Mr. David E. Young In memory of Helen Mathews Mr. & Mrs. Dell Young In honor of Aleta J. Matthews Dr. & Mrs. Ted C. Smythe In memory of Jerry C. Matthews Ms. Eileen Matthews In memory of Klon E. Matthews Ms. Eileen Matthews In memory of Clarence W. McCreight Mrs. Juanita McCreight In memory of David Thomas Mikow Rev. & Mrs. John W. Mikow In memory of Frank W. Montgomery Ms. Marty J. Behrendt In honor of Dr. Ruth Montgomery-Short Mr. & Mrs. Randle K. Hope

In memory of Lorene Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Wyatt

In memory of Fern Price Mrs. Barbara M. Fath

In memory of D. J. Henry Mrs. Jennifer Sturges

In memory of Don Ray Mr. & Mrs. Kent Anthony Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Baker Mr. & Mrs. William R. Ball Mr. & Mrs. LaVerne Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Bay Mr. & Mrs. James D. Bay

In memory of Karen Hite Memorial Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bay Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Beardslee Mr. & Mrs. Jeff L. Bennett Ms. Sheri Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Robert Booth Mrs. Kathleen Brashear Mrs. Karan Burgess Miss Frances N. Calderwood Mr. & Mrs. William J. Calderwood Mrs. Priscilla S. Carder Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Considine Mr. & Mrs. William H. Crofford Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Cross Mrs. Joan Davison Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Dutton Mr. & Mrs. Gale H. Earle Mrs. Evelyn Engelland Mr. & Mrs. John A. Engelland Mr. & Mrs. Mark Engelland Mrs. Helen C. Evans Mr. & Mrs. Don E. Farney Mrs. Barbara M. Fath Mrs. Lelya M. Field Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Flickinger Mrs. Mary Flickinger Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Foster Mrs. Clyda Frederick Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Gable Dr. & Mrs. Rex W. Gibson Mr. & Mrs. William W. Griggs Mr. & Mrs. Ron Groth Mrs. Sally L. Haggerty Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Harper Mr. & Mrs. James L. Hayes Mr. & Mrs. James Heimerman Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Henderson Mrs. Helen Henry Mr. & Mrs. Randall C. Henry Mr. & Mrs. Brian H. Hill Mrs. June Horn Mr. & Mrs. Emmett Hutton Mrs. Norma Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Ed Jones Mr. & Mrs. Tom Key Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Keyes Mrs. Juanita Koblitz Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Lawrence Ms. Sue Lucas Mrs. Linda D. McCreery Ms. Paula G. McFarland Ms. Edith Mooney Mr. & Mrs. Marlen W. Mosier Mr. & Mrs. Sammie Mosier Ms. Pam M. Muns Mrs. Janice L. Oden Mr. & Mrs. Karl E. Otto Paddy’s Restaurant Mr. Dell R. Paschal Mrs. Vera Pearson Ms. Michelle Pitts Mr. & Mrs. Atlee Preheim

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Proffitt Mr. & Mrs. V. Gale Proffitt Dr. & Mrs. Delvin D. Randolph Mrs. Helene Ray Mr. & Mrs. Christopher D. Ross Mrs. Lynn Royer Mr. & Mrs. Dwight E. Sauer Mr. & Mrs. Ted Schafer Mr. & Mrs. Geral Schmidt Mrs. Faye Steffen Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Steffen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Stout Mr. & Mrs. Joe E. Stucky Mr. & Mrs. William H. Sturges Mr. & Mrs. Billy G. Taylor Mrs. Laura Thode Mrs. Dawn S. Thornton Mr. Harold Tilton Mrs. Pat Wagler Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Walton Ms. Sue D. Watson Mr. R. G. Wellman Ms. Dawn Wilkey Mr. & Mrs. John S. Wilkey Mr. & Mrs. Van Wilkey Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Zahradnik Mr. & Mrs. Todd Zimmerman In memory of Elizabeth Jane Reece Mr. M. L. Albright Miss Frances N. Calderwood Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Clough Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Cole Mrs. Mary Lou Comley Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Darrah Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Davidson Ms. Glenna Dellenbach Mr. & Mrs. Jack Fountain Mr. Melvin Gough Mr. & Mrs. John W. Grove Mr. Arthur F. Henry, Jr. Ms. Leah L. Jones Ms. Margie Lundmark Mr. Gary W. Montford Mrs. Cheryl Moser Mr. & Mrs. Sammie Mosier Mr. & Mrs. Jim Nickels Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Oak Mr. & Mrs. Jeff R. Reece Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Regehr Ms. Connie L. Rogalsky Ms. Charlene Schoonover Mrs. Karna F. Schroeder Ms. Greta Snell Mrs. Marcella A. Stitt Mr. & Mrs. Joe E. Stucky Mr. John Summervill Mr. Harold Tilton Mrs. Melba L. Treaster Trinity Doers Sunday School

Mr. & Mrs. Arden Vernon Mr. Steven Yust



In memory of Helen Royer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Royer



In honor of Andrew & Jaime Schechter Rev. & Mrs. Richard R. Schechter


Percentage of Donors by Class (Number in class who gave/total number in class)


10.00% (1/10)

36.36% (12/33) 23.08% (9/39) 50.00% (15/30)


55.26% (21/38)


45.83% (22/48)


43.59% (34/78)


25.00% (1/4)


7.69% (1/13)


12.50% (1/ 8)


12.50% (1 / 8)


34.21% (26/76)


37.50% (18/48)

8.33% (1/ 12)


35.71% (5/14)


25.00% (3 /12)


25.00% (3 /12)


33.33% (7/21)


9.52% (2/21)


26.92% (7/26)


33.33% (9/27)


44.44% (16/36)


44.12% (15/34)

18.59% (37/199)


22.94% (39/170)


16.75% (33/197)


15.90% (38/239)


12.37% (23/186)


17.89% (39/218)


14.09% (31/ 220)















37.78% (17/45) 38.64% (17/44)


14.57% (29/199)

32.73% (18/55) 23.08% (12/52) 24.10% (20/ 83) 32.63% (31/95) 25.45% (28 /110)


23.01% (26/113)


19.61% (30/153)


23.94% (34/142)


25.23% (27/107)


19.87% (31/156)

14.29% (32/224) 16.08% (32/199) 10.99% (20/182) 14.29% (24/168) 12.83% (24/187) 13.37% (23/172)

8.10% (17/210)


11.41% (21/184)


12.50% (20/160)


13.14% (23/175)


9.32% (15/161)


8.99% (16 out of 178)

H o n o r R o l l o f D o n o r s • 21

Honor Roll of Donors 1985




1987 7.75% (10/129)

Totals for All Classes

1988 11.43% (16/140)


9.73% (11/113)


7.44% (16 /215)


7.11% (15/211)


1.37% (5/364)


4.84% (15/310)


4.61% (10/217)


8.57% (21/245)


6.64% (18/271)


7.00% (18/257)


7.87% (21/267)


6.67% (14 /210)


12.73% (21/165)


10.96% (16/146)


8.40% (11/131)


5.93% (8/135)


9.09% (12/132)


6.57% (9/137)

22 • F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 0 6

5.74% (7/122) 5.26% (5/95) 13.69% (1,350/9,860)

Temple City Golden West Baptist Church Tribune First Presbyterian Church Trinity Doers Sunday School Class Tye Baptist Church Waukegan 1st Presbyterian Church Wellington Presbyterian Women Wichita Bethel Presbyterian Wichita Calvary Presbyterian Church Wichita Central Christian Church Wichita Covenant Presbyterian Church Wichita Eastminster Presbyterian Church Wichita Grace Pres. Church Wilson 1st Presbyterian Church York First Christian Church Zenith Presbyterian Church


Estate of W.A. “Mac” McFerrin Estate of Katherine Jones Estate of Oscar B. Tate Estate of Harold & Aileen Evans Estate of Evonda Estella Hershey Enyeart Estate of Marjorie Panning Estate of Marjorie Clayton Wayne H. Anderson Estate Estate of Ruby Thompson Golda U. Bailey Estate

Foundation Caterpillar Inc. ChevronTexaco Matching Grants Program ConocoPhillips Company Consolidated Edison Company of NY, Inc. D.J. Kauffman Agency, Inc. Drs. Howell & Loehr, DDS DuTel Wireles Eaton Corporation First Bank FirstEnergy Foundation Galyon Brothers Construction, Inc. Gambino’s Gilmore Solutions, Inc. Hesse Petroleum Company, L.L.C. Home Lumber Company Hospira, Inc. Hutchinson Clinic, P.A. IBM Corporation ING Matching Gift Program J & J Drainage Products Co. Jacam Chemicals L.L.C. Jeremy’s Paint and Body Shop Johnson Retail Liquor Kersenbrock Funeral Chapel, Inc. KMW Ltd. Landmark Resources, Inc. Lockheed Martin Matching Gift Program for Colleges and Univ. Lyons Federal Savings Association Lyons Realty Co.

Marathon Oil Company Matching Gift Program Mead Retail Liquor Mennonite Press, Inc Miller Homebuilders, Inc. Minward, Inc. Mr. Tee LLP OMNI Plastics, Inc Paddy’s Restaurant Pinnacle Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, PA Presbyterian Manors, Inc. Prof. Reproductions of Ar. Inc. Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts, The Quality Inn Ramsey Oil Hutchinson Raytheon Company Rice County Building and Supply Royer Brothers Tree Service Salon Out Back SBC Foundation Shaw Motor Co., Inc. Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Sprint Foundation Sunflower Electric Supply Inc. Sutton Motor Company The First National Bank of Hutchinson Tucumcari Animal Hospital U.S.A. Inc. Sports Connection United Industries Inc. Wells Fargo Foundation Educational


“S” Club 33 I.N.C. Aeroflight Publications Alden State Bank AmSan, L..L.C Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Aquila, Inc. Arrowhead Resources, Inc. AXA Foundation B B H Enterprises, Inc. Bank of America United Way Campaign Boeing Matching Gift Program Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Julie Jaderston

12.50% (14 / 112)

Sources of Revenue

Net tuition, 23%

Gifts, 39%

Gift revenue increased by 85% over last year, with gift revenue accounting for 39% of the total revenue for the institution. Net tuition increased by 12.2% as a result of increased enrollments this year. Total revenue for the institution increased by 32.9% to $10,104,027. Auxiliary Enterprises, 22%

Other, 6%

Government grants & contracts, 10%

Expenses Student Services, 23% Instruction & Academic Support, 34%

Instruction and Academic Support accounted for 34% of the total expenses for the institution at $3,315,075 for the year. Total expenses for the institution increased a modest 9.5% to $9,809,034. Institutional Support, 21%

Auxiliary Enterprises, 22%

Revenue & Expenses 2006





8000000 6000000 4000000 2000000

In the two prior fiscal years (2005 and 2004) the institution lost $1,390,029 and $1,106,868 respectively. In the fiscal year 2005-06, the institution realized positive revenue position of $390,460. This increase was driven by increases in revenue from tuition and gifts and only moderate increases in total expenses.

0 -2000000




Change in net Assets H o n o r R o l l o f D o n o r s • 23


Fall Sports Updates


The Sterling College men’s and women’s soccer teams finished up their most successful season in school history. The women’s team finished their season with 13-6 overall record and an 8-1 record in the KCAC. This was good enough for a second place finish and a birth to the KCAC Post Season tournament as well as the NAIA Region IV tournament. SC held a top five regional ranking all but one week of the season. The Sterling College men’s team finished its regular season with a 14-6 record, breaking the school record for wins set last year (12). The men’s team as of press time were in the semifinals of the NAIA Region IV tournament looking to make a trip to the NAIA National Tournament. This is the second year in a row that the Warriors have received a bid the NAIA Region IV tourney. The Warriors have shown significant improvement in the past two seasons as bothLevin teams qualified for the KCAC and Shyree works 15 hoursRegional a week in the NAIA tournament. College’s Business Office help pay “This has been a very exciting to for school. year for both of our programs,” said Morris. “Both teams played very competitive schedules this season and fared very well. I am extremely proud our student-athletes.” “We are looking forward to the Regional

tournament and the opportunity to represent Sterling College.”


The Sterling College volleyball team wrapped up its season going 11-23 and 5-13 in the KCAC under new head coach Melvin Balogh. The Lady Warriors finished in eighth place in the KCAC. Sterling played a tough non-conference schedule as they traveled to Sioux City, Iowa and to Des Moines, Iowa to face some very tough opponents. The Lady Warriors lose two seniors - Jen Cook and Megan Thomas. Freshman Renee Swisher was named to the All-KCAC second team.

Cross Country

Cross country ended the 2006 season with a 7th (of 12) place finish at the NAIA Region IV cross country meet in Winfield, KS. Overall it was a good year for the running warriors as individuals ran faster and faster times each week. The women’s team placement at each meet also continued to get better as the season progressed. Sterling had a good rebuilding year with the guys; red shirting four of the

Which Warriors? Last issue’s photo was from page 80 of the 1997 yearbook. Pictured are 1996’s Homecoming royalty: Karl Anderson, Jeremy Frederick, Chuck Haspels, Sarah (Mark) Parker, Maria (Cooper) Cox and Mieka (Woudstra) Stecker. Those who correctly identified the individuals in the picture were Andy Brown ‘97 from South Riding, VA (first out-of-state email) and Robin (Reed) Webb ’97 from Lyons, KS (first in-state-email). Congratulations! The first to reply after December 15, 2006 with the correct identification for this picture from the 1970s, will win an SC travel mug from the SC Bookstore. There will be a winner for each of the following categories: the first correct letter, in-state email and out of state email. No repeat winners please. SC employees are not eligible to win. Send your answer to the Sterling College Alumni Office, 125 W. Cooper Ave, Sterling, KS 67579, or

24 • F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 0 6

five setting them up to have a solid foundation next year. The women’s side loses one Senior Julie Estes, who was KCAC Honorable Mention this year, and should return a solid six runners for next year. “I was very pleased this year with the dedication, determination and work ethic from everyone on the team. Each day it was so exciting to go out to practice knowing each runner was going to give 110% no matter what the workout was,” said coach Jack Dilliard.


The Sterling College football team finished their season with a 7-3 overall record and a 7-2 mark in the KCAC, the best since 1985. Sterling took a big step this season finishing one game away from the KCAC Championship under Head Coach Andy Lambert. Lambert won five games in each of his first two seasons to seven in his third season. The Warriors lost their last game of the season to Friends University 7-20. If the Warriors would have won they would have tied for the KCAC title. The Warriors finished second in the KCAC behind Co-KCAC Champs Friends University and Bethel College. The Warriors finish the season ranked twenty-fifth in the country according to the NAIA National Poll.

New Stadium Complex for Football, Soccer, & Track

Athletics on the Sterling campus is beginning a new era marked by new leadership, new commitment, new vision and new purpose. Under the new leadership of Dr. Bruce Douglas, the 10th president of Sterling, and Athletic Director Andy Lambert, the College has made a long term commitment to improving its athletic programs and upgrading and adding facilities. Part of this new commitment is the addition of Don Reed, former Vice President of Advancement for Sterling, to the athletic staff as Director of Athletic Development. Don’s job is to develop a support base for SC athletics and assist the president and athletic director in securing funds for the growth of the athletic area. “This is a truly exciting task,” remarked Reed when asked about his new role for Sterling. “It’s energizing because of the basic motives that drive this entire new vision. It is Christ-centered and studentfocused. Those two approaches are unique in the arena of sports these days. Sterling’s program is truly designed to help young men and women become persons of quality character who have the opportunity to be strong husbands, wives, fathers and mothers and create for themselves measures of success for the Kingdom of God. This is a natural outcome through Sterling College Athletics that we call More Than Sport: A Laboratory for Life.” Andy Lambert said of Sterling’s “life approach” in the athletic programs, “We want our student-athletes to do more than win contests and get better at their particular sports. We want them to be ready for life – ready to face the tough times as well as the good times. We want them to know that building a life around the life and example and sacrifice of Jesus Christ is the only way that will sustain them through life in this world.” The College has outlined a conceptual long-range facility improvement plan that is most aggressive. It calls for either the upgrading or addition of facilities for every sport. “We don’t

know how long it will take us to complete all the projects we have in the plan, and I suspect the plan will change over the years, but we are starting and that is the important part right now,” said Reed. There has always been a desire to strengthen athletics at Sterling, but until the College was able to acquire 31 acres of land just adjacent to the athletic side of campus, there was little reason to think that improvements were going to happen. But the first project, or Phase I as the athletic folks have titled it, is scheduled to begin in early spring. Phase I will strengthen seven sports at SC: football, men & women’s soccer, men and women’s track and cross country. It will put a new synthetic surface on the current football field that will be expanded so the men and women’s soccer teams will play under the lights as well. Around the new field will be a new rubberized eight-lane track. The expansion from six to eight lanes will allow Sterling to once again hold home track meets and host state high school meets. The new track will also assist in part of the training for the men & women’s cross country teams. The Phase I project has been placed as the top need to provide further enrollment growth for the College. The current track participants of 20 are expected to grow to between 60 and 80 participants. Phase I will also strengthen the academic experience on campus for members of the soccer teams by enabling

them to play their home games at night rather than during the day when players miss up to 35 percent of their classes. Lambert stated, “this project meets real needs for both the College and the Sterling community. Since we share our stadium facility with the public school system, these new changes will help their football and track programs and create a safer venue for all the student-athletes.” The Sterling public schools have endorsed the stadium complex project with a strengthened annual commitment to the use of the College’s facilities of $40,000 for the next ten years. Reed said the fundraising for Phase I totaled $640,000 with a base goal of $1.5 million and the challenge goal to complete all projects planned at $2 million. In addition to the new field surface and track, projects within Phase I are new bleachers for the visiting side of the stadium, new fencing around the stadium complex and landscaping within the fence area. Some retaining wall work exists around the outside of the track because it is lower than the existing grounds around the track and playing field. No improvements to the stadium structure are planned in Phase I. Fundraising efforts are divided into four categories: Leadership gifts, former athletes in the sports affected by the improvement, a Sterling and county-wide effort and work with several identified foundations. If anyone is interested in knowing more about the Phase I project, or the long-range vision, they can call 800-3461017 or email (ask for Don)

S t e r l i n g M a g a z i n e • 25

In The News

SC & CMA Begin Joint Venture has joined in a partnership with Sterling College to reach college age bikers and bring enhanced technology to their ministry training program. This is the first CMA chapter on a college campus. “We are truly excited about the opportunity to partner with CMA; they are a great organization,” said Mark Sarver, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Sterling College. CMA is a non-profit, interdenominational organization dedicated to reaching people for Christ through motorcycling. The Christian Motorcyclists Association began in the 1970’s and has received over 120,000 applications for membership. There are over 800 chapters chartered for membership in the United States alone. Through the CMA international ministry, CMA is represented in other countries throughout the world as well. CMA Chairman, John Ogden sees great value in partnering with Sterling College. “Jesus taught the principle of working together to spread the gospel to all mankind. We are excited about the partnering with Sterling College. This allows us to combine our strengths to be more effective with sharing the life-changing power of Jesus. This is the great commission to reach the entire world.” “Our goal is to be the most innovative Christ-centered institution in the United States, and this is an example of the great things that are happening at Sterling” said Dr. Bruce Douglas, President of Sterling College. “Each of our students

26 • F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 0 6

Julie Jaderston

The Christian Motorcyclists Association

jAlumni Director, Tarah Colvin and CMA Freinds

experiences a curriculum that incorporates servant leadership, experiential learning through a living laboratory program and all new students will have an intercultural experience before graduating.” Sterling’s partnership with CMA will provide one of these unique learning opportunities for serving and learning. Through the CMA’s partnership with Missionary Ventures, Sterling students will now have some additional opportunities to go on mission trips to complete their

form chapters on their campuses and SC anticipates that many colleges will take advantage of this opportunity. Through this partnership, Sterling College will also host the CMA’s ministry online training through eSterling, the college’s online division. Jerod McPherson, CMA Youth Director commented on the new opportunity, “Currently, we send our ministry training to our members on VHS, CD or DVD formats. This is a huge step forward.” Dr. Troy Peters, Vice President for Distributive Education at Sterling, “We expect about 80 members per week to use the webbased training, and will most likely see an increase in that number as the program takes off. We are also planning enhanced training and continuing education for CMA members through our Lay Minister program.” This is not the only new partnership on the horizon for Sterling College. Sarver believes this is the beginning of many such joint ventures. “Sterling’s strategic plan calls for the development of partnerships that create unique opportunities for our students and ways to serve the community as a whole” stated Sarver.

Our g oal is to be the most innovative Christ-centered institution in the United States... Dr. Bruce Douglas

intercultural experience requirement. Natalie Gordon, a junior at Sterling is excited about the partnership. “I think it is fantastic. It’s a chance for Sterling to get out there and try something new.” The Wheeled Warrior chapter on Sterling College’s campus will assist other colleges throughout the United States to

Two Sterling College students attended the National Leadership Forum on Faith and Values in Washington, D.C. September 14 -17. Katie Conklin, Johnstown, Colo., and Karin Lederle, Sterling, Kan., joined 200 other college students nominated by their respective states to discuss successful leadership principles with our nation’s leaders. Both students previously attended the Kansas Leadership Forum in Topeka and were nominated at that time. Former Kansas congressman Jim Slattery, U.S. Reps. Zach Wamp of Tennessee, Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania and U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, were some of the notable speakers who spoke on matters of faith and values in leadership. While in Washington, D.C. the students also participated in various service projects. The service projects were a highlight for Lederle. She was part of a team tasked to clean out a school for students that had not been used in years. “It was great to see people who had never done service projects get excited about the principle of servant leadership and then see them benefit from it,” she observed.

She said she learned the most from Senator Collins, who spoke about her own failures and how she learned from them. “It was so encouraging for us as young, new leaders to hear from the senators that they actually learned more from their failures than their successes and would not change them because of the growth that had taken place. It motivated me to take risks, knowing that even if I fail, I will learn and grow from it,” Lederle said. Conklin thought the best part of the trip for her was small group discussions. “We were all so different and diverse but all very passionate about Christ and leadership. The people you meet and the conversations you have remind you that there is a big world out there. But it also reminds you that even though you are one person, you can do incredible things if you put your mind to it.” Conklin said the National Leadership Forum “instills a motivation and a desire that lasts a long time. They really empower students to chase after their passions and make a difference in the world.” The forum evolved from the National Prayer Breakfast, which college students have been attending since 1973. In 1990,

Photo provided by Karin Ledrle

Sterling College Students Attend National Leadership Forum

Karin Lederle and Katie Conklin in front of Lincoln Memorial

Vice President Dan Quayle invited college students to Washington, D.C. to discuss the importance of faith and values in leadership, an event which grew into the National Student Leadership Forum.

Check out all the news stories on SC’s website:

Mandrae Collins, a 2006 graduate of Sterling College, joins the New York Nationals; a professional basketball team affiliated with the Harlem Globetrotters. Collins will be traveling with the team to the Middle East in December and then to Japan. Collins, a 6-6 forward and native of Denison, Texas achieved many accomplishments his senior year: He was the 2005-2006 Sterling College Men’s Basketball Player of the Year, the 20052006 Sterling College Senior Athlete of the Year, and the 2005-2006 National Tournament Champion of Character Award Recipient. As a freshman, he was named to the All-KCAC Freshman team, and was named KCAC all-conference twice. He finished his playing career with 983 points and was the school’s all-time shot blocker.

Collins graduated this past spring with a degree in business administration. He is well known for his success on the basketball court but even more importantly he is known for his outstanding character and spiritual depth. When asked what brought him to Sterling College, Collins stated “Christ is what brought me [to Sterling College] and He is what kept me [at Sterling].” He recalls one of the highlights of his time at Sterling College was a mission’s trip to Jamaica. “[The Jamaica trip] was one of the best things that ever happened to me and I highly recommend going on a mission trip.” He is the second player to get the opportunity to play in the Globetrotter’s affiliation. 2004 Sterling grad Michael Moncrief also made his debut with the Globetrotters shortly after graduation.

Photo provided by Justin Morris

Mandrae Collins ‘06 signs with the New York Nationals

Mandrae Collins prepares to shoot a free throw at the 2006 NAIA National Tournament

S t e r l i n g M a g a z i n e • 27

Alumni News & Notes

2006 Homecoming Reunions

Tarah Colvin

1951 Class of 1951: Front Row (l-r): Roberta (Dill) McFarland, Melba (Mauck) Treaster, Wanda (Means) Farmer, Vada (Clark) Schechter, Lois (Calderwood) Sieverling, Jacqueline (Wilson) Moberly. Back row: (l-r) Bud Kelley, Gene Spear, Joe McFarland, Al Damon, Paul Turnbull, Wilso Davis.

Tarah Colvin

1956 Class of 1956: Front Row (l-r): David Hindman, Nan (MacDonald) Raiford, Beryl (Bell) Elwood, Belle (Schmidt) Ruhl, Sue (Henry) McAllaster, Oliver Kenagy Back Row (l-r): Bob Henry, Willis Heck, Jim Cunningham, David Irwin, Keith Adams, Gary Smith.

Tarah Colvin

1966 Class of 1966: First row (l-r): Nancy (Kenan) and Chuck Larsen, Charlotte Schmucker, Jeannette Krenzin, Roni Boldt, Jane (Jenkins) Roth, Dorothy (Dobronski) Rolfs, Susie (Mclenahan) and Tim Pickson. Center (l-r): Larry Schmucker, Gene Krenzin, Mary Ann (Miller) Irwin, Ginger (Hammonds) Reed, Anna Beth Beard, Carroll Roth, Ron Rolfs, David Meek. Back row (l-r): Bill Irwin, Lou Kottmann, Mary (Marks) Koffmann, Jim Brown and Linda (Brenner) Brown, Joe Lang, Ron Beard, Harvey Long, Wayne and Lynda Broky. Seated in chair: President Bruce Douglas.

28 • F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 0 6

Julie Jaderston


Pictured are Ritchey Stewart ‘36, his grandson Aaron White ‘00 and his daughter Marilyn White ‘72. Ritchey Stewart was recognized at the Homecoming Football game on Oct. 14 for 70 years since he played football for SC. The Alumni Office just received word that Mr. Stewart passed away on Sunday, November 12, 2006. He was 92-years-old. His survivors include his wife Laura (Kniedl) ‘36.

News and Notes from Alumni around the World FAMILY Notes DR. REV. FRANK KIK passed away on August 6, 2006. Rev. Kik served as a member of the Sterling College Board of Trustees from 1974 to 1987. During the later part of his service, he was Chairman of the Board. He is survived by his wife Phyllis and his daughter HEATHER KIK-GRAVES ’87

1920s R. WALDO MCBURNEY F26 was a featured guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show on Thursday, October 19. He was interviewed as the “the oldest working American” at the age of 104. Waldo operates a Bee Farm. He and his wife Vernice reside in Quinter, KS.

1930s W. CLARENCE LANNING ’34 died on September 10, 2006. He was preceded

in death by his wife LOUIS (JONES) F35. He is survived by three children. JOHN GAULT ’37 passed away on September 1, 2006. He was preceded in death by his wife FRANCES (TIPPIN) ‘F37 in 2004. R. PAUL MCCLENAHAN ’39 passed away on May 24, 2006 in Merced, CA. Survivors include his wife Virginia, sons JIM F65, PAUL F73, daughter SUSIE DICKSON ’66, and granddaughter KAREN CASE F99.


ROSE (MCBANE) BENNETT ’40 passed away June 9, 2006. She was preceded in death by her husband REV. DR. ELDIN BENNETT ’38 in 1994. Some of her survivors include daughter BARBARA BENSON ’65.

1950s NORMAN CURTIS ’52 passed away on December 1, 2005. He is survived by a wife, three daughters and one son.

1970s RUTH (SMITH) JOSEPH ’70 passed away on July 5, 2006 in Indianapolis, IN. STEVE ’79 & Gay CROSLEY announce the adoption of their son (from Guatemala), Jadon who was born on December 1, 2005. Jadon joins sisters Megan who will be a freshman at Victory Christian Academy and Alisha, who is a home-schooled 4th grader. Steve is in his 20th year as instructor and head boy’s track and field coach at Wichita Heights High School.

S t e r l i n g M a g a z i n e • 29

Alumni News & Notes

From the Alumni rector


Isaiah 43:18-19: “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”

From the Alumni Office. . .

I started my 2006 year with this verse. As the end of the year now approaches, I chuckle as I see how applicable the verse has been in both my personal life and at SC. The Lord has known exactly what he’s been doing! Praise God! My version of this year would have been much less exciting! I would not have learned the lessons he wanted me to learn nor experienced his grace and blessings. Sterling College has gone through a lot of change and a new way of looking at things. It hasn’t been bad. It’s just been different and, at times, challenging. But, I am so glad we have endured the challenge! I can now say that we are HERE and it is GOOD! Our faithful Lord has made a way when there seemed there wasn’t one and he has definitely done a new thing both in my heart and at SC. I hope you can see as you peruse this magazine, all the new faces, new programs and new developments that are making SC stronger and better than ever. This newness can describe just about every area on campus. I want to make sure this renewal affects all our alumni off campus too. The members of the Alumni Council and I invite you to participate in this excitement by visiting campus. Come see for yourself our new thing; our rebirth! The year 2007 is historic and marks our 120th anniversary! We have planned celebration events all year but the biggest event is our reunion scheduled for July 4-7. We’ll have a plethora of programs, seminars and activities for Alumni of every decade as well as for their children and grandchildren. You can stay in our beautiful new dorms, or (for memories sake) in your old dorm (all dorms are now air conditioned with the exception of Campbell), or hang out with your gang at the Sun Dome Motel in South Hutchinson where we have reserved many rooms. If you have never experienced a 4th of July in Sterling, KS around the lake, you are missing out. America is at its best in a small town, rural, patriotic day celebration complete with parade (SC alumni will have an entry), turtle races, baby contest and a spectacular fireworks display - it really is a great fireworks show and you are hearing this from a Wichita gal who loves fireworks. We’ll be flooding your mailboxes in the coming months with information about our 120th anniversary reunion. My prayer is that you will come back to your alma mater in July. Check out our upcoming Alumni 120th Anniversary web page to see who is coming ( alumni) or call 800-346-1017 ext. 206 and we’ll send you a roster. We’d like to include your name as soon as possible. Pick up your phone and call or send a note to three or four of your favorite classmates and see if they wouldn’t like to come with you. They’ll love to hear from you. Our 120th Anniversary Reunion will be more complete and fun with you and your family in attendance. I’m looking forward to your RSVP! On behalf of Sterling College, I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! If you supported Sterling College in any way this year, (whether it was through your finances, your attendance, your prayers, your time) I want to say thank you and God bless you. I hope to see you at Sterling College in 2007. -Tarah Colvin ‘98 30 • F a l l / W i n t e r 2 0 0 6

1980s LYN (KELLER) MCLAURINE ’83 wrote to share that she just completed her Masters in Professional Studies in Education. She is now working on her Ph.D. in Education with a Specialization in Curriculum and Instruction. She lives in Sault Sainte Marie, MI with her husband, Bill, of 19 years and their 12year-old son, Jack.


VICTOR RODRIGUEZ ’90 wrote to let us know that he is currently living in El Paso, TX where he is teaching high school Spanish and coaching baseball. He and his wife Carmen have two children, Victor, Jr., 14 and Karrissa, 10. ERIC DUFT ’95 is a new assistant basketball coach for Weber State. He and his wife SHERRI (HARMS) ’97 now live in the Ogden, UT area with their two children Jaret (5) and Halle (3). ANGIE (ROCCO) ’95 & Dan FLIPPO announce the birth of their son Judah born on July 7, 2006. Judah was welcomed home by big brother Zeke (3). The family resides in Norman, OK. DR. RYAN WILLIAMS ’95 and his wife Sara announce the birth of their son Matthew Liam on August 1, 2006. He was welcomed home by siblings Sean Michael (8), Malachi Logan (5) and Ruth Marie (3). Ryan and his family live in Great Bend, KS where he is a pediatrician at the Great Bend Children’s Clinic. DANIELLE (LEWIS) ’96 HOPKINS and her husband Bill announce the birth of their child Keagan on April 27, 2006. Keagan was welcomed home by big sister, Samantha (3). Danielle and her family live in Pensacola, FL where she is an Emergency Medical Technician for the county. ED ’93 & ANDREA (CONARD) ’96 LOWRY announce the birth of their son Quinn Elijah on October 27, 2006. Quinn was welcomed home by his siblings Jackson (8), Margaret (5), Simone (3) and Campbell (1).

MATT ’96 & JESSICA (FAHRENHOLTZ) ’96 ROBERTS announce the birth of their daughter Karis Diana born on August 24, 2006. The Robert’s are presently living in Wheaton, IL where Matt is a visiting professor at Wheaton College. Karis’ grandparents include DR. DAN ’68 & DIANA ’69 (COOLEY) FAHRENHOLTZ.

ERIC “HUBIE” HUBENETT ’98 wrote “If anyone has been to a Royals game or watched one on TV and thought they saw someone who looked like “Hubie” on the field? It probably was me. I have been on the Tarp Crew the past two summers for some extra money.” Hubie lives in Shawnee, KS with his wife Denise and two children Peter (7) and Brianna (4).

ADRIENNE (RAY) ‘97 & KEVIN ’98 CAREY announce the birth of their son Brennan Ray born on June 7, 2006. Three-year-old brother Dalton welcomed him home. The Carey family resides in Chickasha, OK.

MARLENE ’99 & Lance NELSON were married on March 11, 2006. Marlene is currently the deaf & hard of hearing teacher for Eudora and Baldwin City, KS schools. The couple resides in Tonganoxie, KS.

From the heart of Chuck Larsen Class of 1966 Sterling College Trustee On October 14, 2006 Chuck Larsen stood before our guests at the Homecoming Alumni Banquet and gave a similar, powerful message as the one below. We wanted to share this with you. I count it a great privilege to be asked to write to the many alumni and friends of Sterling College. Yet my message is not going to be one of sharing the news of the College. That can be found on other pages in this magazine and annual report. I wish rather to speak very frankly to every reader – especially to those who have attended this wonderful college. As one who has sat in the Board room for the past 20 years to hear the accomplishments and challenges of SC, I have a burning desire in my heart to say to all of my fellow alumni please get behind this school with your prayers and gifts of support! Sterling College has struggled mightily in its past life and in my view; this should not have to be the case. I regret to report that only 21 percent of Sterling’s alumni send financial support to Sterling in any average year. If I could wish for one change for this dear school, it would be to see a minimum of over half of the alumni sending yearly and sizable support to their Alma Mater. I ask you, did you receive something when you were a student at Sterling? Wisdom? A greater faith? A spouse? A relationship? Financial aid to attend? Please, please, consider sending strong support! If we, as alumni, support Sterling, it will not face near the struggles that it deals with each year. We have a lot to be proud of in Sterling. We will be celebrating Sterling’s 120 year heritage and accomplishments next summer. I hope you will attend and be counted as a supporting partner for Sterling College.

2000s JENNIFER (FEATHER) ’00 & Gregory BIGA were married on August 13, 2006. The couple resides in Colorado Springs, CO where Jennifer continues to work at Compassion International. TONY ’01 & Lyza FRASCO wrote that they moved from Midland, TX to Kechi, KS where both are teaching at Magdalen Catholic School in Wichita. Tony & Lyza have a son, Nicholas, who was born on December 15, 2005. Tony is currently working on his MA in Theology. MIKE ’02 & Stacy KNOWLTON announce the birth of their son Brody Michael born August 14, 2006. The family resides in Sterling, KS. COLEMAN CRENSHAW ’03 has moved to North Providence, RI where he has started his Theatre MFA in Performance and Society at Rhode Island College. He still loves potatoes! ANGELA (CHADWELL) ’03 & Paul WEAVER were married on July 28, 2006. The couple resides in Tulsa, OK. NICKY (MARX) ‘04 & Allen SOUTH were married on July 1, 2006. The couple currently resides in Vermont. KATE WISE ’04 now resides in Emporia, KS where she has begun her studies for a Master of Library Science degree at Emporia State University. She is a graduate assistant serving as a librarian for the Newman Division of Nursing Library. GARY ’05 & Courtney CHRISTENSON were married on October 7, 2007. The couple now resides in Bend, Oregon. Check out their website at . LAUREN (SHORES) ’05 & JOSH CALKINS F07 were married on August 11, 2006. The couple resides in Ft. Collins, CO. Josh is attending CSU and Lauren is working in Human Resources at a local pharmacy.

S t e r l i n g M a g a z i n e • 31

Sterling College’s 120th Anniversary Celebration

“Pride in our Past - Faith in our Future” July 4-7, 2007

Pictured Left to right are four generations Don Reed ‘68, Maurice Reed ‘36, Tristan Reed 2025, and Shawn Reed ‘95

125 W. Cooper, Sterling, KS 67579 • (800) 346-1017 Parents: If this is addressed to your daughter or son who has established a separate address, please help us update with their new address by calling (620) 278-4206 or emailing alumni@

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