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Stained Glass Window By Ava, Jillian and Griffin

Our school has a lucky charm but it’s not the kind you can eat. Every day it changes. It really just matters where the sun shines.

The inside changes the whole thing. It makes the room darker but the glass brighter. The reflection of the sun makes a picture appear. It makes the Stain Glass Window appear on different backgrounds of the school.


In this picture, the Stain Glass Window appeared on our gym window. It is at an angle that is very random.

It’s very interesting that it reflects off the window to the defibulater to the gym window.

This picture shows a close up of the Stained Glass. The other picture shows the Stained Glass Window from a distance.


What makes our school special is that the community came together and help build the Stain Glass Window. Mr. Klaus E. Kroner, who was born in Germany but made Massachusetts his home, created the Stain Glass Window. Unfortunately he died.


But back to the window, it is right outside of the gym so every day when Mr.Trowel is here, he walks by the Stain Glass Window. When we went down to take pictures, we caught Mr.Trowell staring at the window.


Jillian says, “The Stain Glass Window reminds me of a leprechaun with a pot of gold under the rainbow.” Griffin thinks, “It looks like a magical rainbow.” “I remember when I was little watching Care Bears sliding down a rainbow. That’s what it reminds me of,” Ava says. The Stained Glass Window lets your imagination fly!


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