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No Boys Allowed by Sarah

Hello my name is Sarah and I will tell you a story about me and Madeline and Zoe, so sit back and enjoy the show. One day we were at school. Just a regular day at school. But when it got to Fun Friday, I got so excited because I could play with Madeline. But where was Madeline?


She was in the cubby area getting a book out of her backpack. When she left the cubby area she was holding the mysterious book.I went over there to see what book she was holding. “What did you get out of your backpack?” I exclaimed. “Don’t tell the boys in the class,” Madeline said. “Come here. I need to show you something.” “Look,” she whispered. “Look on the back. Look what it says!” I read what it said: No boys allowed in this book!


That made me interested. But then I said to myself that would make the boys in my class upset. So I refused to participate. Then Zoe came along and she really didn’t care so she decided to participate and they both went to the cubbies. Then Ms. Reagan said where are Zoe and Maddie? So she looked in the cubbies and found Maddie and Zoe. “What are you reading?”, Ms. Regan questioned. They came out of the cubbies, “We can’t tell you”, said Zoe and Maddie. And Ms. Regan said, “You have to tell me!” “We can’t”. So Zoe and Maddie got in trouble. And me and Francesca and Isabel and Maggie all were happy because we refused to participate. “Never bring the book to school again,” said Ms. Regan. “But Ms. Regan, look, look on the back!” She read what it said. “Oh” un-questioned Ms. Regan “Ok, but in one condition. Don’t tell the boys in the class.” THE END 4

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