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Wet Feet by Magdalene

It was a cold day and my family and I were at the Peace Pagoda in Leverett. Some times I like to hike with my family. But on this day I was wearing sneakers. Bad choice! Suddenly my feet felt wet I looked down on the ground and I had stepped into a big pile of smelly mud!


I asked my Dad to read this sign to me and it made me think, “Things could be worse! Instead of wet feet I could have itchy feet.�


My dad saw an old bulldozer in the snow. He asked me, “Do you need to go back?” I answered, “No, I can deal with it.”


I was glad I didn’t make everyone else turn back because of me. It seemed like the golden statues were saying, “Good choice, Magdalene. Good choice!”


My brother said, “You know what? Today is one of the best walks I’ve had in a long time!” I said, “You what Caesar? Today is one of the worst walks I’ve had in a long time.”


I yelled, “Mom! I can’t take this any longer!” My Mom yelled back, “I’m coming down.”


While I was waiting I saw two signs. I had no idea what they said but to me they said, “Don’t hike in wet sneakers!”



I was happy when we turned back toward home. I couldn’t wait to take my shoes off and put a dry pair of socks on!


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