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The Gym By Grace

Once there was a sad lonely gym. The flags where waving but nobody saw how beautiful it was. Then the gym teacher, Mr.Trowell walked in, “What? Where’s my class?!” he exclaimed.


Just then the third grade class walked in. Their teacher Mrs. Smile told Mr Trowell that you need to watch Elizabeth. She is the one in the red shirt raising her hand.


All the kids were playing circle dodge ball and Elizabeth was being very rude. She was teasing the kids and saying, “You can’t catch me!” Elizabeth threw a ball at Callie, the girl in the blue shirt. She got badly hurt. 4

The boys were running very fast to try to get away from Elizabeth. But Elizabeth caught them anyway and they got very upset. The gym teacher, Mr. Trowell, told them to stay calm and don’t ďŹ ght. Then Elizabeth fell and got hurt. She twisted her ankle.


The kids made her cards and she made lots of friends. And the gym was empty again.

The End 6

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