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Horses By Francesca

Horses are fun to ride and they can become good friends. You can go to horse shows and win ribbons. I started riding when I was six. I loved riding and I still do. Some equipment I use is a saddle and bridle. The equipment is called tack.


My teacher, April taught me how to ride. I used to ride Hera. She is a morgan (that is a type of horse). But then we sold her. Now I ride Myley. I don始t like her as much.


This is Myley. She is an American Quarter horse. I ride her in the summer. Some clothes your ride in are half chaps and riding pants. And you always need a helmet.


I ride at Cedar ranch farm in Hadley MA. It is a half hour away. One time I fell off. Ouch! But I got right back on. Practice makes perfect! I wish I had my own horse. My mom said I can when I get older, (but she always says that).


I love riding. I will never stop. You should ride too and then maybe you will get a horse of your own!


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