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Time to Clean Up by Ezekiel

It is time to clean up in the lunch room. Mr. Pepper spilled his tray. “Oops I will tell the teacher,� said Mr. Pepper. Mrs. Salt cleaned up the mess.


“Lunch is over,” said the teacher. “Ok,” said Mr. Pepper. The children lined up and went to their classroom.


The teachers cleaned the lunch room and put the waste food in the trash can. 4

Molly put away the utensils. “Rachel can you help please?” “Okay,” said Rachel.


Molly washed the trays and put them away. “That was tiring,� said Molly.


Rachel put away the silverware. “Finally my work here is done today,� said Rachel. 7

After all the children have gone, Chis stacks the chairs and folds the tables. “Those children should clean up better when they are done,” he says as he cleans the floor. Finally their work is done only to work again the next day!


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