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Mishaps By: E!an

I was going do" # tube slid$ %e wind blowing in my hair and !en‌

%ud! I lay 'ill on # gr)nd as people milled ar)nd m$ %e m*haps

in life, I !)ght, so annoying. I got up, bru+ed # snow o my snow pants and set o again. Li-le .d I know !at w)ld not

be # only m*hap !at day‌ I was walking ar)nd my o" ear wax when I t/0ed and fell flat on my side

ugh‌ I lay !ere for a long time, le-ing

!e snow cool me

o for a

minut$ Finally I

got up and

1owsily wandered to # tire swing. I slid on and rocked ar)nd lazily. %en someone ar/ved and !ey .dn’t like slow. No sir, !ey wanted fa'! I .d not, but I was # one on # swing so I had absolutely no say

in # ma-er. Not at all. He began to make # swing whirl ar)nd. Every!ing 'a2ed to blur. I was le3 !ere hanging on for dear lif$ I fell plop on # gr)nd. At lea' I was used to falling by now … %ere

was one







guessed it (or maybe not……………………


I .d not intend to 5t into it, but somehow I wandered over !ere and sat do" behind a

snow fo2 and !en a snow ball hit me on !e head. Ju' like !at. I was in it. %ankfully # bell rang a few seconds later and I went in to lunch. It had been one hectic recess! I was safe in # cafete/a! %en I noticed someone catapulting some food wi! a 6oon… !at’s it! I’ve had en)gh m*haps !* day. I am leaving!

Ethan lev flint  
Ethan lev flint