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The Secret Of The Cafeteria Mural

By Emma, Tanner and Ben F.


This is me. I am The Cafeteria Mural, a.k.a. the school cafeteria detective. And

right now I am on a mission. A mission to find out how I was made. !

I have been here for longer than I can remember. Nobody here remembers the day I was made. Things have changed, for the better. Like there are no more corn dogs and chocolate milk, pigs in a blanket and waffles to name a few. The food is healthier now. The happy children drink more milk and eat more salad. Can you believe they eat peas? And now there is a breakfast program! That means I get to see the kids twice a day and sometimes more. 2


The only person I remember really being my friend is Mr. Wally Jones, the

principal and teacher from long ago. So... there is this author named Richard Sobol, and he is helping the the students do a nonfiction narrative story. He has travelled all around the world, through rain forests and deserts through arctic plains, taking photographs, looking for stories, and writing books for kids! Well the 4th grade is focusing on the art in the school building. So, aren始t I lucky that the three smartest kids in 4th grade want to know more about me?! I始ve heard the rumor around that they know very little about me and my maker so If I give them hints along the way then they can find out my story. Now I am on my way to pursue my Dreams! We know from the nameplate on the mural that some of the students who helped make the mural are from old Leverett families. For example, Cole LaClaire is a sixth grader now in 2014. Janet LaClaire helped make the mural and she is one of his relatives. Isn始t that interesting and weird? The LaClaire family still lives in Leverett - they must know a lot about Leverett history.


Many students were surveyed about me. This is some of their thoughts: • The mural is a scene in autumn. • The leaves on the trees are orange and yellow so that makes us think of fall. • The mural is a picture of Leverett School. They think this possible because there is river behind the school and lots of trees around the school. • And of course, we have beautiful fall foliage during the school year!

Emma, Ben, and Tanner did get a little frustrated with me at times. It was hard to make up a story about me when no one remembered when I was made. I, of course, donʼt remember either. I was little pieces of a tile then, until I grew-up to be a mural. Emma told me that she thought the most interesting thing about me was how so many people thought different things about me. One person thought I was picture from North Carolina - can you believe that? Tanner thought the most bazaar thing was that some people think there is a stream running under me! Ben thinks the most crazy thing was nobody knew were I took place.


Art makes everything better. I add to the school because I am beautiful. Emma hears music when she looks at me. Ben sees his Leverett School and thinks about running around the playground when he looks at me and gets his 1% milk for lunch. Tanner sees the culture of Leverett and thinks about the families that lived in Leverett then and now. He also thinks of the yummy cheeseburgers that Molly and Rachel serve most Tuesdays! And that is my story!



Cafe mural  
Cafe mural