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Gym Class Problem by Bobby

. !

There was a kid named Gomez

who was so lonely he wanted to find a friend. But he did not know how to be a good friend. But he was still very lonely. He did know someone that could help him. His name was Bobby. So Bobby asked him what was the problem and the kid said that he had a lot of trouble being a good friend. !

So Bobby told him to not say

mean things. Bobby learned how to be a good friend from his friend Miguel.



But little did Bobby know

that Gomez wasn’t about to say a mean thing but in Gym class Gomez was about to do a mean thing. !

Boom! Gomez threw the big

red ball as hard as he could at Gete. Gete started to cry and Mr. Trowell blew the whistle, “Go sit on the bench Gomez!”


! Bobby went over to Gomez, “See Gomez, you can fix this by saying sorry. You wouldn’t like it if Gete threw the red ball at you.” ! Gomez would not apologize so he had to sit on the bench. ! Then suddenly, the big red ball bounced off the wall and hit Gomez really hard on the shoulder. Gomez started to cry and then Gete came over and said, “Are you okay?” ! Gomez said, “I am not okay. Did you throw the ball at me?” ! Bobby ran over and said, “No, it was just an accident off the wall. Now you know what it feels like to get hurt.” ! Gomez realized his mistake and then he said, “I am sorry Gete. I want to be your friend.”


! Mr. Trowell blew the whistle and started the game again. Gete , Gomez and Bobby ran back to play Duke n Dodgeball. ! Bobby felt good that he was able to help his friends. Gete felt like he had a new friend and Gomez felt like he learned a good lesson. The End 5

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