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3-2-1 idCom , your French office for exhibitions and events in France & Europe 速

One contact in Paris for developing your identity.


Your C o m m u n i c at i o n & Events contact Karine GIRARD-VACCA

3-2-1 idCom® is an independent full service event management company based in France. We’ve been established since 2009 and our partners are located near Paris.

Almost 20 years of experience... The promise of a rigorous project management within your budget.

We can meet any needs in France or Europe. We work with you to understand the branding, messaging, and desired outcomes of each event. We ask the right questions and then present options for a custom-designed event that fits each company’s goals, culture and budget.

Let us help you plan a one-of-a-kind event that meets your objectives and leaves attendees excited about your next event.

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We use clean design with clear messages to engage your target audience. We strive to give your audience incredible experience integrating the latest technology and materials. We can handle project of any sizes (set up, dismantling, warehousing...).

EXPERTISE FIELDS : Exhibition space / booth, from the smallest to the largest ( set up, dismanting, warehousing...). Exhibition or Trade show, conference, launch events... Private events, customers events Gifts & giveaways Printing material

OUR OFFER One contact for all your projects. Booths, exhibition shows, private events, gifts & goodies, graphic studio & print, advertising & press releases... Advise on the most effective approach and design within your budget. Close to you and at your disposal. Step by step, we stay in touch, and you can always reach us. 100% commitment. We mobilize for you professionally with the highest ethical standards using creativity, flexibility and proactive reactivity.

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Attract your audience Creative and eye-catching elements to return the client, or turn the prospect into a client.

Booth Roll up, display Renting furniture, TV or tactile material Barcode reader (QR code, 2D code...) Event organisation (entertainment, games, wine, food, music...) Give aways, promotional and brand awareness products Print (flyers, leaflets...) Page 3 3 - 2016


Impress with international meetings Entertain your customers throughout the year prospects or contributors : symposium, summit, conference, show...

Save-the-dates, invitations Event registration Staffing Decoration and Design, staging, web cast, photography, audio visual...) Catering, food & beverage Global logistic Booths set-up and management of the exhibitors Print material (flyers, leaflets...) Attendees and exhibitors’ management (Lodging, transportation, gift selection, entertainment...) Page 4 3 - 2016


Perfectly fitted projects!

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Management of your event : Party, cocktail, diner, award banquet, fundraising gala...

GIFTS & GIVEAWAYS Engage your audience

Would you like to offer thoughtful gifts to your clients or partners ? Let us find the right products for you.

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Flyers, leaflets, business cards... 3-2-1 idCom® advises you on all your concept or printing projects, from design, traduction to delivery. Graphic design, sell sheet and company brochure, special «events» projects...

Flyers, leaflets, business cards... Postcards Posters

Signs and banners

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MARKETING, COMMUNICATION & PR CAMPAIGNS Developing your exposure with your prospects or journalists to announce your presence in France.

List buying Direct Mailing or e-mailing Setting appointments

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3-2-1 idCom® +33 (0)1 82 52 10 37

E V E N T MA NA G E ME NT - PAR I S They trust us : Google - Microsoft - Oracle Société générale - Devoxx France - Atlassian Best of web - Jetbrain - Ullink - Association ELA - Captain Dash - Cloudbees - JFrog - Murex - SonarSources...

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3-2-1 idCom agency Booklet 3-2-1 idCom agency, based in Paris. Event and communication services. #event #meeting #cocktail #diner #booth #d...

Presentation brochure  

3-2-1 idCom agency Booklet 3-2-1 idCom agency, based in Paris. Event and communication services. #event #meeting #cocktail #diner #booth #d...